showcasing your marathon brand professionalism

Showcasing Your Marathon Brand Professionalism: Unique Ideas for Maximum Potential

On race day, the competition isn't just on the marathon route—it's also in the marathon branding promotional displays. There’s a crowded world of marathon events, and each one is vying for attention.

In this bustling sea of competition, your event is a ship ready to set sail. But how do you navigate these waters? How do you hoist your colors high and make your marathon the beacon that draws runners and sponsors from miles around?

Get ready, because we’re about to embark on an exciting voyage. We’ll take a look at what's new and exciting in the world of event branding, and give you some killer tips and ideas on creating a professional and engaging experience at your event.

Specifically, you’ll learn the following:

From custom banners and advertising flags to inflatable arches and visual branding displays, we will show you how to take your marathon brand to the next level.

Let’s get into why you need a unique marathon brand identity to begin with.

Creating a Unique Brand Identity for Your Marathon: Standing Out From the Competition


In today's crowded marathon market, it's crucial to make your event stand out with a one-of-a-kind brand identity. It's not just about being recognized, a solid brand identity can actually forge an emotional tie with your audience.

As an event organizer, it's on you to keep up with the freshest trends and cutting-edge ideas in event branding, and to hunt for those unique branding approaches that really do justice to your event.

Consider things like custom branding displays, advertising flags, custom banners, or even inflatable arches at your marathon. They can be great tools for flaunting your brand identity and making sure your event sticks in people's minds.

The table below breaks down some of the hottest trends in event branding. We'll explore what they are, and give some real-life examples of how they could spice up your marathon event.

Trend/Innovation Description Examples Of Its Application
Interactive Displays Interactive displays are a popular trend in event branding, as they allow for an immersive and engaging experience for attendees Integrate digital displays into inflatable arches showing the names of runners as they cross the starting or finish line, live stats about the race, or messages from sponsors
Social Media Integration Social media is an integral part of many people's lives, and incorporating it into event branding can be a highly effective way to engage with attendees and build brand awareness Print your event hashtag on your custom-made tents

For example, if your marathon is called "The Sun Run," your custom tent could include a prominent design element like "#SunRun2023"
Eco-Friendly Branding Sustainability and eco-friendliness are becoming increasingly important considerations for event branding This can include using recyclable or biodegradable materials for marketing materials, reducing waste through digital marketing, and promoting eco-friendly practices among attendees Use recycled materials for signage and custom logo tablecloths

Encourage attendees to use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions

By utilizing these solutions, you can create a cohesive and impactful visual identity for your marathon that stands out from the crowd.

Expert Tip: Allow your brand to evolve. Keep an eye on feedback and responses from your participants to understand what resonates with them. This will provide invaluable insights for tweaking your branding for future events, ensuring it remains fresh and relevant.

Custom Tents for Outdoor Events: Enhancing Your Marathon Branding

Custom logo tents are a real win-win for outdoor marathons. They're not just practical, providing a bit of shelter for runners and spectators, but they also have tons of space for showing off your brand.

You can customize these tents with your logos, colors, and other design elements. This way, you're not only strengthening your marathon's branding, but you're also making the whole event look sleek and unified.

Event attendees will definitely remember that.

Learn More: How to Choose and Care for Custom Event Tents

Now let's examine the benefits of custom tents for outdoor events:

  • Provide sheltered areas for participants and spectators
  • Offer ample space for branding and advertising
  • Create a professional and memorable event experience
  • Stand out from the competition

Here are some custom tent design options and branding possibilities that will showcase professionalism at your marathon event:

Custom Color Schemes to Match Your Brand

Rangers 5K branded tent and banners

Your brand has its own special colors, right?

Customize your marathon event tents with those same colors. This is exactly what MVP Visuals delivered to MSG for the Rangers 5K charity race in 2018.

The marathon’s main brand colors are blue and white so we created canopy tents with solid blue peaks and white toppers with their sponsor’s logo, and the Rangers 5K logo on either side.

The valances were a solid blue color with the sponsor’s name on them and clearly marked for their functions, like registration or survey tents. Other tent valances contained the sponsor’s name and tent function on a white background.

Incorporating your brand colors shows you've thought things through. It’s like wearing a perfectly tailored suit. People can tell you mean business.

“The arch and the tent were a big hit at our events. Thank you MVP for the help and the quick follow up on our order. Very much appreciated.”

David Wikette, President, Ferrari Club of America - Ohio Chapter

Bold Logos to Increase Brand Awareness

bold logos on Custom Pop Up Tents

You know what's a no-brainer for getting your brand noticed? Having a big, bold logo on your tent.

Including your logo right at the top of the tent for everyone to see is like announcing your presence from the rooftops. For instance, can we really talk about the TCS New York City Marathon without picturing the Statue of Liberty?

People that have been to the marathon and those that have seen online pictures alike can envision that bright orange crown that signifies the Statue of Liberty, the torch, and the five bold stripes making up the logo.

It's not just about being seen, though. It's about showing you're confident and serious about what you do. It's kind of like wearing a badge of honor.

Fun Fact: Did you know that different shapes in your logo can convey different messages? Circles can suggest community and unity, squares can symbolize stability and balance, and triangles can imply power and progression.

Unique Shapes and Sizes to Make Your Tent Stand Out

Custom tents can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs and to help your brand stand out.

For instance, you might opt for a high-peaked tent or a large, expansive one depending on the nature of the event and space.

The table below shows a high-peaked Spark Custom Tent and a large Inflatable Dome Tent.

Spark Custom Tent


Custom Inflatable Dome Tent


Unique shapes can also be used to reflect something about your brand. For example, a marathon brand might use a custom inflatable tent shaped like a runner's silhouette, which would be both eye-catching and relevant.

This showcases professionalism by demonstrating creativity and an ability to think outside the box, while still maintaining a clear connection to your brand.

“Wow, the service is the best I have ever experienced. The design team hit it out of the park. We are placing orders for more popup tents.”

Dan, Verified Buyer

Multiple Panels to Showcase Different Aspects of Your Brand

Many custom logo tents come with multiple panels, providing ample space to showcase different aspects of your brand. 

These panels can be used to highlight different products, services, or values your brand offers.

For instance, a marathon brand might have one panel dedicated to the health benefits of running, another showcasing their running gear, and another highlighting their commitment to community involvement. 

This multi-faceted approach shows a depth to your brand and a commitment to informing the audience, which is often associated with professionalism.

But that’s not all. Here’s why you should buy MVP Visuals custom tents for your next marathon. 

Grabbing Attention With Custom Inflatables for Events

runners dash out of custom Sports Inflatable Tunnel

Custom inflatables are becoming an increasingly popular choice for event branding and promotion, and it's easy to see why. 

They offer a fun and interactive way to showcase your brand and grab people's attention. With their customizable design options, they can be tailored to fit any brand or event theme, making them a versatile branding tool.

Here’s why using custom inflatables to showcase your marathon brand professionalism is a smart move:

  • Versatility: With inflatables, you can get really creative. Want a giant shoe, a water droplet, or even an inflatable version of your company mascot? You got it. They can be made in any shape or size, which gives you plenty of options to showcase your brand in a unique way
  • Visibility: Custom inflatables are big and bright, so they're hard to miss. When you've got your logo on a huge inflatable tunnel, it's going to catch people's eyes
  • Engagement: Think about setting up an inflatable bounce house or obstacle course at the finish line. It's fun, it's interactive, and it's something people will remember and share 

These kinds of positive experiences create a strong connection between your brand and the participants, leading to a more engaged audience. 

Now let’s explore some unique ways to showcase brand professionalism using inflatables:

Inflatable mile markers are a pretty clever way to use branding at a marathon. Every time a runner hits a milestone, they're greeted by a big, bold representation of your brand. 

Say your brand has a mascot, like a kangaroo. Picture runners being cheered on at every mile by these huge, friendly inflatable kangaroos. That’s bound to excite runners and spectators too!

Alternatively, setting up an inflatable tunnel photo booth with your logo or a themed backdrop for runners and spectators creates an interactive experience. An inflatable backdrop of a famous landmark would be a creative way to attract attendees to that spot.

The table below showcases three examples of custom inflatables that can maximize your marathon’s impact. 

Custom Inflatable Shoe


Custom Inflatable Tunnel


Custom Inflatabe Arch


Creating a Professional and Immersive Experience With Visual Branding for Indoor Events

Custom Inflatable Shoe with Amazon’s logo

While marathons are predominantly outdoor events, there’s still a lot of stuff that happens indoors during a marathon.

Some of these activities include marathoners picking up their race packets, attending pre-race events, or celebrating at the post-race party. The look and feel of these places really matter.

By using cool visual displays that show off the marathon's branding, organizers can make these spaces feel professional and exciting. 

Include banners with the event logo at the registration area, sponsor-branded custom printed tents for exhibition displays, or a big branded arch at the awards ceremony.

To showcase your marathon’s brand professionalism, aim for consistency, creativity, and fostering brand identity.

For consistency, imagine walking into the registration area and seeing custom banners and advertising flags all around, each sporting the event's colors and logo. This uniform branding throughout the space ties everything together and amplifies the event's identity.

When we talk about brand identity, think of the design elements you could use. The color schemes and fonts on the custom logo tablecloths at the registration desks, for example, should match those on the inflatable arches at the entrance. This creates a cohesive look and makes your brand instantly recognizable.

“The arch and the barrier looks amazing—we are so happy! They help up great. MVP Visuals makes us look good and makes ordering so easy.”

Marie Katz, Assistant Director of Creative Services, The University of South Alabama

And, of course, creativity is key. Here's where custom inflatables really shine. Picture a giant inflatable in the shape of a running shoe or a water bottle in the event's main hall. It's a fun and unique design element that captures the spirit of the event and makes it a memorable experience.

If you're organizing a marathon, think about splurging a bit on top-notch visual branding for all the indoor stuff—like registration, pre-race activities, or award ceremonies.

It's about creating a vibe that's both professional and captivating. It's your chance to really show off the event's personality and make sure people remember it.

Here’s a video that summarizes why you should buy branded displays for your marathon. 

Maximizing Your Marathon Brand Potential With MVP Visuals

athletes happily jump at World Marathon Challenge Custom Inflatable Arch

With so many marathons out there, making yours stand out is key, and a professional brand image can do just that. 

Unique branding elements like custom flag banners, inflatable arches, and branded canopy tents can create a memorable experience for runners and sponsors. 

But it's not just about having cool branding elements, it's about making sure they're consistent and creative, too. Consistency in your branded products, like your custom tents and advertising flags, gives your event a professional look and reinforces your brand identity.

It can be tricky, but that's where the pros, like MVP Visuals, come in. We can help ensure your marathon branding is both consistent and creative, making your event unforgettable.

"MVP Visuals did a wonderful job. They provided status updates during the manufacturing process, the arch arrived on-time, and the artwork is perfect. We use the arch at all of our races now and it generates a ton of compliments from our runners and spectators. We are thrilled."

Scott H. Sutter, President, Southern New England Athletic Association


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