custom angled inflatable arch
Branded Inflatable Event Arches
3D model of 15-foot arch
15-foot square shaped inflatable arch
medium-sized angled inflatable arch
20-foot round shaped inflatable arch
20 foot square-shaped inflatable arch
large angled inflatable arch
25-foot round inflatable arch
25 foot square-shaped inflatable arch
extra large angled inflatable arch
30-foot round-shaped inflatable arch
Branded Inflatable Event Arches
30 foot square-shaped inflatable arch
groups of 4 rounded inflatable arches
group of 4 rectangular shaped inflatable arches

Branded Inflatable Event Arches

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  • Production Time: 7-10 Business Days
  • Delivery Date: 12-15 Business Days
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  • Free Layouts & No Setup Fees

Whether you're setting up a finish line for a charity race or creating an eye-catching entrance for team announcements, inflatable arches provide a standout solution with their easy customization, quick setup, and excellent visibility.

Follow these simple steps to create a custom arch that perfectly aligns with your brand and event needs.

How to order your branded inflatable arch

Our branded inflatable arches offer a striking way to make your event stand out. Follow these simple steps to create a custom arch that perfectly aligns with your brand and event needs.

1. Choose Your Size

Select the perfect size for your branded inflatable arch to make the most impact at your event:

  • 15 ft: Ideal for indoor events or smaller outdoor spaces. Perfect for creating an intimate entryway without overwhelming the area.
  • 20 ft: A great choice for community races or medium-sized promotional events, offering ample visibility without requiring extensive space.
  • 25 ft: Suited for larger events such as festivals or major sports events, where you want your brand to stand out in spacious settings.
  • 30 ft: The best option for large-scale outdoor gatherings and major corporate promotions, providing maximum visibility and a grand entrance.

2. Choose Your Shape

Choose a shape that complements your event’s theme and maximizes brand exposure:

  • Square Arch: Offers a traditional look with a large flat surface area, ideal for clear, readable branding.
  • Rounded Arch: Provides a welcoming, friendly appearance. Perfect for races and community events.
  • Angled Arch: Features a dynamic, modern design that catches the eye and directs attention upward.
  • Custom Shapes: Fully customize your arch to mirror specific products, logos, or themes, making your brand instantly recognizable.

3. Choose Your Material

Select from high-quality polyester materials that ensure durability and longevity:

  • 300D Polyester: Lightweight yet durable, this fabric is ideal for easy setup and transportation. It offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 600D Polyester: Known for its increased thickness and robustness, 600D polyester provides enhanced weather resistance and durability. This makes it perfect for larger arches or for events in more demanding outdoor conditions.

4. Optional Features

Upgrade your inflatable arch with these optional features for added functionality and appeal:

  • Air Options: Choose Continuous Air to keep your arch inflated throughout long events, or opt for Sealed Air, which requires no power supply after inflation, making it perfect for shorter, simpler events.

  • Banner options: Removable Velcro Banners allow for easy updates to your messages or branding, ideal for annual events, while Hanging Banners offer additional branding space on your arch, enhancing visibility from multiple angles.

  • Weight bags: Essential for stabilizing your inflatable arch, ensuring it stays in place throughout your event (weights not included).
  • LED Light Arches: Make your arch a nighttime landmark with our LED lights, perfect for evening events.
  • Water Mister: Add a refreshing mist feature, which is especially appreciated during hot outdoor events, keeping attendees cool and comfortable.

5. Upload Your Artwork and/or Logo

Ensure your branded inflatable arch looks perfect by following our artwork guidelines:

  • Preferred Formats: Submit vector files (SVG, AI, EPS, or PDF) for clear, scalable images. For image files, use JPEG or PNG at a minimum of 150 dpi at full size to avoid pixelation.
  • Color Accuracy: Use Pantone colors for precise color matching that ensures your printed arch matches your original design intent.
  • Submitting Files: Easily upload your files via our website's file uploader, send them by email, or use WeTransfer for larger files.

6. Quote and Concept Rendering

Once you submit your specifications, we'll quickly provide you with a detailed quote and a concept rendering of your custom inflatable arch, so you can see exactly how it will look.

7. Delivery

From start to finish, your custom inflatable arch can be produced and delivered to your door in as little as 19 days, up to a maximum of 25 days.

Included with your arch are a blower, carry bag, ropes/stakes, and D-rings, along with easy-to-follow setup instructions.

Cyclists at the starting line passing through a custom inflatable arch at a bicycle racing event
Snowmobile racer passing through a Coors Light branded inflatable archway at a winter sports event
Youth baseball team posing under a Triple Crown World Series inflatable archway at a sports event.
Three runners smiling at a race event in front of an orange inflatable arch sponsored by Flanigan's and Home Depot
Event participants gathering under a blue and green UCAN branded inflatable arch at an outdoor fitness expo

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