The Best 5 Examples of Custom Inflatables

The Best 5 Examples of Custom Inflatables

Custom inflatables are a versatile brand publicity and marketing instrument that yields a high return on investment.

Each custom inflatable is more effective than others in its own unique way. For this reason, picking the best from masterpieces that are all equally ingenious is a real challenge.

So, here are the five best examples of custom inflatables that are likeliest to get the most snapshots, elicit greater excitement, and enjoy the most social shares.

Example 1 - Inflatable Product Replicas

custom inflatable shoe replica

The greatest advantage of inflatable product replicas is that they can be used as part of many marketing strategies. For example, you can boost product sales by strategically placing them outside your storefront during anniversaries, trade exhibitions, and other special events.

The sheer size and striking appearance of an inflatable product replica will kindle a sudden want for the product in the minds of your customers, leading to increased sales.

inflatable drink can replicas
Inflatable Drink Can Replicas

Besides asserting the market presence of your product, inflatable product replicas are a good way to advertise special deals. People usually associate the presence of inflatable product replicas with perks such as discounts, vouchers, and gifts. Expect a traffic increase in your business, thanks to your inflatable product replica.

Find a design template for your next inflatable product replica here.

Expert Tip: Avoid the risk of damaging a sealed inflatable by cutting off the air supply once it is fully inflated.

Example 2 - Inflatable Entry Tunnels

custom inflatable mascot tunnel
Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnel

The sheer size and look of a custom inflatable tunnel will always leave a lasting impact on your fans. Whether it’s for team players to pop out of or simply giving your guests and customers a VIP moment, you will always win with this one. To add another twist to the display, we can also attach your brand or team’s mascot to the tunnel.

We can further enhance the versatility of your custom inflatable tunnel with interchangeable banners so it can be used at any and all events.

custom inflatable mascot tunnel
Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnel

Finally, besides the advertisement function, we can enhance your inflatable tunnel with misting capability to relieve your guests and team players in extreme heat. 

Example 3 - Custom Inflatable Mascots

Whether yours is a sports team, non-profit organization, or business brand, a custom inflatable mascot will always create an emotional bond between your brand and the public. In other words, investing in a custom inflatable mascot is the easiest way to build lasting ties that bind.

custom inflatable mascot
Custom Inflatable Mascot

People love taking pictures and recording videos with their favorite mascots and posting them on social media. Take advantage of this habit to give your brand a long-lasting global reach at no cost.

Besides their power to steal the show, custom inflatable mascots are easy and quick to set up. 


Example 4 - Inflatable Arches with Banners

The most cost-effective way of designing an inflatable arch is leaving adequate space for interchangeable banners so you have the freedom to modify its theme according to any of your company events, saving you from repetitive purchases.

At MVP Visuals, we will suggest ways to make your inflatable arch fully customizable with interchangeable banners and still keep the core theme, logo, and colors of your brand.

custom inflatable arch with removable banners
Custom Inflatable Arch With Removable Banners

Whenever you have a new event coming up, contact us for any of these custom banners for your inflatable arch:

  • Hanging banners
  • Wraparound banners
  • Velcro stickers

man removing MVP Visuals Velcro banner from inflatable arch
MVP Visuals Velcro Banner

If you want to buy a new inflatable arch, request a quote here to start the conversation with us.

Example 5 - Curved Inflatable Arches

rounded custom inflatable arch
Rounded Custom Inflatable Arch

No inflatable arch combines more beauty and simplicity than the curved type, also known as the rounded inflatable arch. Reminiscent of many natural wonders, such as the rainbow, the crescent moon, and the universe, it’s no wonder that it helps brands resonate so strongly with audiences.

The continuous shape of a rounded arch symbolizes your brand’s unending dedication to your customers and constant growth.

rounded custom inflatable arch
Rounded Custom Inflatable Arch

Upon request, MVP Visuals can add a touch of luxury and ambiance to your custom inflatable by:

  • Making it larger-than-life
  • Making it ready for LED lighting
  • Incorporating misting technology

The table below shows the most productive use for particular inflatables.

Custom Inflatable Where Best Used
Product Replica
  • Product Launch/Show
  • Discount Sale/Special Offer
  • Flash Sale
  • Outdoor/Indoor Advertisement
  • Team Sport Face-off
  • TV/Online Ads
  • Product/Brand Spokesperson
Mascot Tunnel
  • Sports
  • Kids' Entertainment
  • Brand Promotion
  • Trade Show
  • Concert
  • Concert Entryway
  • Race/Sport
  • Start/Finish Point
  • Trade Show Entry

A Solid Legacy of Service

For over 10 years, MVP Visuals has supplied businesses, agencies, and public institutions with the best custom branded advertising products securing unwavering customer loyalty.  

"The purchased products were delivered on time. The sales person was exceptionally helpful. I will order again."

Don Smith - Brazos River Bicycle Rally

Working Within Your Schedule

We are passionate about seeing you succeed, so we have created the “On Time or It’s Free” guarantee; the embodiment of our promise to timely delivery.

testimony of MVP Visuals happy customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your inflatable product replicas 100% exact?

As close as they can possibly be! From our years of excellent service, we never begin the production process until you approve our immersive 3D images of your order. Here's an example below from previous client Moment, with their actual drink cans next to their inflatable replicas!

mvp visuals inflatable soda can

Also, our superior heat-based Dye Sublimation printing technique enables us to replicate even the finest print on the original product without error.

Should I keep my blower running while I use my inflatable?

Constant-air inflatables must have the blower running the entire time when in use, but ultimately it depends on the purpose, size, and material of your inflatable - every project is different. Sealed-air inflatables only need the blower running until the display is fully inflated, and then the blower can be turned off and stored away until the next use.

How soon will you deliver my order?

Custom inflatables can take anywhere from 7 to 20 business days to make, plus time for shipping.  With that in mind, include your desired delivery date when you place your order and you are sure to receive it by then. If not, we will give you a full refund including shipping expenses.

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