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Products from MVP Visuals are designed to provide the user with a cost-effective and durable event display. Standard warranty includes manufacturing defects. Warranty applies only to normal and expected uses of our products. Warranty does not cover damages caused by wind, rain, or other forces of nature, or due to accidents or abuse. This warranty shall be void if the product has been altered in any way.

Please note: Outdoor products must be properly secured to prevent wind from lifting and causing damage. Failure to secure purchased items properly will void warranty. MVP Visuals products are not recommended to be used in extreme weather or for long term/permanent outdoor settings.


Extended product warranties include, but are not limited to:


  • Colorscape Air: 3 Years
  • Colorscape: 5 Years
  • Iron Arch: Lifetime


  • Spark: 1 Year
  • Flash: 2 Years
  • Forever Flash: Lifetime
  • Summit Tent: 2 Years