essential marathon branding materials: custom tents, banners

Essential Marathon Branding Materials: Custom Tents, Banners, and More


Great marathon event organizers will tell you that creating a successful marathon experience goes beyond just the race.

The hallmark of a great marathon is its ability to deliver a memorable and immersive experience for the participants, spectators, sponsors, and all other stakeholders involved.

A key building block for achieving this is using marathon branding materials, such as custom canopy tents and custom printed banners. These branding solutions for events provide shelter and shade while serving as effective marketing tools that promote the marathon's brand and sponsors.

To help you distinguish your next marathon event and increase sponsor visibility, we dive into the world of impactful marathon branding materials. In this article, we discuss:

  • The importance of event branding in a marathon and its impact on increasing brand recognition and attracting sponsors
  • The various types of custom branding materials that can be used in a marathon, such as custom pop up tents, banners, and custom advertising flags
  • How to choose the right materials for your marathon based on your branding goals and budget
  • Tips and best practices for designing and using custom branding materials effectively in a marathon setting

Let’s begin by discussing how custom tents can elevate your marathon's branding and create an unforgettable event experience.

Enhance Marathons With Bespoke Tents

Custom Pop Up Tent

From having marathon-specific logos and colors to showcasing sponsors’ logos, custom-made tents create a memorable brand identity and enhance the overall experience of event attendees.

Their versatility—they can include personalized designs and colors or interchangeable elements like walls and banners—allows event organizers to create a cohesive experience making it easy to identify a marathon's brand.

Here are some ways that you can use custom tents to maximize branding at the next marathon:

Facilitating Branding and Promotion

Using custom tents for branding and promotion is top of the list. After all, you want to attract lots of participants and spectators to ensure the event is successful.

You should customize your tent with eye-catching designs, colors, and organization logos, ensuring that they are visible from a distance.

Additionally, including the sponsor’s logo and information on your tent is a good way to acknowledge their support and strengthen your partnership.

Fact Check: Did you know custom printed tents can be fitted with interchangeable elements like custom media backdrops and banners? This allows for easy updates and changes to your marathon's branding without the need for a completely new tent.

Improving Attendee Engagement

Custom logo tents can help you amplify your event’s success by providing spaces for attendee engagement

Designate different tents for different activities such as:

  • Information and merchandise hubs: Make it easy for attendees to find information about the marathon and buy marathon-branded merchandise. Easy navigation prevents confusion among attendees, and buying marathon merchandise makes attendees feel truly included in the event.
  • Interactive zones: Set up tents where attendees can take photos or participate in games. Such spaces encourage participation and provide a unique opportunity for social media promotion, as attendees post pictures of themselves having fun.
  • Rest and recharge areas: Foster a community spirit around the marathon by including spaces for attendees to socialize about their shared marathon experience.

While custom tents are a definite must-have for any marathon event, they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. 

In the next section, we discuss what you should consider to choose the right custom tent for your event.

Select the Perfect Custom Tent for Your Marathon

person standing next to Forever Flash Custom Tent

At MVP Visuals, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect custom tent to make your marathon event a success. When selecting a custom tent you must consider:

Tent Size

Size is the elephant in the room when choosing an appropriate tent. Choose one that’s too small and experience overcrowding and attendee injuries at your event—a huge branding fail. 

The size of the tent should be determined by the number of expected attendees and the tent's intended use. A merchandise tent may need to be larger than an information tent, for example.

The table below shows some appropriate tent sizes for different functions alongside estimated foot traffic. 

Function Tent Size Estimated Foot Traffic (People Per Hour)
Information Booths 10x10 ft 30–60
10x15 ft 40–80
Registration Tents 20x20 ft 100–200
20x30 ft 150–300
Interactive Zones 20x20 ft 100–200
30x30 ft 200–400
Sponsor Tents 10x20 ft 30–60
15x15 ft 40–80
Merchandise Tent 15x20 ft 60–120
20x20 ft 80–160

At MVP Visuals, we have tents of different sizes, big and small, to effectively meet your needs. For instance, our Custom Inflatable Dome Tent comes in a range of 10’x10’ to 26’x26’, perfect for when you are expecting a huge event turn-out.

Custom Tent Material

The material used for the tent is another crucial factor to consider. It should be durable, weather-resistant, easy to clean, and able to withstand the elements and maintain its appearance throughout the marathon.

Common materials used for custom tents are polyester, nylon, and PVC. Polyester is a popular choice because it's affordable, water-resistant, and durable. Nylon is water-resistant and dries quickly, while PVC is highly durable and waterproof. 

We use 600 Denier polyester for our Custom Tents MVP Bundle and waterproof ripstop material for the Custom Inflatable Dome Tent.

Distinctive Tent Designs

Custom Summit Tent

The design of the tent is also crucial in representing the marathon's brand. A unique, easily identifiable tent design is essential to guide participants and spectators throughout the event. 

You can even use different tent designs for different functions. For instance, a canopy tent with a peaked roof and open sides can serve as a registration point while a geodesic dome tent or summit tent can be used in interactive zones.

Weather Considerations for Optimal Event Experience

Are you hosting your event in rainy or sunny weather? This is an important consideration to ensure your attendees have the best experience.

A Custom Misting Tent with a misting system creates a cool environment so participants can refresh when running in hot weather. 

The Custom Inflatable Dome Tent is all-weather. Its sealed-air design ensures you’re not running electrical units to keep your dome inflated, allowing for cool shade all day long. On rainy days, the dome-shaped tent keeps the water running away from you and your display, offering a comfortable space for runners to rest.

Working with a reputable vendor such as MVP Visuals can ensure you get tents that meet your marathon's specific needs. We specialize in providing high-quality custom tents tailored to your event.

Versatile Custom Banners for Marathons

18 oz Double-sided Vinyl Banner

Custom sports banners are an integral part of any marathon branding campaign, as they offer high visibility and can communicate essential information to participants and spectators.

In addition to promoting the marathon's brand identity, custom banners serve multiple purposes:

  • Improving branding: Prominently display the marathon’s logo, name, and color scheme on the banner and place it at the start/finish lines. This creates memorable photo opportunities for attendees
  • Sponsor acknowledgment: Recognize the companies that support the marathon by featuring their names and logos on banners
  • Encourage event participation: Grab attention for your event by using informative banners with striking colors and designs

There are various types of custom banners for events available, such as mesh, vinyl, and retractable banners. 

Here is a quick table showing the three types of banners. Find more types on the collection page

Polyester Fabric Banners - Mesh


12 oz Vinyl Banner


Roll-Up / Retractable Banner Plus


Mesh Banners: Breathable and Durable

Mesh banners are made from a lightweight, perforated material that allows air to flow through, making them an ideal choice for outdoor events like marathons. 

They can withstand strong winds without tearing or losing their shape and are perfect for fences or barricades along the race route, showcasing the event's branding and sponsors.

Vinyl Banners: Vibrant and Sturdy

Vinyl banners command attention with their bold, colorful graphics.

Their horizontal layout offers a large display area, perfect for any setting.

They can effortlessly showcase event branding, sponsors, or directional information with high-impact visibility.

Easy to hang and tough in all conditions, they're the go-to choice for making a lasting impression.

Retractable Banners: Portable and Professional

Retractable banners come with a self-contained, spring-loaded mechanism that allows for easy setup and takedown. These banners are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and can be transported effortlessly between locations. 

Maximize marathon branding and promotional opportunities from banners by:

  • Placing large, visually appealing banners in popular photo spots such as start/finish lines, mile markers, sponsor exhibits, rest stops, and scenic spots along the race route
  • Ensuring banners have a consistent design that incorporates the marathon’s logo and color
  • Showing unique selling points of the marathon such as a scenic route or charity partnerships
  • Dedicating banners to acknowledge the event sponsors

Given the unique benefits of using banners at marathons, you must ensure you make the right choice for your event. 

We have made it really easy for you by highlighting what factors you should consider in the next section.

Choosing Effective Banners: What You Should Know

When choosing custom banners for visual branding displays for events, there are several factors to consider:

Banner Size 

The first factor to consider is the size of the banner. This will depend on the location of the banner and the intended use. For example, start and finish line banners may need to be larger than directional banners.

A standard marathon banner size is around 2.5 feet high and 8 feet wide, providing ample visibility while still being easy to handle.

The Material Used

The material used for the banner is another important factor to consider.

Durable and weather-resistant materials, such as vinyl or mesh, should be used for marathon banners to withstand outdoor conditions, including wind, rain, and sun exposure.

It should also be easy to clean and maintain, as marathons can result in a lot of dirt and debris. Banners made using vinyl, mesh, polyester fabric, or canvas can be easily cleaned using mild soap and water, and then allowed to air dry.

Picking an Appropriate Banner Design

The design of the banner is also crucial in ensuring that it represents the brand of the marathon. 

The banner should be eye-catching and easily identifiable to ensure that participants and spectators can find their way around the event. 

Use high-contrast colors and clear, bold fonts to ensure the banner is easy to read from a distance. For example, black text on a white background or vice versa can provide optimal visibility.

The design should also be consistent with the overall branding and messaging of the marathon. Incorporate high-resolution images and use colors that align with the event’s theme.

Partner With a Reputable Vendor

When choosing a custom banner for a marathon, it's essential to work with a reputable vendor that specializes in providing these types of products. 

MVP Visuals has helped brands increase their return on investment for event activations since 2006. We have a wide banner collection with vinyl, Mesh Polyester Fabric Banners, and Roll-Up/Retractable Banners as some of the options.

If you’re looking to show out completely in your next marathon event, we recommend the Banner Stand Large with Custom Printed Banner. It is an 8-large adjustable banner. The height adjusts from 36"–96"; width adjusts from 52"–96"; and it's still light and portable for easy transport.

Whatever your event needs, our team of experts will guide you in choosing the perfect banner sizes, materials, and designs to make your event stand out.

Give us a call at (800) 980-687 to get started.

“From the beginning price quote to the final delivery, it was a complete delight working with MVP Visuals. We have ordered twice, and the products were excellent including beautiful 10' Sunbrella banners that now grace the exterior of our building. MVP Visuals will be our first choice should we need additional branded items.”

David, Verified Buyer

Other Essential Branding Materials for Marathons

In addition to custom tents and banners, there are other branding materials that are essential for marathons. These include signage, wind flags for advertising, and promotional tablecloths

Use Stellar Signage

signage and custom tents

Clear and well-designed custom event signage is important for directing participants and spectators to the correct locations.

Use signage at start and finish lines, route markers, and hydration stations to ensure a smooth event flow. Use inflatable arches for events as you can customize the signage on either side of the arch.

Maximize branding by incorporating the marathon’s color schemes and logos to ensure a cohesive look with other branding materials.

Signage on inflatable arches can also promote the marathon's sponsors and highlight important information about the event.

Vibrant Flags for Energized Marathon Experiences

custom advertising flags

Advertising pennants flags for events can feature the marathon's logo, event name, tagline, specific year or edition of the marathon, race categories, or a specific charity the event is raising awareness on.

These are effective ways to increase brand awareness for events and provide event information.

They can also be used to line the finish line, decorate the race route, or at mile markers creating a memorable photo opportunity for participants.

Additionally, displaying sponsor logos and messaging on advertising flags is a dynamic way to show appreciation and attract more sponsorship opportunities for future events.

The Power of Custom Logo Tablecloths

custom logo tablecloth

Custom branded logo tablecloths play a significant role in elevating marathon branding, improving participant experience, and benefiting sponsors. 

By featuring marathon-specific logos, colors, and sponsor information, these tablecloths create a cohesive and professional visual identity, enhancing the overall event atmosphere.

For participants, custom tablecloths contribute to a memorable and immersive experience. They serve as an excellent backdrop for photo opportunities, increasing social media engagement and promoting the event to a wider audience.

Sponsors also benefit from custom branded tablecloths, as their logos are prominently displayed throughout the event. This exposure helps increase brand awareness and recognition, potentially leading to new customers and business opportunities. 

Learn More: Custom Tablecloths: Polyester vs Spandex

By investing in these materials and ensuring a consistent brand image across them, marathon organizers can create a memorable and successful event for participants and sponsors alike.

“The sales rep I worked with was very flexible and willing to send me multiple quotes as my ideas changed. Once I submitted payment, the table covers were shipped quickly and delivered on time, even around the holidays. Thanks for making this process so simple!”

Samantha Jamison, Verified Buyer

Importance of Consistent Branding in Marathons

Consistency is crucial when it comes to branding a marathon, with all materials aligned to the event's overall brand image. This fosters credibility, builds trust, and reinforces the brand's values

A strong, consistent brand image helps attract and retain sponsors by demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail. Sponsors are more likely to invest in events where organizers are dedicated to providing a top-notch experience for everyone.

It also increases the visibility of the event. When people can quickly identify an event and associate it with positive experiences or emotions, they are more likely to attend and invite others to join them.

For participants, custom tents, banners, and other branding materials help create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere, enhancing their experience and increasing the likelihood of their return. 

Looking to achieve consistent branding at your next marathon? Here's a breakdown of the different branding elements you can use, their importance, and some tips for achieving consistency across them:

Branding Element Importance Tips For Consistent Branding

Custom Tents

Spark Custom Tent

Provide shelter and registration areas while also promoting the event's brand image Use uniform colors, logos, and messaging on all tent designs; work with a reputable vendor that specializes in providing custom tents for events

Custom Banners

Fabric Tension Pop Up

Increase visibility and help guide participants and spectators throughout the event Use consistent designs and messaging across all banners; strategically place banners in key locations throughout the marathon course

Advertising Flags

Economy Teardrop Feather Flag

Attract attention and increase brand recognition Use designs and colors consistent with the event theme; strategically place flags throughout the event to create a cohesive brand image

Custom Inflatables

Custom Inflatable Tunnel

Provide a fun and engaging way to promote the event's brand image Use consistent designs and colors on all custom inflatables for events; strategically place inflatables in key locations to attract attention and enhance the overall event experience

Consistency creates unity and belonging among participants and spectators, enhancing the event's overall appeal and success.

Level up Your Marathon With Professional Branding Services

In the high-stakes world of event organization, crafting the ultimate marathon experience demands nothing short of perfection. 

By employing a professional branding service to provide your event marketing supplies, you unlock a treasure trove of benefits that can propel your event to new heights:

  • Expertise: Professional branding services have the experience and knowledge needed to create high-quality branding materials that effectively represent the marathon's brand. They ensure that your marathon's branding materials effectively communicate the event's unique identity, goals, and values, making it resonate with the target audience.
  • Consistency: A consistent brand identity is vital for a successful marathon. Professional branding services ensure that every aspect of your event's communication conveys a cohesive and unforgettable message, reinforcing the marathon's brand at every turn.
  • Enhanced participant experience: A well-branded marathon engages and excites participants from the moment they sign up until they cross the finish line.
    By incorporating eye-catching and memorable branding materials, a professional branding service helps create a thrilling, immersive atmosphere that keeps participants coming back year after year.
  • Boosted sponsor appeal: Sponsors are the lifeblood of any marathon event, and a strong, professionally designed brand is more likely to attract and retain valuable partners.
    By showcasing an impactful and polished brand image, you demonstrate the event's credibility and create a sense of trust, encouraging sponsors to invest in your marathon.
  • More options: Professional branding services can offer a wider range of branding materials, from custom tents and banners to flags and signage. This allows marathon organizers to create a complete branding package that is tailored to their event.

Why This Matters: A professional branding service for your marathon can mean the difference between an average event and an unforgettable experience. It can help you create a cohesive brand image, enhance participant experience, and attract valuable sponsors.

MVP Visuals offers professional branding services including custom tents, banners, and advertising feather flags

When choosing a professional branding service, consider their experience, portfolio, and cost to ensure that they are the right fit for your event.

“We have done business with MVP for several years. They produce quality products with outstanding customer service and quick production time.”

Stephanie Powell, Verified Buyer

Deciding on Your Professional Marathon Branding Service 

To identify the professional branding service that will propel your marathon to new heights, consider the following factors:

Experience in Marathon Branding

Seek out a branding service that has a proven track record in working with marathons or similar large-scale events. 

Their understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of such events will be invaluable in crafting a compelling and effective brand identity.

Additionally, they know industry-specific knowledge about the running community, its preferences, and its motivations. This understanding will help them craft outdoor event branding materials that resonate with your target audience, ultimately enhancing your event's appeal and participation.

Budget Considerations

Cost is also a factor to consider. While you want to invest in quality services and marketing displays for events, you also need to consider your budget. 

Be sure to get quotes from multiple branding services so that you can compare prices and choose the best option for your needs.

Seek out branding services that offer customized packages tailored to your marathon's specific needs and don’t be afraid to negotiate with them.

Communication and Responsiveness

It's important to consider the level of communication and collaboration you can expect from the branding service. 

A good branding service should be willing to work closely with you to understand your needs and goals for the marathon and be responsive to your feedback and concerns throughout the branding process.

Open and honest communication is one of our pillar values at MVP Visuals. You can always find live help once you call (800) 980-6871

Additionally, we assign a specific coordinator to assist with your order from start to finish, from whom you can get timely updates.

“MVP was easy to work with and Katie was more than helpful. Working with a single person through each step of the way is super helpful and I will definitely be purchasing more from MVP again in the future. Our 25' archway is stunning!”

Dave Caldwell, Verified Buyer

Use Unforgettable Marathon Branding Materials

runners at custom inflatable start line arch

The electrifying atmosphere of a marathon event hinges on the seamless integration of essential branding materials, including custom tents, banners, signage, and tablecloths.

These components not only enhance the visual allure of the event but also serve indispensable functions, such as streamlining registration processes and offering shelter to participants and spectators alike.

To create an unforgettable, action-packed marathon experience, prioritize consistency in design and quality across all branding materials. Pay close attention to details like size, material, and design when selecting custom tents and banners, ensuring they amplify your event's unique identity.

Don't let your marathon's potential go untapped.

Embrace the power of world-class branding materials and services from MVP Visuals, and witness your event's transformation into a thrilling, immersive, and unforgettable spectacle.

"MVP Visuals did a wonderful job. They provided status updates during the manufacturing process, the arch arrived on time, and the artwork is perfect. We use the arch at all of our races now and it generates a ton of compliments from our runners and spectators. We are thrilled."

Scott H. Sutter, President, Southern New England Athletic Association

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