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Maximize Your Presence: 10 X 20 TRADE SHOW DISPLAYS

In the bustling world of trade shows, making a lasting impression demands going beyond merely showing up. We've curated the essential trade show display products to transform your 10 x 20 trade show booth into an engaging brand experience.

Trade Show Banner Displays for 10 x 20 booths

From the expansive reach of custom vinyl banners to the sleek efficiency of retractable and tension fabric options, our trade show banner collection ensures your brand stands out in the crowded exhibit landscape. Explore our custom banner displays to find the perfect visual complement to your booth.

Two people embracing in front of a Facebook roll-up retractable banner
Trade show booth with Divino gelato and retractable roll-up banner
Smiling man at Steelman Racing event booth with roll-up retractable banners and merchandise
Maximize Your Message

Custom Indoor Vinyl Banners

Available in sizes ranging from 18 x 36 to 120 x 120 inches, these custom banners are ideally suited to accommodate the expansive dimensions of a 10 x 20 trade show booth, ensuring a perfect fit for any exhibition space.

With the added convenience of integrated grommets or pole pockets, setting up your banner becomes simpler and more adaptable, making it an essential component for maximizing your booth's visual appeal and flexibility.

Starting at $35.00 USD

Double the Impact

Single & Double-Sided Retractable Banners

Our custom roll up retractable banners are engineered for the expansive layout of a 10 x 20 trade show booth, offering single and double-sided printing options to best represent your brand. Single-sided banners focus your message for direct engagement, while double-sided banners amplify your reach, making your booth a central point of interest.

Starting at $235.00 USD

Easy Swaps

Custom Tension Fabric Banner Stands

For brands that thrive on versatility, our tension fabric banner stands are the perfect fit for your 10 x 20 trade show booth. The easy-on, easy-off pillowcase design simplifies the process of updating your marketing, enabling rapid banner swaps for a booth that's always current.

Starting at $259.00 USD

Trade Show Backdrops for 10x20 booths

Set the stage for success at your next trade show with backdrops that blend innovative design with personalization. Whether it’s the simplicity and impact of our 20 ft fabric tension pop-ups or the tailored allure of custom backdrop walls, our solutions are crafted to ensure your 10 x 20 booth becomes a landmark of creativity and brand expression. Illuminate your trade show booth further with LED options that spotlight your message in any setting.

Elite Ops booth at trade show with custom logo backdrop wall and products displayed
Man at ERAI trade booth with curved tension backdrop display and products
CANDA Solutions trade show booth with a tension fabric backdrop banner
Effortless Setup

20 ft Fabric Tension Pop-Ups

20 ft fabric tension pop-up redefines large-scale displays with its lightweight frame, ensuring both transport and setup are straightforward.

Ideal for 10 x 20 trade show booths, this design merges visual impact with unmatched ease, offering a seamless, expansive backdrop that sets up in minutes and makes your brand the focal point effortlessly.

Starting at $689.00 USD

Personalize Your Presence

Custom Trade Show Backdrop Wall

Custom trade show backdrop offers unparalleled customization to make your brand shine. With full-color capabilities and a high-quality print process, your options range from a striking single logo to an engaging step-and-repeat pattern.

Add an extra layer of appeal with our LED lighting options, perfect for enhancing visibility and drawing attention, even in dimly lit settings.

Starting at $349.00 USD

10x20 Trade Show Booth Table Covers

Complete your 10x20 booth with our stylish table covers, blending flexibility and design. From convertible to stretch spandex, each cover elevates your display, ensuring your brand stands out. Customizing table covers to your precise specifications, from size to design, we guarantee an unparalleled presentation.

Promotional booth with a blue Perfect Bar convertible table cover, product samples on top
Course Hero promotional table at a trade show with a branded table throw and giveaways
Boardworks trade show booth featuring a blue stretch spandex tablecloth with interactive displays
Flexibility Meets Style

Convertible Table Covers

With our convertible table covers, saying “yes” to every event opportunity has never been easier. These adjustable tablecloths transition smoothly between 6 ft and 8 ft configurations, thanks to a cleverly integrated Velcro system.

Not just versatile, they are also canvases for your creativity, featuring unlimited printing across the entire cover.

Starting at $259.00 USD

Sleek Design, Perfect Fit

Custom Stretch Spandex Table Covers

Ideal for 10 x 20 booths, our stretch spandex tablecloths fit up to 8-foot tables, with options available for larger sizes upon request.

Choose an all-over print for immersive brand storytelling that captivates from every angle, or opt for a front panel design for targeted impact, focusing attendee attention on your core message amidst the bustling trade show environment.

Starting at $209.00 USD

Adaptive Style

Table Throws for Every Booth

Choose our trade show table throws for a smart solution to the common problem of varying table sizes. They provide a graceful fit for tables without the need for exact measurements, offering a bit of "wiggle room" that ensures your presentation looks polished, even if the table sizes at different events slightly vary.

This adaptability makes our throws a practical choice for a professional appearance, with the added benefit of easy setup and valuable under-table storage access.

Starting at $189.00 USD



Wow the service is the best I have ever experienced. The design team hit it out of the park. We are placing orders for more popup tents.

Verified Customer

The graphics were excellent, the material of our tent top is very sturdy and easy to assemble.

Kathy Carik
Verified Customer

Tents were delivered on time, promptly and with no issues. We are very happy customers. thanks!

Abby Werre
Verified Customer
Inflatable replica cans of Irresponsible Pale Ale from Twin Oast Brewing

Giant Impact

Inflatable Product Replicas

Bring your products to life in a big way with customizable inflatable replicas. Ideal for making a statement in spacious 10 x 20 trade show booths, these larger-than-life creations offer a unique way to showcase your products, drawing eyes and fostering engagement.

Shop 10' x 10' Canopy Tents

Flag Banners for 10 x 20 Trade Show Booths

Bring a new dimension of visibility to your 10 x 20 trade show booth with our exclusive range of flag banners. Featuring everything from towering vertical feather flags to economical teardrop designs, our collection is engineered to make your brand the focal point of any event.

Soaring Visibility

Custom Vertical Banner Flags

Our 10 ft vertical feather flags are tailored for impactful indoor displays, featuring a cross base for secure positioning at trade shows.

With every flag comes a convenient carry bag, making transport and storage effortlessly simple. Draw attention to your booth and stand tall among competitors, with a flag that's as easy to move as it is to spot.

Starting at $169.00 USD

Budget-Friendly Branding

Teardrop Feather Flags

Make a smart investment with our 9 ft teardrop feather flags, where low cost meets high visibility. For just $169, these small-sized flags punch above their weight, offering a cost-effective solution to capture the eye of potential customers.

Starting at $169.00 USD

Custom Pop Up Tents for Trade Show Booths

Our custom tents can be a cornerstone for building engaging trade show booths. Create spaces that invite interaction and showcase your products in settings that underscore your brand's message, all while ensuring setup is as stress-free as the impact is profound.

Canopies that Connect

10 x 20 Pop-up Tents for Trade Shows

Elevate your 10 x 20 trade show booth with a canopy tent that invites engagement. These expansive tents come with the option of adding side walls, allowing you to design a secluded space that captures the essence of your brand. Perfect for interactive experiences, private discussions, or showcasing your products in a dedicated setting, our canopy tents are the foundation for creating memorable moments and meaningful connections.



Inflatable dome tents present a savvy choice for trade show exhibitors prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Engineered for quick assembly on diverse surfaces - be it grass, concrete, or asphalt—they liberate exhibitors from traditional venue limitations. Not only do they simplify setup, but their contemporary, sleek designs also guarantee your booth stands out.

Starting at $2,169.00