Ferrari Club of America | Client Success Story

Ferrari Club of America | Client Success Story

Revving up national events with Ferrari Club of America


Shifting into gear.

The Ferrari Club of America (FCOA) is a nationwide organization comprised of over 11,000 individual members that are fanatic about the iconic automotive brand - and the world's largest club of Ferrari enthusiasts. The club has an active year-round events schedule facilitated by its 53 chapters, spreading between the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

MVP Visuals Ferrari Custom Inflatable Arch

FCOA Communications Chair, Greg McKibben, was seeking a way to allocate membership fees back into leveling up chapters' events to make attendees feel as though they were attending a Ferrari Club experience, rather than just a local event.

This led him to some research - what would exemplify Ferrari and club branding and stand up to a frequent event schedule?

One Google search later, Greg found the answer.

Getting up to speed.

Greg reached out to us and requested a price quote on various inflatable arch sizes and fabric samples for each arch material type we offered. Our service team sent pricing, samples, and worked with the club's graphic designer to create concept mock-ups of an arch design. Greg then chose our "Iron" arch, made from a super-durable PVC fabric and sporting a lifetime warranty.


MVP Visuals Buy Custom Inflatable Arch

Above: the mockup design concept for Ferrari Club of America's inflatable arch.

During this process, 11 chapters across the US from Colorado to Florida signed on to purchase inflatable arches and custom pop up tents. Each chapter had the flexibility to purchase the quantity and other types of display products they wanted based on their needs.

We worked with each chapter's representative to cater to their individual needs and handle logistics every step of the way, from design layouts to delivery.

Gassed up & ready to go. 

By early July 2019, all 11 chapters had received the custom event displays that would give their upcoming events a little extra horsepower. In total, there were 11 inflatable arches and 12 custom pop up tents made and shipped across the country. Each tent was customized with its distinct chapter or region name to strengthen the individual chapters' community feel.

MVP Visuals Ferrari Inflatable Arch

The impact of the events' new look was immediate. Photos and thanks rolled in from the chapters with a common sentiment: members and attendees were really happy with the new additions and the feel they brought to each occasion.

MVP Visuals Custom Pop Up Tents

MVP Visuals Custom Printed Tents

The goal had been achieved: people felt more than ever that they were part of a Ferrari club experience.

MVP Visuals Custom Event Displays for Ferrari Club of America

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