custom 10x10 tent
Custom 10' x 10' Tents
Custom 10' x 10' Tents
Custom 10' x 10' Tents
Custom 10' x 10' Tents
Custom 10' x 10' Tents
Custom 10' x 10' Tents

Custom 10' x 10' Tents

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About Custom 10' x 10' Tents

It was one thing to have a basic branded 10x10 tent when you were only attending one or two events a season. Now your brand has grown, and your event representation has grown with it. It’s time to graduate to a prestigious, high-quality 10x10 custom tent, designed to stand the test of time. We created our Forever Flash Tent for brands like yours that understand the value of products that will last forever.

What’s Included in the Forever Flash Tent?

When you purchase a Forever Flash Tent, you’re purchasing a brand advertising tent for life. Here’s what’s included with this purchase:

  • 600 Denier Water Repellent, Flame Retardant, UV Resistant fully printed canopy
  • Hexagon leg aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty 
  • Stake Kit
  • Deluxe Roller Bag

Your custom printed 10x10 or 10x20 tent is specially designed to withstand the test of time. Once you purchase your Forever Flash tent, you’ll always have it available for events in your area.

Unique, Custom Printed 10x10 and 10x20 Pop Up Tents

Your brand is unique. You have something to offer the world that no other brand can offer in quite the same way. So, when people walk by your branded 10x10 tent, you want them to know exactly what you can offer them. At MVP Visuals, we help you design a forever flash tent that’s as unique as your brand is.

The trick is in our full color dye sublimation printing method, which allows us to print any design you want on any part of your custom 10x10 or 10x20 tent. We start with white 600 Denier fabric. Through the printing process, every square inch of the durable polyester has to be printed on. This means that we never charge extra for large logos, and we’re more than happy to print on the peaks and valances of your pop up tent canopy.

Exciting Tents for Exhibitions and Charity Events

Local exhibitions and charity events are some of the best branding opportunities around. When people see you at local events, it tells them that your brand cares about their community. In return, the next time they’re looking for a brand to support, yours will be the one that comes to mind. Supporting your brand will give them the same warm feeling inside as supporting a neighbor.

When you’re making an appearance at an art exhibit or charity event, there are often stringent requirements about the branding you bring along. 10x10 is a standard tent size, and sometimes, it’s the only space you’re given for your display. That’s why having a 10x10 event tent with logo is perfect for these events. When you purchase a Forever Flash Tent, you always have it available for last-minute exhibitions and charity events. You can pull it out at a moment’s notice, knowing that it will always have the same beautiful appearance as the day you purchased it.

Upgrade to a 10x20 Pop Up Tent for More Exposure

If you love your 10x10 Forever Flash Tent, it may be time to invest in a 10x20 Forever Flash Tent. These larger tents come with the same lifetime frame warranty as our custom 10x10 tents, but offer more space to spread out. If you’re going to be manning the water booth at a 5k or hosting a signing at Comic Con, you may need the additional room for your wares.

10x20 pop up tents are a valuable upgrade from your standard 10x10 pop up tent with logo. These larger tents have more space for brand exposure. You can use that additional space to tell a story about your brand and really emphasize your role in the community and what you have to offer that no one else has to offer.

Forever Helpful MVP Service

When you buy a Forever Flash Tent through MVP Visuals, you’re an MVP in our books for life. You can always contact our team for personalized advice. We listen to you when you tell us what your brand represents and help you make the best decisions for your personal needs. From sending fabric samples to developing proofs of your design before printing it, we do everything in our power to help you design the Forever Flash Tent of your dreams.

Once you have your Forever Flash tent in your hands, we’re happy to help you with matching accessories. You can also ask us about our bundling options to save money overall.

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