8 x 8 custom backdrop banner
frames only view of 8 x 8 custom backdrop banner
8 x 8 custom roll up backdrop banner with 3d model for scale
base hardware and carrying bag for backdrpo banner

Custom Media Backdrops with Stand

Regular price$349.00
  • Production Time: 1 Business Day
  • Delivery Date: 3-5 Business Days
  • No Minimum Orders
  • Quantity Discounts Available
  • Free Layouts & No Setup Fees

Create a striking impact with our cost-effective and high-quality 8’ x 8’ custom media backdrop and banner stand combo. Designed for maximum visual appeal, the durable stand accommodates up to 8 feet with a sturdy 1.25” diameter, ensuring your display stands out in any setting, from vibrant trade shows to elegant corporate events

  • Fully Customizable Printing: Offers full color capabilities with a high-quality print process. Choose any design, from a bold single logo to a step-and-repeat pattern, for maximum impact.
  • No Sagging or Stretching with Durable Vinyl: Constructed from high-quality vinyl, the banner ensures a perfect fit on the stand, preventing any sagging or stretching.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Durable Design: The frame is not only designed for effortless transport and setup, reducing to a convenient size for portability, but it's also built to last. Constructed from high-quality materials, including two sturdy steel bridge bases, it ensures long-term durability with minimal wear-and-tear.
  • Illumination Options with LED Lights: Enhance your display's visibility and appeal with our LED lighting options. Perfect for drawing attention in dimly lit settings or adding an extra flair to your presentation.
  • Easy Setup with Pole Pockets: Features 3” pole pockets at the top and bottom, allowing for quick and straightforward mounting.

Explore the Possibilities with Custom Backdrop with Stand

  • Press Conference Backdrop: Establishes a professional image for media events, enhancing the setting with brand presence.
  • Backdrop with Company Logo: Elevates the ambiance of corporate events or meetings, showcasing the company's branding.
  • Branded Photo Backdrop: Ideal for creating branded environments at events, perfect for photo opportunities.
  • Signing Day: Adds a formal and distinguished touch to signing ceremonies, making them memorable.
  • Sporting Events: Displays team spirit and sponsors prominently, enhancing the sports event atmosphere.
  • Promotional and Retail Display: Ideal for both in-store promotions and event settings, this backdrop captures attention with its high visibility, effectively showcasing product launches, sales, and promotional items in any retail or event environment.
  • Trade Show Booth Backdrop: Captures attention in busy expo environments, making your booth stand out.
  • Red Carpet Events: Offers a branded and elegant media day backdrop for celebrity or VIP photo sessions at exclusive events.
  • Educational Seminars and Workshops: Acts as a professional backdrop for speakers, aiding in audience engagement.
  • Cultural and Festival Events: Enhances the overall ambiance at cultural festivities or community gatherings, adding a thematic touch. 
Exhibit of Rad Power electric bikes with a custom backdrop with stand, promotional materials on display, indoor event.
Lacrosse team posing with trophy in front of a branded photo backdrop at indoor sports facility.
Branded display wall backdrop for the LEAD1 Celebration of College Sports event
8 x 8 custom backdrop banner featuring MVP Visuals' logo

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