Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print

Custom Tablecloths: Polyester vs Spandex

How do you set yourself apart from the competition at trade shows and seminars? Custom tablecloths! They help you clarify what product or service you offer, and help build brand recognition.

To be recognized and remembered after trade shows and corporate events helps create an emotional connection with customers, which breeds loyalty elevating your business.

Custom table covers not only help your brand stamp authority, but if the branded details are well printed, they’ll draw attention to you and highlight your brand.

At MVP Visuals, we make personalized branded tablecloths using dye-sublimation technology.

Dye sublimation produces a smooth and crisp image that is completely ingrained into the material. It helps produce bright colors and can be washed repeatedly without ruining the appearance of the design.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands you can think of. We also work with smaller businesses to help them stand out and be impactful whenever they attend a trade show or convention.

Our tablecloths come in either spandex or polyester. What’s the difference, and which one is right for you?

Spandex Table Cover

Spandex is a lightweight and smooth material that gives a perfect fit to any table in any setting.

Using a spandex tablecloth as a trade show table cover or in any corporate business event is an excellent way of turning a table into an advertising space.

Besides elasticity, a spandex table cover has many other features including:

  • It’s made out of 100% flame retardant spandex
  • You can get any fabric color you choose
  • You can machine wash it
  • It comes in a vinyl zipper bag for easy storage

Spandex 4 sided tablecloth
Spandex Table Cover - Front Panel Print

How to Care for Your Spandex Table Covers

To keep your tablecloth in perfect condition, you must avoid breakage or excessive stretching by:

  • Always wash in cold or lukewarm water
  • Don’t iron the spandex tablecloth
  • Don’t machine dry as spandex can be destroyed by heat

Spandex is a great material to use for perfectly fitting custom tablecloths for your upcoming event. It’s quick to install, is ideal for indoor events, and is reusable many times over.

With spandex custom tablecloths, you’ll not only stand out, but you’ll connect with your customers and create recognition for your brand.

It’s a simple way of conveying your message, and can be used by big or small businesses.

Watch the video below on how to measure your table for a custom spandex tablecloth.

Polyester Custom Table Covers

Polyester table covers are an excellent choice for tradeshows and outdoor events.

If you’re holding an outdoor event where spillages are a possibility, polyester is perfect as it’s resistant to stains.

Polyester also doesn’t crease which makes it highly suitable for reuse and is machine washable. It’s also lightweight and has a soft, cotton feel.

Closed-back polyester tablecloth
Polyester Table Cover - Front Panel Print

If you get a polyester table throw from MVP visuals, here are some of the amazing features you’re bound to enjoy:

  • It's 100% flame resistant
  • You get up to 50 fabric color options which are great for branding options
  • 4 color process dye sublimation which produces a bright crisp image
  • It’s available in throw cover or fitted style
  • Comes in a vinyl zipper bag for proper storage

In formal events like conferences and seminars, polyester is chosen for its elegance. You can opt for a perfect fit or a table throw, depending on your preference.

Another great option is the use of table runners with custom printed logos or slogans. They can be placed on top of a table with a plain tablecloth underneath.

Watch the video below to learn how to place table runners on a table in an event.

For your polyester tablecloth to last longer while still looking beautiful, you need to take good care of it.

Our polyester tablecloths from MVP Visuals are machine washable. Polyester dries pretty quickly, to avoid creasing and shrinkage, always dry with lower temperature cycles.

Polyester and spandex are both great man-made materials for a custom tablecloth to use at an event.

Feature Spandex Polyester
Stretch Elastic Not elastic
Staining Water-repelling Stain-resistant
Wrinkling Doesn’t crease Needs ironing after machine drying
Use cases Perfect fit for indoor corporate events Elegant for a trade show and other outdoor events
Durability Lasts long but gets damaged by ironing or machine drying Highly durable and reusable

Event Table Setup Tips

Now that you know about the textiles that are available for skirting your tables for your next event, here are some more tips to help you look more professional.

  • Be consistent with the event’s theme or season, or whatever is appropriate for the occasion.
  • There are already too many visuals around happening so opt for uniqueness and simplicity at a fair.
  • Avoid clutter on your table—only display a small range of products. The goal is to have a simple but pleasing display.

As industry experts, we know a thing or two about table setups. Watch our video on how to fold your custom printed tablecloth properly so it doesn’t wrinkle. 

Our Success Stories

At MVP Visuals, we’ve had the privilege of working with big brands. They trust us to provide custom branded displays for their events.

In national conventions where brands are competing for attention, locating displays in key areas has had a major impact on our clients’ recognition. They keep coming back and we keep delivering beyond their expectations.

Check out these tablecloths that we created for Visit California. They’ve used them for indoor and outdoor national events to build brand recognition.

Full-color display tablecloths

Smaller businesses have not been left behind. Here’s a comment left by a very happy spandex table cloth customer regarding our products and delivery services.

To see more of our success stories, visit our website to see how we’ve impacted businesses year after year.

Order Your Custom Tablecloth From MVP Visuals 

Custom table covers will help you and your brand stand out in a trade show, seminar, convention, or any other corporate or social event you’re attending. It’s an inexpensive way to help you elevate your business.

Whether you’d prefer a spandex or a polyester custom tablecloth, we have you covered. We’ll treat you like the MVP you are throughout the ordering and shipping process.

Both materials are durable and you can use your tablecloth for more than one event. They’re inexpensive and come with a price match guarantee.

If you’re not yet sure and you’d like a sample, click here to request one. It’s a simple process that comes at no cost, and we guarantee to ship it within 24 hours.

We also have other items on our list to make your event a success and your brand memorable such as:

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