Three differently sized flying feather flags
small flying feather flag
Three differently sized custom feather flags with a 3d human model for scale
custom 9 ft feather flag staked in the ground next to a 3D human model
custom printed 13 ft feather flag staked in the ground next to a 3D human model
13 ft custom feather flag ground-staked next to a 3D human model
9 ft custom feather flag with a base next to a 3D human model
13 ft custom feather flag with a flag base next to a 3D human model
15 ft flying feather flag with a flag base next to a 3D human model
Feather flag pole staked into the green turf
custom feather flag base

Custom Feather Flag

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  • Production Time: 1 Business Day
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Our custom feather flags are the perfect branded displays for outdoor marketing. Whether it's a large trade show where you need to stand out, or where prospects pass your business on the street, these custom printed banner flags are a great tool to grow your brand.

Feather Banner Flag Printing: From Vision to Vivid Display

Our custom feather banner flags combine the durability of lightweight nylon with the clarity of 110g knitted polyester, creating a perfect canvas for your brand messages. Choose from two printing options to best showcase your designs: single reverse for a classic, popular look, or double-sided for maximum visibility and impact. Resistant to tearing, these flags offer unlimited color options, allowing your creativity to soar without bounds.

  • Single-Sided Printing: Ideal for a lightweight and translucent appearance. This option allows your design to be subtly visible from the non-printed side, offering an elegant and airy display.
  • Double-Sided Printing: Perfect for ensuring your message is seen from all angles. This option provides maximum impact and visibility, with each side able to feature potentially different designs for versatile messaging.

Feather Flag Base Options for Every Location

Elevate your outdoor marketing with our versatile feather flags, designed to thrive in any environment. Select from two robust base options:

  • Ground Stake for Outdoor Events: Tailored for outdoor environments such as sports, retail storefronts, and fairs, our ground stake provides unmatched stability. It anchors your feather flag firmly in grass, sand, or soil, ensuring that your brand remains prominent and unshaken, even in busy or windy conditions.
  • Cross Base with Versatility Plus: The cross base with ground stake is the go-to choice for both indoor and outdoor settings, ideal for trade shows, conferences, and exhibits. Its durable steel frame offers reliable stability indoors, while the included water bag and ground stake attachment add necessary weight and anchoring for outdoor use. This base allows your feather flag to rotate, capturing attention and engaging viewers from all directions, whether it's on a busy street or at a bustling event.

Diverse Feather Flag Banner Shapes for Unique Displays

Our feather flag banners come in four distinctive shapes to match your brand's personality:

  • Straight: A classic and sleek design for a straightforward and impactful display.
  • Angled: Dynamic and eye-catching, this shape adds an element of movement to your message.
  • Concave: Offers a modern twist with an inward curve, creating a unique visual appeal.
  • Convex: Bows outward for a bold statement, ensuring your brand stands out. 


Feather flags used for promotional advertising outside a Dillons shopping complex
an array of custom printed feather flags for International Culture at a public gathering.
Outdoor feather flag displaying Rent Kayak alongside a vibrant collection of kayaks ready for use
Outdoor scene with a pink UTILITY SERVICES feather flag, and white tent in university campus under a blue sky
An outdoor racing path with blue feather flags printed for UCAN Chicago brand and an finish line arch

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