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Restaurant Tents: Redefining Outdoor Dining with Every Setup

Dining experience is as much about ambiance as it is about cuisine. Expand your venue and captivate diners with our restaurant tents, where every meal becomes an open-air experience to remember.

MVP Visuals' custom canopy tents offer food serving businesses an innovative way to expand their horizons and welcome guests. Whether it's a restaurant's curbside allure, a barbeque joint's outdoor expansion, a brewery's vibrant gathering spot, or a coffee shop's chic outdoor setting, the right tent can transform any space. 

These versatile restaurant pop up tents not only extend the functional footprint of a business but also serve as powerful branding tools that capture the essence of the establishment. In this guide, we explore how various eateries and breweries have creatively utilized custom canopy tents to enhance their customer experience and brand presence.

Branded outdoor restaurant tent at Pontoon Brewing for a cozy, shaded guest welcoming area
Brewing with Color

Pontoon's Vibrant Canopy Contrast

Pontoon Brewing jazzes up a neutral wooden exterior with their eye-catching branded canopy.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art sublimation printing, we can produce an assortment of striking colors and patterns that will maintain their brightness and visual impact for years to come. This canopy is built to last, with colors that resist fading from sunlight and washing, ensuring no cracking or peeling disrupts its welcoming vibe.

Al Fresco Extension

Thump Coffee's Stylish Canopy Space

Thump Coffee takes its cool vibe outside with an outdoor seating tent that's both practical and trendy. The standout black and white logo makes it a can't-miss spot for those looking to enjoy their coffee in the open air.

With our UV-proof tents, you get a comfy, shady spot, making sure it's just your coffee that's steaming, not you customers.

Live band playing under an outdoor 10x20 canopy tent at Bone Hook Brewing Co for a lively atmosphere
Tunes and Taps

Bone Hook Brewing's Pop-Up Music Hub

Bone Hook Brewing Co. takes it up a notch, turning their 10x20 canopy tent into the town's go-to spot for live music. This smart play turns heads and draws in folks for fun, tunes, and top-notch brews. It's a surefire way to keep the place hopping with both new faces and regulars.

Outdoor seating tents for event catering, providing a spacious and professional setup for guests

Bar-B-Q Times Two

A Spacious Double Tent Setup

Restaurants can maximize their outdoor seating with a pair of 10x10 canopies, providing guests with a comfortable, shaded dining experience. This practical setup allows eateries to double their outdoor dining area, offering a visible and inviting extension to their main serving area.

Starting at $899

Shop 10 x 10 Custom Canopy Tents

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Tent for Your Business

MVP Visuals’ canopy tents are engineered to meet the rigors and demands of tents for your restaurants and outdoor dining setup.

  • Frame Durability: Featuring 40mm hex leg aluminum frames, these tents boast a strong, lightweight design for stable performance in various conditions. Their durability, assured by a lifetime warranty, enhances overall tent longevity.
  • Canopy Resilience: Made from 600 denier polyester, known for its toughness and environmental resistance, the canopies ensure top condition against sun, rain, and wear. This translates into a durable, quality investment.
  • Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand all conditions, the tents offer UV protection, flame retardancy, and liquid repellency, ensuring uninterrupted, worry-free use.
  • Ease of Use - Pop Up Efficiency: The streamlined setup and takedown of these pop-up tents save time. Compact storage and easy transport align with the dynamic needs of various food service businesses, offering practical solutions for changing event requirements and space limitations.



Wow the service is the best I have ever experienced. The design team hit it out of the park. We are placing orders for more popup tents.

Verified Customer

The graphics were excellent, the material of our tent top is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Kathy Carik
Verified Customer

Tents were delivered on time, promptly and with no issues. We are very happy customers. thanks!

Abby Werre
Verified Customer

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Curbside Appeal

Lupe Tortilla's Inviting Entrance

Lupe Tortilla's canopy tent is like a big, welcoming wave, sitting right out front and spreading that fun restaurant vibe all the way to the sidewalk. It's a smart move, making the dining area bigger and grabbing people's attention, giving everyone a taste of their famous warm welcome the moment they arrive.

Cheerful team under a restaurant pop up tent at Lupe Tortilla, ready for outdoor service with boxes of freshly prepared food on display
Canopy tent for restaurant catering set up in a park with serving tables ready for an event
Catering Elegance

Hobbs Tavern’s Portable Catering Canopy

Hobbs Tavern elevates outdoor wedding events with MVP Visuals’ portable 10x10 pop-up canopy. This canopy springs to life with effortless setup, accompanied by a handy carrying bag, transforming any space into a shaded retreat for dining in comfort. Its portability and user-friendly design ensure every event is catered with ease and sophistication.

Lasting Leisure

Denizens' Durable Outdoor Haven

Denizens Brewing Co. spruces up their outdoor area with our top-quality tents, built with sturdy 40mm hex leg aluminum frames. These shelters aren't just welcoming spots for guests; they're also super durable, backed by a lifetime warranty on the frames.

Our commitment to quality guarantees that our outdoor restaurant tents will host countless evenings filled with relaxed ambiance and great company.

Twilight scene at an outdoor restaurant tent with patrons enjoying the ambient lighting and seating
Festive brewery outdoor seating tents with colorful banners and a vibrant street-side setup
Secure Sips

Escutcheon Brewing's Sturdy Canopy Setup

Escutcheon Brewing's cool city beer garden gets its backbone from our solid tents, all set up safely with stakes and ropes. Plus, for those breezy days, our specially made weight bags are there to add some extra steadiness.

They're an optional accessory, but they're perfect for keeping the good times rolling without any hiccups.