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Custom Trade Show Table Covers for an Unforgettable Booth Presence

Don't just show up; make a statement. With MVP Visuals’ custom table covers, your trade show booth is designed to highlight your brand’s best features, ensuring your booth stands out in a sea of competitors.

One of the most impactful and cost-effective ways of enhancing your trade show booth is with eye-catching custom table covers. Thanks to our advanced sublimation printing technique, they're not just stunning but also portable, easy to set up, and maintainable, making them the go-to display option for trade show attendees.

Green trade show table cover with Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee logo, showcasing products and engaging with attendees
Spill-Proof Confidence

Trade Show Table Covers with Liquid Repellency

The Chameleon Organic Coffee table cover is a standout, featuring liquid-repellent polyester - ideal for bustling trade show environments where spills are a possibility.

This smart feature keeps the cloth looking pristine, as spills simply bead up and wipe away. The design is as practical as it is stylish, with a floor-grazing drop and rounded corners to minimize trip hazards, all while sporting an eye-catching print of the brand's logo against a vibrant green backdrop.

Vibrant Visibility

Trade Show Tablecloths That Command Attention

Galveston College's tablecloth strikes the perfect balance for trade shows; it's crafted from sturdy 300 Denier polyester that resists wrinkles and maintains its vibrant look after use.

It's lightweight, machine washable for easy care, and flame-retardant for any cooking showcases or strict venue safety policies. The design catches the eye with a smooth blue to white gradient, sharp orange text, and a prominent photo, all wrapped up with a casually elegant draped style.

Bright custom tablecloth for trade show with Galveston College logo, engaging attendees with a vibrant display

What to Look For When Shopping for Trade Show Table Covers

When selecting the perfect table cover for your trade show needs, consider the following key factors to ensure you make the right choice. When selecting the perfect table cover for your trade show needs, consider the following key factors to ensure you make the right choice:

  1. Table Size Compatibility: Determine if you'll be using standard 6 or 8ft event tables, or if you need a custom or round size. This will dictate the dimensions of the tablecloth you choose.
  2. Water/Liquid Resistance: Evaluate if your brand requires spill-resistant material, especially if you plan to demo or distribute food, drinks, or other potentially messy items.
  3. Three or Four-Sided Design: Decide whether you need a three-sided tablecloth for easy access to storage underneath the table, or a four-sided one for complete coverage.
  4. Logo and Printing Placement: Consider the visibility of your table at the event. If all sides are visible, opt for a design that showcases your branding on each side. If only the front and top are visible, focus your branding there.
  5. Indoor vs. Outdoor Use: Think about where you'll be using the table cover most often. If outdoors, you may need a more durable, weather-resistant material.
  6. Style Varieties: Choose from a variety of styles including traditional polyester, liquid repellent, outdoor durable, sleek spandex stretch, and convertible cloths that can adapt to different table lengths.
Sleek black stretch trade show table cover with red diamond pattern, designed for easy access and legroom

Functional Flair

Stretch Table Covers with Convenient Open Back

This stretch table cover with an open back is perfect for a 10 x 10 ft trade show booth, offering ample under-table storage for merchandise. Its 3-sided design allows for more legroom, ideal for seated engagements. With its snug fit, the cover remains sleek and secure, while a version with a zipper offers discreet storage if your booth is accessible from multiple angles.

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Durable and Stylish


This tablecloth, crafted from robust 600-denier polyester, is designed to withstand the elements. Its water-repellent, UV-resistant, flame-retardant, and tear-resistant properties designed to stand the test of time.

The fitted design keeps it secure, and it features sharp, rich dye-sublimation printing for standout brand representation. It strikes a balance between functionality and professional aesthetics, ensuring ease of cleaning and convenient storage with a zipper back.

Custom trade show table cover with logo for Perfect Bar, displayed in a busy retail setting with representatives
Custom stretchy trade show table cover featuring Amazon Pepper Sauces, with a vibrant product display and branding
Sleek Fit, Sharp Impact

Spandex Table Covers for Premium Branding

This stretch tablecloth offers a sleek, modern look with its tight fit that showcases sharp graphics and stays put, even amidst bustling activity or windy conditions.

Perfect for an upscale image, it features front-panel printing that highlights the client's products, complemented by a neat tabletop arrangement and inviting accents like live plants.



Wow the service is the best I have ever experienced. The design team hit it out of the park. We are placing orders for more popup tents.

Verified Customer

The graphics were excellent, the material of our tent top is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Kathy Carik
Verified Customer

Tents were delivered on time, promptly and with no issues. We are very happy customers. thanks!

Abby Werre
Verified Customer

Trade Show Table Covers Printing Options

Imprints represent your brand name. Customize your table covers during a trade show by adding branded imprints. For instance, you can incorporate your company’s contact details, logo, add in a few images and use brand colors. 

Customized imprints appear as the following:

1. All-Over Prints

These appear on all sides of the table covers. No matter how the show table is displayed, all-over prints are visible. 

For example, if you are using a three-sided cover, the prints will be visible on all three sides. 

Using repeated prints commands a greater impact for attracting the audience to your booth. This is because the covers scream out your brand name from all angles. 

On the downside, if done incorrectly, they can do the opposite. For instance, if the imprints are too large compared to the size of the table, they can be overwhelming to the eyes.

2. Front Panel Full Color Prints

These are visible on the front side of the trade show table. If using either a tablecloth or a table runner, ensure the printed panel is displayed on the front side to face your audience.

To make the front panel prints pop, usually the rest of the table cover is in one color. To custom-color yours, select from a wide range of up to 50. 

Front panel full color prints are effective where your displayed items have fully covered the table top.

Stunning full-color trade show table cover with Woodward National Park scenery for impactful front panel display
Sophisticated trade show table cover with a one-color Rose Hart logo, offering a clean, elegant brand presentation

3. Front Panel One-Color Prints

To stand out with this simple, yet sophisticated option, you get to choose a single color to be used on the front panel. We worked with Chameleon Cold Brew and their stand really popped.

This one color is applied to your brand name or image, whereas the rest of the material gets another color. Ensure the color choice reflects your brand.

Bold and Basic

One-Color Trade Show Tablecloths for Focused Messaging

This tablecloth from Fleet Feet stands out with its large, legible logo, making a strong visual statement with classic contrast. It's all about strategic placement - the logo sits front and center, capturing attention in busy trade show settings.

The design's simplicity is amplified by a colorful product display, creating a high-impact visual that's budget-friendly and professional.

Logo tablecloth for trade shows with Fleet Feet Huntsville Madison branding, presented by smiling staff
Trade Show Table Covers Fabric Options

Trade Show Table Covers Fabric Options

The fabric of your table cover matters. Here's a rundown of our material options tailored for trade show durability and appeal.

  • 300D Polyester: A lightweight yet durable option, often used for indoor trade show events. The 'D' stands for 'denier', which measures the fabric's thickness - and 300D hits the sweet spot of being tough enough to handle repeat uses without being too heavy. It's great for a clean, professional look and easy handling.

  • 600D Polyester: The heavy-duty cousin to 300D. It's thicker and more robust, perfect for outdoor trade shows where you need something that can stand up to a bit of weather. Its resilience to the elements and potential rough handling makes it a reliable choice for regular and outdoor use.

  • Elastic Polyester (180g or 240g): Elastic polyester offers a more form-fitting, sleek appearance due to its stretchiness. This can be particularly striking for branding, as it presents a smooth, defined look that stands out. The weight options, 180g and 240g, give you a choice between a lighter cover and one with a bit more heft and opacity. This is ideal if you're displaying spillable items since it clings to the table, reducing the chance of slips and spills.
Pattern Play

Branded Tablecloths That Tell a Story

This dazzling all-over print design shows that you can use every inch of your tablecloth to show off your brand’s fun and creative side to any brand event. 

WTRMLN WTR is a brand that sells, you might have guessed it, watermelon-flavored water. Behind their logo, you'll notice the tablecloth design is actually a zoomed-in photograph of a watermelon skin with water droplets, cleverly highlighting their product themes.

This design is a killer for an affordable polyester tablecloth that’s sure to retain its vibrancy despite being washed or used several times.

Trade show table covers with logo, featuring WTRMLN WTR’s vibrant watermelon design and product samples


A: No, this is a myth. Nowadays, full-color printing technology has become more economical, often cheaper than screen printing single colors. Full-color, high-resolution prints on table covers are more affordable than ever.

A: No, this is a myth. In fact, dry cleaning chemicals can harm printed and spandex table covers. The recommended care is a simple cold water wash and low temp tumble dry, which is also cost-effective.

A: No, this is a myth. While some 'adjustable' tablecloths on the market don't truly fit various sizes, MVP Visuals offers genuinely adjustable options. These include a Velcro™ system for a fitted look on different table sizes and new table wraps that can fit any table.

A: No, this is a myth. Dye sublimation prints, which dye the color directly into the fabric, are more durable and don't crack over time, unlike screen prints that stay on top of the fabric.

A: Yes, you can. Modern graphic software allows most logos to be recreated into vector format, suitable for high-quality printing. This means you can get your low-res logo converted quickly and affordably.