The Rangers 5K | Client Success Story

The Rangers 5K | Client Success Story

Going the extra mile for the Rangers 5K


Third (and fourth) time's the charm.

For two years in a row, we've been fortunate to work with Madison Square Garden in providing custom displays to decorate the annual Rangers 5K charity race. It all began in 2018 for the third annual run, when the race was previously known as the "Rangerstown 5K." Madison Square Garden was aiming to create dynamic event pieces that would boost the event's brand recognition and place a big emphasis on their main event sponsor, Northwell Health. Having worked with us before to get custom branded displays for other events, MSG turned to us for help.

MVP Visuals Rangerstown 5K Start Line

A vision taking shape.

We set up a conference call with the event team at MSG to understand the scope of their needs and all branded touch points. They would need 13 custom tents for registration, VIP areas, employees, runners and more; an inflatable arch to mark the start/finish line; branded flags on the sidelines; and last, a unique custom sports inflatable in the shape of the main race logo.

MVP Visuals Custom Inflatable Shape Design

MVP Visuals Custom Inflatable

Fast to the finish.

Our attentive service and production teams ensured that all 65 branded event items were produced and delivered to the MSG team in less than 3 weeks. 

MVP Visuals Rangerstown 5K Custom Tent

As a result of the team effort, the third running of the Rangerstown 5K was the most successful yet! Over 500 runners participated, and players from the New York Rangers hockey team made guest appearances to pump people up at the finish line, celebrating their community of hockey fans, affectionately dubbed "Rangerstown." 

MVP Visuals Rangerstown 5K Custom Tents

One of the event's biggest hits? The Rangerstown 5K custom shape inflatable. It was a big attraction for guests, and was the key photo-op backdrop for many runners and attendees over the day. Runners shared their pictures on social media with the #Rangerstown5K hashtag.

MVP Visuals Custom Pop Up Tents

The following year, Madison Square Garden returned to us a few weeks before the race, in need of updated displays for the 4th annual run, now simply referred to as the "Rangers 5K." With slightly tweaked branding, they would need a new inflatable start/finish line, a new custom shape inflatable, and 14 new printed tent canopies! They were able to use their pop up tent frames from the previous year and simply swap out the new custom tops.

MVP Visuals Rangers 5K Custom Pop Up Tent

Despite the small stylistic changes, the same items remained big hits. The new custom shape inflatable was once again a major photo-op spot for runners throughout the day, and the vivid blue inflatable arch was a welcome sight at the start and finish line. The fourth annual 5K event topped the previous year by nearly double, with over 1,000 runners in 2019.

To date, we've now created over 80 custom branded displays for MSG to use at the Rangers 5K over the course of two years!

 MVP Visuals Rangers 5K Custom Shape Inflatable

MVP Visuals Rangers 5K Custom Pop Up Tent

 MVP Visuals Custom Inflatable Arch

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Watch the event highlights video from 2018 to see our work in action!

MVP Visuals New York Rangers Video