Three different sizes of teardrop feather flags with a flag base
9 foot custom teardrop banner flag with a base
13 foot custom teardrop banner flag with a base
15 foot custom teardrop banner flag with a base
Three different sizes of teardrop banner flags with a flag base and a 3D model for scale
large teardrop banner flag with a ground spike and a 3D model for scale
medium teardrop banner flag with a ground spike and a 3D model for scale
9 ft teardrop banner flag with a ground spike and a 3D model for scale
small teardrop feather flag with a base and a 3D model for scale
13 ft teardrop banner flag with a base and a 3D model for scale
15 ft teardrop banner flag with a base and a 3D model for scale
teardrop flag pole staked into the green turf
teardrop feather flag base

Custom Teardrop Flag

Sale price$169.00
  • Production Time: 1 Business Day
  • Delivery Date: 6 Business Days
  • No Minimum Orders
  • Quantity Discounts Available
  • Free Layouts & No Setup Fees

Teardrop feather flags are a great way to raise your brand’s profile with an attention-grabbing design – and the price is right, too. Also called bow flags, banner blades or advertising flags, these visual displays will allow you to show off your logo, promotional message or graphics wherever you go – at a sporting event, outside your business, or in your store. These stylish flags are designed for indoor and outdoor use, and they can swivel or stay stationary depending on your preference.

Design Your Display: Teardrop Banner Flag Customization

Our custom teardrop banner flags come packed with options to fit your specific needs. Choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from small (9 ft) to large (15 ft), and select the print style that best represents your brand, be it single-sided for simplicity or double-sided for maximum exposure. Plus, with base choices like the ground stake for outdoor stability or the versatile cross base with a water bag for indoor/outdoor use, you can tailor your flag perfectly to your event's requirements.

Pick Your Size: Perfectly Scaled Teardrop Flags

Customize the scale of your message with our range of teardrop banner  flag sizes. Whether you need compact visibility or larger-than-life impact, we've got you covered.

  • 9 ft Small Teardrop Flag: Compact yet noticeable, this size is ideal for indoor events or tight outdoor spaces where you want to make a subtle, yet effective statement.
  • 13 ft Medium Teardrop Flag: The perfect balance of size and visibility. Great for drawing attention in busier settings like street fairs or open-air markets without overwhelming the space.
  • 15 ft Large Teardrop Flag: Make a bold statement with this large flag. Dominant in size, it's perfect for high-traffic events or spacious outdoor areas, ensuring your brand is seen from afar.

Teardrop Flag Print Options: Single-Sided and Double-Sided

Select a print style that fits your brand perfectly. Whether it's for grabbing attention on busy streets or at an outdoor sporting events, our choices are all about getting you noticed.

Single-Side Printed:

  • Cost-Effective Visibility: Ideal for budget-conscious campaigns without compromising on quality.
  • Light and Agile: Easy to manage and reposition, perfect for dynamic event spaces.
  • Subtle Transparency: Offers a stylish, see-through effect that interacts intriguingly with light.

    Double-Sided Printed:

    • Dual Messaging: Craft different messages on each side for versatile communication.
    • Enhanced Readability: With an opaque liner, your design remains bold and legible even in bright sunlight.
    • Professional Finish: A premium look that signifies quality and attention to detail, enhancing your brand's perception.

      Anchor Your Message: Ground Stake vs. Cross Base Solutions

      To keep your custom teardrop banner flag standing strong, even on windy days, a solid base is a must-have. We offer two high-quality base options for reliable support:

      Ground Stake

      • Natural Setting Anchor: Ideal for integrating your display into outdoor landscapes like parks, beaches, or roadside attractions.
      • Unshakable Stability: Designed to penetrate and hold firm in soil, grass, or sand, ensuring your message stands tall in the face of nature’s unpredictability.
      • Effortless Installation: Just push and twist. Our ground stake option is as simple as it is robust, perfect for quick event setups and tear-downs.

        Cross Base

        • All-Surface Versatility: Whether it’s the lobby of a corporate event or the concrete of a trade show floor, the cross base stands reliable.
        • Enhanced Stability with Style: Not only does the steel frame cross for steadfast support, but it also comes with a sleek design that complements any professional setting.
        • Dynamic Display: The included bearing allows for a rotating display, capturing attention and making a lasting impression as it moves with the breeze.
        teardrop feather flag with US Army MWR logo during an outdoor community event
        Promotional teardrop feather flag for AEP Ohio's $50 fridge savings offer at an outdoor event booth
        Custom printed teardrop flag with 3 NXT branding in front of a stone building under blue sky
        Custom shape teardrop flags for TRI-COUNTY PAINTERS with red splash design and stands
        Custom printed teardrop flags with orange design and sportoday logo for outdoor promotions
        Black teardrop advertising flags featuring the Under Armour logo and custom messaging graphics

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