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Under the Canopy: Selecting the Best Farmers Market Tents

Stand out at any farmers market with a tent that’s as functional as it is attention grabbing.

As a vendor at a farmer's market, your tent serves as your storefront, a shield against the elements, and a welcoming space to connect with and nurture relationships with your customers. Choosing the ideal tent involves a thoughtful balance of aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Drawing on our expertise in crafting custom canopy tents since 2006, our guide will simplify choosing the best farmers market tent for your needs. We'll also share pro tips on designing your tent for maximum impact, ensuring it not only stands out but also effectively engages your customers.

Shoppers browse goods under pink 10x10 farmers market produce tents at a lively outdoor market
Brookford Farm

A Model of Flexibility and Visibility

Brookford Farm rocks the market with their twin 10 x 10 canopy tents, a clever, adaptable choice for sellers. These tents fit into various spaces easily, a real plus compared to one big 10 x 20.

Their standout pink shade and the bold display of everything from grass-fed beef to organic veggies catch eyes fast. Plus, their clear branding makes sure Brookford Farm pops in the busy market scene.



Wow the service is the best I have ever experienced. The design team hit it out of the park. We are placing orders for more popup tents.

Verified Customer

The graphics were excellent, the material of our tent top is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Kathy Carik
Verified Customer

Tents were delivered on time, promptly and with no issues. We are very happy customers. thanks!

Abby Werre
Verified Customer
MOM's Market Magic

Clean, Green, and Seen

MOM's Organic Market takes farmers' market branding to the next level with their tent. Ditching the usual white, their leaf-patterned canopy not only looks unique but also stays cleaner with less fuss.

The bright signs, filled with their brand story and green promises, pull people into a space that’s as eye-catching as it is educational. It’s a smart, fun setup that's just right for their organic ethos.

Smiling vendors at a custom farmers market pop-up tent with information banners, promoting organic products

Pro tips on designing your farmers market tents

Every brand is distinct, and your farmers market tent should be too. To ensure your tent stands out, here are some essential best practices to follow when designing your custom pop-up tent.

A custom farmers market tent in Pantone 3015 C, enhancing brand consistency for Serres Ranch Blueberries

1. Use Pantone Color System

The first thing to consider is your use of color.

The Pantone Color System offers a significant advantage in consistency and branding. Unlike CMYK, Pantone colors are standardized, ensuring that your chosen hues remain consistent across all marketing materials. This consistency is vital not just for visual appeal but also for brand recognition, as consistent color schemes help customers easily identify and remember your brand.

The Pantone system's broader color spectrum, compared to CMYK, allows for more precise and vivid color choices, making your tent stand out in a busy market. This ensures a seamless match from digital design to physical product, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your farmers' market presence.

2. Do not use white for canopy background

We also recommend opting for a background color other than white for your custom canopy. While white canopies may initially appear clean and professional, they are challenging to maintain and can quickly look dingy, diminishing the professional image you're aiming for with a custom tent.

Instead, consider choosing darker or more vibrant colors that not only conceal dirt and wear better but also attract more attention.

3. Maximizing your canopy space

Anything you print on the peak of your custom pop-up tent will be seen from across the farmers market. This is the space you use to attract customers to your stall and is a great spot for things like your logo, your brand name, or a picture of what you sell.

The valence is only seen by customers who are standing close to your stall. This is where many brands print things like their phone numbers, their websites, or their social media information.

Nature's Palette

Cascade Spirits' Colorful Canopy

Cascade Spirits' tent at the farmers' market stands out with its full-color canopy printing, creating a striking display. Vibrant images of fruits and a rich array of colors cover the canopy, echoing the natural flavors in their craft cocktails.

This colorful showcase draws in visitors, demonstrating the brand's focus on quality and capturing the lively character of their products.

A vibrant farmers market vendor tent with BEE FUELED branding offers energy gels to customers in a grassy area
Buzzing with Energy

Bold Colors, Bolder Choices

Burst Energy Gel's tent really pops with its vibrant black and yellow colors, full of energy and grabbing attention.

The bold contrast makes sure it's seen, and fun bee-themed phrases like "Bee Fueled" and "Bee Inspired" highlight the natural goodness in what they offer. It's a perfect combo of eye-catching design and clever branding that catches people’s eyes.

What to Look for When Shopping Farmers Market Tents

When shopping for canopy tents for farmers markets, there are many factors to consider. For instance, you need to establish the type of product you'll be selling and how frequently you’ll be attending market days. With that said, here are the factors to consider to bring the perfect buy your way.


Make your products stand out at the farmers’ market with MVP Visuals' custom tent designs. Adding your unique logo or image creates a distinctive and memorable appeal, ensuring you're easily recognized by returning customers and distinct from those with standard, boring tents.

Our customization options include:

  • Side and back walls in either half or full heights, providing flexibility in design and functionality.
  • Full color sublimation printing, ensuring vibrant, fade-resistant graphics that catch the eye and withstand various weather conditions.
  • Color matching and limitless design options, allowing for a design as unique as your brand.


All our canopy tents are designed to ensure a secure and comfortable environment:

  • Wind Resistance: Our tents are built to withstand various wind conditions, ensuring stability and safety.
  • Heat Regulation: The fabric allows for effective heat regulation, keeping the interior cool and comfortable.
  • UV Protection: The material offers excellent UV protection, safeguarding you and your products from harmful sun rays.
  • Waterproofing: Engineered to be water-resistant, our tents provide reliable shelter in rainy conditions.

Each of these features is made possible by our use of 600d polyester, a high-density fabric known for its durability and resilience. This material not only stands up to diverse weather challenges but also meets safety requirements with its fire-retardant properties, making it an ideal choice for farmers' market tents.


Understanding that farmers' market vendors need to set up quickly in the morning and start their day without delay, we've designed our tents with an effortless setup in mind. All our canopy tents are designed with a pop-up mechanism, ideal for quick and easy assembly, even for first-timers. 

The simplicity of the pop-up design means the frame is pre-assembled, allowing you to set up the farmers market tent in a few simple steps, much like opening an umbrella. This design not only saves valuable time during market preparations but also ensures hassle-free takedown at the day's end.


Cementing our commitment to quality, our farmers' market tents come with a lifetime warranty on frames made of silver 40 mm Hex Aluminum, a testament to their durability, wind resistance, and longevity. 

This high-grade aluminum ensures each tent is robust and reliable, easily withstanding frequent use and challenging outdoor conditions. Its unique design provides enhanced stability against strong winds, while being lightweight for effortless transport and setup. The material's resistance to corrosion and wear further extends the tent's lifespan, maintaining both its strength and aesthetic appeal over time.

Size Considerations for Farmers Market Tents

When selecting a canopy tent for a farmers' market, consider both its size and alignment with market regulations, as well as how you'll utilize the space. Whether you need areas for product display, customer seating, or demonstrations, these factors will guide you in choosing the tent size that best suits your operation's specific needs.

  • 10x10 Canopies: This is the standard size for farmers' market tents and fits well in most vendor spaces. A 10x10 canopy typically accommodates up to 5 people comfortably, making it ideal for small to medium displays.
  • 10x20 Canopies: For vendors with more extensive displays or a larger product range, a 10x20 canopy offers ample space. This size can comfortably fit about 10 people and is suited for interactive displays or larger inventories.

Market Space Regulations: Always check the farmers' market rules regarding tent sizes. Larger tents, like the 10x20, might not be allowed in all markets or could lead to additional fees due to their larger footprint. Understanding these regulations is crucial in choosing the right tent size.

Snack Haven

Charles Chips' Ingenious Layout

Charles Chips makes the most of their space at the farmers' market, cleverly stacking their savory snacks in an accessible and eye-catching arrangement. This dynamic display enhances both product visibility and customer engagement.

The canopy's vintage style, adorned in earthy tones, adds a comforting touch, while the thoughtfully arranged products guarantee that each passerby has a tempting view of their delicious selection. It's a prime example of efficient use of space, making every square inch work wonders.

A Charles Chips farmers market 10x10 pop up tent displays an array of chip tins on a sunny day in a historic district
Smiling vendors stand by a farmers market tent labeled Serres Ranch Blueberries under a clear blue sky
Berry Blue Boutique

Serres Ranch's Color-Coded Charm

Serres Ranch Blueberries showcases brand consistency beautifully with a tent that reflects the colors of their harvest. The sharp white canopy, highlighted with vibrant blue, harmonizes with the lush, juicy blueberries offered.

This thoughtful color coordination does more than just catch the eye; it strengthens the ranch's brand identity, offering a unified and memorable experience for berry lovers at the market.

A maroon and yellow farmers market canopy offers fresh juices and smoothies against a brick wall backdrop

Squeeze the Day

Farmers Market Tent with Side-walls

Elevate your farmers' market stand with chic half-wall vendor tents. Perfect for showcasing your fresh offerings while inviting customers to an immersive sensory experience. Make your brand pop with a tent that's as vibrant as your goods.

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