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Superior Tents for Every Track and Field Events

MVP Visuals’ track and field tents are more than shelters; they're a springboard for success, crafted for athletes' peak performance.

The difference between good and great is a razor-thin margin in the world of track and field. Our custom track meet tents reflect this quest for excellence. They offer athletes and teams a space that's not just about shelter, but about professionalism and perfection. Catering to the laser-sharp focus of sprinters and the resilient endurance of long-distance runners, these tents serve as strategic hubs, fostering the environment where plans are crafted and champions are born.

Peak Performance

Professional Grade Tents for Track and Field

In track and field, where victories are often determined by fractions of a second, having the right equipment is essential. Our UV-resistant track and field tents are carefully designed to meet these high standards, offering sturdy, professional-grade cover for athletes and coaches.

They're built not just for practical use, but also to capture the essence of competition, ensuring that every moment spent under them is filled with focus and resolve, gearing up for the challenge ahead.

A vibrant track and field tent at a meet, with young athletes and a coach on a blue track
Youth athletes on a podium under a cross country tent, proudly displaying medals in a park setting
Trail Triumphs

Custom Tents for Cross Country Teams

Celebrate each victory right under our custom team tents, made to echo your team's hard-earned triumphs. These cross country tents are decked out in your team colors and logo, showcasing the dedication and achievements of your athletes.

Perfect for cross country meets where staying cool and showing team spirit matters, our track tents offer a refreshing spot for athletes to relax and revel in their successes.



Wow the service is the best I have ever experienced. The design team hit it out of the park. We are placing orders for more popup tents.

Verified Customer

The graphics were excellent, the material of our tent top is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Kathy Carik
Verified Customer

Tents were delivered on time, promptly and with no issues. We are very happy customers. thanks!

Abby Werre
Verified Customer
Loud and Clear

Central Jersey Triathlon Club's Branded Canopy

In the midst of fierce competition, the Central Jersey Tri Club's canopy emerges as a vivid symbol of unity and collective drive.

The eye-catching 10x20 tent, featuring customizable walls, serves not just as a shield from the elements but also as a bold declaration of the club's identity. It stands as a beacon for members to convene, prepare for their challenges, or relax after their endeavors.

A 10 x 20 Ellington Cross Country & Track and Field tent, purple and yellow, stands proudly outside
Panorama of Protection

Ellington's Total Coverage Track and Field Tent

Utilizing edge-to-edge printing, the expansive 10x20 track and field tent is transformed into a bold proclamation of Central Jersey’s Tri Club’s prowess. The pop-up tent's side and back walls are more than just barriers; they're a tribute to the team's commitment, featuring the Knights logo in its full glory. This emblem stands as a symbol of their competitive spirit and dedication to excellence.

Athlete and coach smiling in front of an AAU National Championship Cross Country tent on a sunny day

Champion's Choice

A Unique Approach to Team Branding with Custom Canopies

Honor your winning athletes with our customizable cross country tents, designed to be as resilient and versatile as the competitors they protect. These sturdy shelters are built to endure all weather conditions while providing a platform to display your team's pride.

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Register and Race

Customized Pop Up Tent for Rangertown 5k

Registration tents at the Rangerstown 5K are where every runner's journey begins. Custom-designed to enhance the racing atmosphere, they serve as the perfect gathering point for athletes. It's here that the anticipation builds, surrounded by a tent that's not just a structure, but a key part of the racing experience.

Participants register under custom canopy tents at a 5K run event, organized by the NY Rangers, on a crisp autumn day
A Bag Check tent at the NY Rangers 5K run, bustling with runners and fans on a sunny morning
Unburden and Unleash

The Rangerstown 5K Bag Deposit Tents

The Northwell Health Bag Check Tent, strategically placed, marks the spot where runners lighten their load before taking on the challenge ahead. This tent represents the final stop before full dedication to the race, a point where each step begins as unburdened and spirited as the heart of the runner, ready to embark on the journey ahead.

Fueling the Race

The Rangerstown 5K Nutrition Station

Food & Beverage station serves as an essential hub, offering vital sustenance to both runners and supporters. This lively spot buzzes with activity, supplying hydration and healthy snacks that energize the participants, boosting their spirit and endurance throughout the event.

Attendees at the NY Rangers 5K gather at the Food & Beverage tent on a chilly morning