Custom Removable Banners for Inflatable Arches

Custom Removable Banners for Inflatable Arches


For many brands looking to invest in an inflatable arch, it's a long-term investment, and you're using it at different events throughout the years. So what do you do if you want to change part of the branding on your arch? Do you have to buy an entirely new custom arch?! 

Thankfully, no. Our answer is: removable customized banners.

Where do you want the banners on the arch?

When it comes to arch banners, the first thing you need to consider is placement. Banners can be placed just about anywhere on the arch, but the two main spots are across the top tube, and on the two 'leg' tubes.

For leg banners, they can be placed on both sides of the individual legs, or you can get a full wraparound banner that attaches to itself and looks more discreet. Leg banners are popularly used to display sponsor logos, whether it's for a 5K race or charity event.

Custom Arch Banners

The top banner is more commonly used to mark "START" and "FINISH" lines at races, or displays the name of the event, making it super easy to swap designs out for different uses. You can print logos and designs underneath all banner areas as well when the banners aren't in use!

 Custom Inflatable Arch Banners

How do you want the banners to be attached to the arch?

For a new arch that comes with removable banners, we will sew strips of velcro to the arch itself for the banners to attach to. We match strips as best as possible to the color of your arch, but they do show when the banners are not on the arch.

custom arch banner


So, for those who may want to order banners later on after getting an arch, or want a more discreet look entirely, wraparound banners are the perfect alternative. As the name implies, the banner wraps around the leg or top tube and attaches to itself with velcro. 

Wrap Banner for Arch

Lastly, we can also tie a hanging banner across or below the top tube of the arch. The d-rings that hold the arch's tie-down ropes can also hold strings or clips for a banner. Or, we can affix special hooks to the arch during production upon request for a more subtle look.

Inflatable Arch with Banner

No matter what method you choose, removable banners make it a breeze to change your inflatable arch's branding in just minutes. This allows you to maximize your investment and use your arch at all kinds of different events for years to come.

Interested in ordering a new inflatable arch with banners, or need banners for an existing arch?

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