Wall of Impact

Custom-Printed Canopy Tent Walls

Upgrade from ordinary to extraordinary with our striking, customizable sidewalls that turn your canopy into the main attraction.

When it comes to events, making a memorable impression is key, and standing out is essential. That's where our custom canopy tent sidewalls come in. With bold, customizable options, you can go from blending in to really standing out. Whether it’s your standout logo or a vibrant graphic, these walls make sure your brand is unforgettable.

Custom Side Walls for 10x10 canopy tents

Transform your event space with our custom side walls for 10x10 canopy tents. Choose from full-height back walls, multiple full walls, or half-walls to enhance visibility, privacy, and engagement.

canopy tent with custom full-height back wall
Bold Background

Full-Height back wall

Step up your game with our full-height back wall for 10x10 canopy tents. This large, unbroken panel is perfect for showing off big, bold graphics that grab attention. It’s an efficient way to ensure your brand stands out in a crowd and maintains attention right where you want it.

Dual Dynamics

2 Full-Height Walls

Turn two sides of your canopy into prominent advertising platforms with our 2 full-height walls. This option extends your branding across multiple viewing points, making sure your message is seen from various angles.

Your Brand Sanctuary

3 Full-Height Walls

Secure a private and protected space while promoting your brand with three full-height walls. This configuration envelops your canopy, offering a triple-layered canvas for your graphics and messages, while simultaneously guarding against wind and rain.

Open Yet Private

Side Half-Walls

Our side half-walls strike the perfect balance between open interaction and secluded branding. This set of two offers you the ability to shield the lower part of your setup from wind and dust, while still inviting interaction over the top.

canopy tent with side half-walls
Visibility with Versatility

Full-Height Back Wall & Side Half-walls

Maximize your canopy's potential with a dynamic layout that features one full-height back wall and two half side walls. The back wall provides a large canvas for impactful visuals, while the half walls maintain open sides for easy communication and airflow.



I recently purchased the 10x10 canopy tent for our weekly farmer's market, and it has been a game-changer!

Jay P.
Sacramento, CA

Highly recommend for anyone looking for a reliable, customized canopy tent!

Alex P.
Houston, TX

Canopy Tent is made with quality materials. Versatile and affordable!

Emily T.
Greenville, NC

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Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

Custom Side Walls for 10x20 canopy tents

Upgrade your 10x20 canopy with custom side walls that do more. Whether it’s a vast back wall for impactful visuals or versatile half-walls for open engagement, our designs ensure your setup is as expansive and effective as your event.

Open Engagement

10’ Side Half-Walls Only

Half side walls for your 10x20 canopy provide the perfect mix of open engagement and enhanced branding. Use these visible partitions to display additional marketing messages while maintaining an approachable space.

canopy tent with custom 20’ Back Wall
Visual Powerhouse

20’ Back Wall only

Transform your 10x20 canopy into a striking display with just one back wall. This large, unbroken space is ideal for attention-grabbing graphics, ensuring your brand stands out in any crowded event environment.

Versatile Event Shelter

20’ Back Wall and 10’ Side Half-Walls

Marry functionality with style in your 10x20 canopy using our back wall and side half walls configuration. It's designed to offer robust protection from environmental factors through a full back wall, while the side half walls allow for partial openness, ensuring your space remains airy and accessible.

Canopy tent with 20’ Back Wall and 10’ Side Half-Walls
canopy tent with 20’ Back wall and 10’ Full Side Walls
All-Side Advertising

20’ Back wall and 10’ Full Side Walls

Fortify your 10x20 canopy against the elements with our robust side and back walls. This setup is designed to protect against environmental challenges while maintaining a high-impact branding presence.

Custom Printed Walls for Canopy Tents

Make every event a chance to shine with our advanced dye sublimation printing. How does it work? We infuse your designs directly into the fabric (polyester denier), which means they're not just printed on the surface - they're part of the pop up canopy itself. This technique ensures your images stay sharp, bright, and resistant to fading, keeping your pop up canopy looking polished and prominent at every event.

Get Noticed

Single-Side Printing

Maximize your branding without maxing out your budget. Our single-side printing displays bold graphics on the outside, maintaining a neat, unprinted interior for cost-effective professionalism.

Twice the Visibility

Double side printing

Double your impact with graphics on both sides of your canopy walls. This option boosts visibility and interaction, perfect for making a strong impression in any setting.

Florida Panthers custom canopy tents


Absolutely! You can personalize each side with any graphics, logos, or messages you desire.

Our canopy tent side walls are crafted from durable Polyester Denier, available in both 300D and 600D options depending on your needs.

Yes, our side walls are weather-resistant, thanks to the robust Polyester Denier fabric which is known for its durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

The production time for custom side walls is 2 business days, followed by a delivery period of 7 days.

Our side walls are designed to be compatible with any standard 10x10 and 10x20 canopy tents, making them versatile for various brands and models.

To keep your side walls looking their best, clean them regularly with mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or brushes. For stains, use a soft-bristled brush with a gentle fabric cleaner. Always air dry the walls before storing to prevent mildew.

Yes, we offer replacement services for individual walls to ensure your canopy always looks its best. Contact us to arrange for a replacement.

No, there are no restrictions. We offer unlimited color and graphic options. Whatever you imagine or dream, we can deliver!