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How to Choose and Care for Custom Event Tents

A custom event tent facilitates one on one interactions with customers, making it an important marketing tool.  

When selected properly, it helps you make a strong brand impression, stand out among your competitors, and attract the attention you want. 

But even high-quality tents need proper care to last a long time and give a decent return on investment.

This article will address all your purchase concerns, easing your experience. More importantly, it'll provide you with vital tips on keeping your tent in top condition. 

First, let's explore the factors that you should consider before picking a custom canopy tent.

The Printing Technique Used

If you want to convey your marketing message in a clear and attention-catching way, the secret lies in dye-sublimation.

It’s a state-of-the-art printing technique that displays sharp and vivid designs that won’t fade.

Let’s have a quick look at the table below to see how the dye-sublimation technique compares to other printing methods.

Dye sublimation Other printing methods
Printed fabric gives out bold, sharp, and dramatic colors Printed layer is prone to grate and scratch
Unrivaled durability of the artwork Design fades with time
Ink becomes part of the fabric Design forms a tangible coat
Designs produced are flexible and malleable Bigger designs are susceptible to cracking
Brings a sense of professionalism, sophistication, and class Feels old-school and ordinary

To improve your visibility, print the brand/logo on the peaks and your contacts on the valances.

Custom Canopy

For more tips on how to print your customized pop-up canopy, watch the video below.

The Tent’s Durability

To determine how durable a custom pop-up tent is, we need to look at what it’s made of. 

Custom canopy tents consist of 2 main parts: the canopy and frame.

The Canopy 

Design Template
Design Template

This is the fabric part of custom canopy tents.

Although a 300 Denier fabric will still do, a 600 D fabric is scratch-resistant, harder to tear, and won’t fade easily, making it perfect for an outdoor event.

We recommend picking one that’s made of PVC coated polyester, but a heavy-duty canvas fabric is equally good. Great tent fabrics have the following features:

  • Fire redundant
  • Water-resistant
  • Withstands everyday stress and strain

The Frame

Spark Custom Tents
Spark Custom Tents

This is the skeleton of the entire structure. 

To live long and survive unpredictable weather conditions, frames must be sturdy and firm. 

Custom canopy tent frames come in two options:

  • Aluminum frame: Portable, easy to set up, and won’t rust  
  • Steel frame: Heavier, but cheaper and lasts long

Commercial event tent suppliers like MVP Visuals offer a two-year warranty for their aluminum frame tents.

This offers you the convenience of setting up and taking down your custom canopy tent quickly without much concern for durability.

The Size of Your Event

The size of the event is measured by the number of attendees. You need to choose an event tent that’ll comfortably accommodate the crowd size you intend to have within a particular space. 

Don't squeeze your guests into a tight space—this will only make them uncomfortable and unhappy.

It’s better to have attendees spaced out a bit more if you’re not so sure of the expected turnout. 

See the appropriate size of the pop-up tent to use depending on the number of attendees.

Tent size in feet Attendees
10x10 10
10x15 15
10x20 20

Although most custom pop-up tents come in these standard dimensions, don’t shy off from making a unique order. 

For cases where you require more space, but are limited to a narrow area, you can line up several standard-sized custom pop-up canopy tents like this.

A Custom Guide For Your Next Trade Show Or Event
Sports Team Tents Customized for STX Rising Lacrosse Events

If you need your attendees all under one roof, pick the star-shaped event tent. It covers a broader area to accommodate more guests.

star-shaped tent
Tents Customized for Racing Events

For outdoor events that require more space, pick custom canopy tents with angled legs.

How to Take Care of Your Custom Event Tent

With your pop-up tent being such an important piece of your marketing tactics, you have to take proper care of it.  

Here are some simple maintenance practices that’ll significantly boost your tent’s lifespan.

The Set-Up

It’s during this stage that most of the damage occurs. 

Before pitching, choose a site that’s flat and free from swinging tree branches and falling debris.

This is because a slanted canopy tent will put strain on one part of the tent frame causing it to snap, rip, or age unevenly. Additionally, tent fabric isn’t designed to withstand sharp objects that rub against it.

When folding and unfolding the poles, support them in such a way that the ends don’t snap back together.

Our canopies are rated with UV fade resistance, so even if your event lasts for days, don’t be afraid to put your tent up in a sunny location.

Where zippers are involved, use one hand to support the fabric and the other to pull it gently, or you'll tear it.

For custom canopies where poles glide through sheaths, remove them by pushing and not pulling. Pulling will detach the pole segments.

After using, fold your custom canopy tent evenly to avoid wrinkles as you expel trapped air. Wrinkles form lines of weaknesses which eventually end in rips.

For step-by-step guidance, watch this video.

How to Store a Custom Pop-up Tent

Don’t put custom canopy tents away when damp, wet, or moist. Doing so will break down the thread, protective coating, and fabric of your pop-up tent.

It’s equally important to keep the pop-up tents in a cool and dry room.

High temperatures will break down the glue and protective coat. So, keep your tents away from any heat source.

Most importantly, never fold a damp canopy as that can cause mold. Instead, dry the moist pop-up canopies by hanging them indoors or blowing with a fan.

How to Remove Dirt From Custom Canopy Tents

Dirt can dent your organization’s image or obscure an important contact detail, so you need to keep it clean.

To clean your custom tents, don’t use a washing machine, a dryer, or any abrasive cleaner. Even the most gentle washing machine cycle is enough to stretch and damage your tent’s fabric.

Also, avoid detergents as they can weaken the protective coatings, seams, tape, and stitches on your canopy.

A good wash involves gently rubbing the stained area using a soft sponge with mild soap. Refrain from overworking the seams—they may lose their waterproof features.

Lastly, carefully clean your zippers and their tracks to remove dust particles that eat away the metal and cause them to get stuck.  


Mishaps are bound to happen—the most notorious being rips.

Seams are the most vulnerable to tear due to stress load. 

All you need to repair them is:

  • Duct tape
  • A bottle of water
  • A pair of scissors
  • A piece of sponge
  • Thread and needle
  • A tube of seam sealer
  • A Polyurethane spray can

First, use a strong thread and needle to sew it back along the manufacturer’s thread path.

Then, apply several layers of the seam sealant to make it waterproof. 

In case of a wall or roof tear, wipe the torn area with water or rubbing alcohol using a piece of sponge. 

Finally, cut a piece of the duct tape and press it over the ripped area. Wait for a day to help it stick better before using or packing your tent.

See the table below for more repair tips.

Fault Solution
Zipper track split Run the zipper back over or press it gently using pliers
Tiny holes on fabric Apply seam sealer
Protective coat peeling off Rub the spot, then spray polyurethane

Custom pop-up tents that have lost a lot of protective coating are better off replaced. 

Wondering Where to Get a Good Tent for Your Next Event?

At MVP Visuals, our focus is to give you value for your money.

Simply connect with us now and send us your design. 

Alternatively, use our free handy templates. Their customizable features will help us best understand your needs.

To make your event even more colorful and sophisticated, we offer add-ons such as:

  • Custom printed Flags—usually attached to the event tent frame.
    Custom printed Flags
  • Custom Printed Banners
    Custom Printed Banners
  • Throws premium full-color table covers—personalized display table cloths that add theme to your custom pop-up tents.
    Throws premium full-color table covers

We also provide sidewalls, tent bows, drapes, and more.

Don’t hesitate—hit us up for a quote today.

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