10 x 20 custom canopy tent from 45 degree angle
10 x 20 custom tent with half-sidewalls on both sides with 3d model standing under the canopy for scale
10 x 20 custom canopy tent with full back wall
10 x 20 custom canopy with half-walls on both sides and full-height wall in the back
10 x 20 custom canopy with full-walls on both sides and back
10 x 20 custom canopy tent with poles faded out to highlight the printable canopy surface

Custom 10' x 20' Canopy Tents

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Considering a tent for your events? Our 10 x 20 custom canopy tent offers expansive space and superior presence, perfect for those who find the standard 10 x 10 size a bit limiting.

Whether you're stepping up from our popular 10 x 10 custom canopy tent or seeking a larger option right from the start, this tent is designed for those ready to make a significant impact. It's ideal for larger gatherings, providing ample room to showcase your brand and interact with your audience in a more spacious and inviting environment.

What’s Included with 10 x 20 Canopy Tent?

Our 10 x 20 custom canopy tent is not just a purchase; it's a long-term investment in your brand's visibility and longevity at all future events. Here's the value packed into every 10 x 10 canopy tent:

  • A robust, 600 Denier fully printed canopy that's water repellent, flame retardant, and UV resistant, ensuring your brand shines in any weather.
  • A sturdy hexagon leg aluminum frame backed by a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing enduring support and stability for your events.
  • A comprehensive Stake Kit for secure and easy setup.
  • A premium Deluxe Roller Bag for convenient transport and storage.

10 x 20 Canopy Tent - Your Expanded Event Partner

Building on the success of our custom 10 x 10 tents, we introduce the larger 10 x 20 custom printed canopy tent, perfect for brands seeking a larger than life presence.

  • Amplified Brand Presence: With more space, the 10 x 20 tent allows for even larger dynamic photos, striking company logos, and engaging messages. Every inch, from peaks to valances, can be customized without additional charges, making your canopy a landmark at any event.
  • Advanced Full-Color Dye Sublimation Printing: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we bring vibrant life to your brand over this larger canvas. The 600 Denier fabric is infused with ink using dye sublimation for graphics that are both fade-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Superior Durability: The resilience of the 600 Denier fabric is even more crucial in this larger 10 x 20 format. It ensures the canopy remains robust and tear-resistant under diverse event conditions, from large crowds to challenging weather.
  • Extended Visibility and Shelter: While it provides the same versatile wall options as the 10 x 10 canopy tent, including up to three full-height side walls and optional half walls, the expanded size means your branding is visible from further away, making a more significant impact at any event.
  • Versatile Half-Wall Options: The 10 x 20 canopy benefits from larger half walls, available in sets of two, providing a semi-open area ideal for interaction while ensuring your brand is prominently displayed.

10x20 Tents for Trade Shows, Sports, and More

Our 10 x 20 custom canopy tents are more than just shelters; they are powerful tools for impactful branding and audience engagement at any event. With their larger size, they provide an even more prominent stage for your brand, combining high visibility, practicality, and ample space for creative brand expression.

  • Trade Shows: The 10x20 canopy tents are ideal for trade shows, offering enhanced brand visibility with their striking design, facilitating networking in a spacious branded area, and providing quick and easy setup for seamless event transitions.
  • Races (5k, 10k, Marathons, Triathlons): These tents serve as prominent shelters for registration, hydration stations, or as central gathering points, easily visible and perfect for marking crucial locations along the race course.
  • Sporting Events (Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Track and Field): Perfect for creating a substantial school team base or sponsor area. The 10 x 20 tents are excellent for displaying team spirit or brand partnerships, offering ample shade and shelter for participants and supporters.
  • Farmers Markets: Make your booth the highlight among vendors. The expanded tent not only protects your goods but also adheres to market guidelines while providing more space for product display and customer interaction.
  • Outdoor Vendor Fairs: With the 10x20 canopy tent, maximize your product display area and ensure comfortable fit within larger fair booth spaces. The additional space is ideal for attracting customer attention and enhancing the presentation of your offerings.
  • Food Vendors: Expand your food truck or restaurant space significantly. These larger tents offer more sheltered seating or serving areas, making them perfect for bustling food festivals or busy street scenes.
  • Exhibits, Charity Events, Community Outreach: Amplify your impact at public events with these inviting and sizeable tents. They are excellent for creating larger, more engaging booths that draw crowds in for information, interaction, or donations.

Forever Helpful MVP Service

When you buy a custom canopy tent from MVP Visuals, you're an MVP in our books for life.

From sending fabric samples to developing proofs of your canopy tent design before printing, we do everything in our power to help you customize the 10 x 20 canopy tent to meet your specific needs. You can always count on us for personalized advice, including assistance with matching your canopy tent with accessories and offering bundling options to save you money.

10 x 20 custom canopy tent for Island Jay, a tropical island inspired apparel brand
UMASS LOWELL WOMENS LACROSSE branded 10x20 canopy tent with full team members in front
10x20 custom canopy branded with Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore's brand logo
10 x 20 canopy tent customized for paramount multisport with attendees posing in front

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