Moment | Client Success Story

Moment | Client Success Story




Aisha Chottani is no stranger to taking a moment to practice mindfulness, but it wasn’t always that way. Coming from a corporate background where long, stressful workdays were the norm, she craved a way to ease her mind and get focused to push through the grind. Aisha turned toward meditation to manage her stress and maximize her professional performance.

It was this change that led Aisha and her husband Faheem to co-found wellness drink brand Moment in an effort to promote mindfulness and make the experience more accessible.

Moment drink

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Moment is a botanical drink packed with adaptogens like L-theanine and Ashwagandha and devoid of caffeine, added sugar, or artificial sweeteners. As their website explains, these compounds “increase alpha brainwaves…just like meditation.” The formula components and flavors are inspired by Aisha’s upbringing in Pakistan and the cultural use of medicinal herbs.

After a few years of research and rigorous testing to perfect the formula and prove its benefits, Moment launched in 2019 and was gaining traction and earned accolades such as winning Best Beverage on the BevNET New Beverage Showdown. After weathering the challenges that early 2020 wrought on their young brand, Aisha and Faheem were seeking investors to take the brand to the next level with hopes for retail distribution and an option for a subscription-based model.

Before long, the ambitious entrepreneurs found themselves ready to star in a season 12 episode of hit ABC show Shark Tank, and they were in need of some branded signage for their presentation.


The pair had the idea to create a super-sized version of the brand’s beverage cans to stand alongside smaller displays of the actual drinks to increase brand recognition among the episode’s viewers – since a 4-foot tall display would be a bit easier to see on TV than an 11-ounce can!

That’s how Faheem found MVP, after searching online for custom inflatable can replicas. He reached out to pitch his idea and get some more information, and it’s safe to say we were thrilled to help them create something that would end up on Shark Tank.

We worked with Faheem directly to discuss his ideas and work through the logistics of what they needed, including:

Sealed-air design so they’d only need to inflate one time per use, and skip the loud blower noise on set? Check.

Using the actual design file for the can’s labels and printing it on the inflatables thanks to our high-quality dye sublimation process? Check.

Quick turnaround to take the project from concept to delivery in just 4 weeks? Check, check, check.

Custom inflatable cans

Custom inflatable can replica

Post-production shots to check the print and use quality before we shipped off the cans to their new home.

We worked closely with them to ensure that what we could create fit perfectly within their budget and logistical needs. The cans would be eye-catching, lightweight for easy travel & storage, and they’d be durable - no popping or sagging during primetime!

Their dedicated service rep from our team stayed in touch with Faheem every step of the way, from communicating what was needed for the best design quality to confirming exactly when the inflatables were expected to deliver.


 A mere 28 days after Faheem first reached out to us with his idea, we delivered three custom inflatable cans that were a truly high-quality representation of their main product.

 Standing at 4ft tall, they sported the gorgeous gradient of Moment’s label artwork, made from a sturdy PVC material that would last them plenty of uses beyond the Shark Tank spot.

Custom inflatable can

Still shot courtesy of ABC.

Aisha and Faheem pitched Moment on Episode 6 of Shark Tank’s 12th season in November 2020.

Ultimately, they didn’t receive a deal from the show, but being featured on national television certainly didnt hurt their success! Moment continues to thrive and operate on an eCommerce model, selling their drinks on their website and through Amazon.

We had so much fun working with Moment on this project and continue to create custom inflatable can replicas for beverage brands nationwide.

If you happen to be one of those brands, or you’re just interested in taking your experiential marketing strategy to the next level, we’d love to work with you.
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