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Supersize Your Product: Custom Inflatable Product Replicas in All Shapes & Sizes

Whether it's complex contours or towering proportions, our inflatable product replicas are designed to showcase your product's unique features and capture attention in any setting.

Dream big, and then let us inflate it even bigger. Whether it's the exact shape of your signature product or a custom size that towers over the competition, our inflatable product replicas are here to make a statement. With unparalleled detail, Pantone-perfect colors, and the flexibility to match any design, these inflatables are your brand's next step towards unforgettable promotion.

Inflate Your brand

Custom Inflatable Bottles

Get your brand noticed with inflatable bottles that do more than just stand out - they steal the spotlight. Our 300D and 600D polyester are the canvases for high-resolution, sublimation-printed visuals that catch eyes and turn heads. Expect nothing less than crisp, photo-quality prints that make your message pop.

Custom Inflatable Cans &  Bottles

Take the essence of your brand's beverages and supercharge it with our larger-than-life inflatable cans and bottles. Perfect for events, promotions, and any space where you want to make a statement, these giant inflatable product replicas are designed to capture your unique branding with eye-popping detail and color that pops.

Inflatable promotional replica of a kiwi strawberry flavored sparkling water bottle
Giant inflatable protein-infused drink advertisement at a sunny farmers' market event
Inflatable promotional replica of a lemon-lime flavored electrolyte beverage bottle
True to Life

Custom Inflatable Cans

Make a splash with inflatable cans that aren’t just large; they’re in charge - with colors that match your original designs perfectly, thanks to Pantone matching. We get every hue just right, so what you envision is exactly what you get: bold, clear, and unmistakable. Your brand, your can, no compromises.

Giant inflatable promotional can for Candy Cloud placed in a shopping center parking lot
Two large inflatable promotional cans for TONIK drinks, black and pink, inside a room with brick walls
Giant inflatable protein-infused drink advertisement at a sunny farmers' market event
A set of three colorful inflatable cans with detailed nutritional information labels in a workshop setting



I've taken our hat tent all over the place - flying with it across the country, popped up on the side of the mountain in Vermont and Colorado.

Christina Fagan
Verified Customer

The quality, durability, and attention to detail of the Inflatable cans have not only impressed us but also captivated the attention of our customers.

Verified Customer

We couldn't be happier with the impact it's had on our brand recognition and the buzz it creates at trade shows. From the moment we decided to enhance our brand presence with a custom inflatable product replica.

Kathy Anderson
Verified Customer

Whatever You Can Dream in Shape and Size, We Make It Happen

Dare to defy convention with our custom-shaped inflatables designed for maximum impact. From beanies to sneakers, if you can dream it, we can build it.

Whatever the product, whatever the idea, we bring it to life, large, loud, and in charge.

Group of smiling individuals standing in front of a large inflatable beanie hat at a winter festival
Any Shape, Any Size

Custom Shape Inflatable Product Replicas

Your vision knows no bounds, and neither do our inflatables. Got an idea? We'll inflate it. Take, for instance, a giant beanie hat we crafted for a customer - a head-turner that proves we're all about pushing the envelope. If you can imagine it, we can scale it up and bring it to life.

Woman posing with a large inflatable red beanie hat at an outdoor event
Knitwear pop-up store and matching oversized inflatable beanie hat on a city sidewalk
Group photo of people wearing colorful beanies in front of a large inflatable beanie hat at an outdoor event
Giant custom-made inflatable sports shoe displayed in a production facility.

Giant Steps for Your Brand

Giant Inflatable Sneakers

Go beyond the standard with marketing that’s impossible to overlook. These giant inflatable sneakers we crafted for Amazon aren’t just big - they’re your brand on a monumental scale. It's time your promotions got as big and bold as your ambitions.


Production of your custom inflatable product replicas takes 10 to 15 business days, with a delivery timeframe of 15 to 20 business days. Planning ahead ensures your inflatable will be ready for your big event.

Inflation time varies with size, but on average, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to bring your inflatable to full size.

We provide everything you need for a seamless setup, including blowers for inflation, carry bags for transport, and ropes & stakes for secure anchoring.

You'll need a standard 3-prong outlet to power up the blower. Alternatively, a 100V 650W generator can also be used for inflating your product.

We utilize high-quality 300D or 600D polyester for our inflatables, ensuring your product not only boasts vibrant, high-quality prints but also offers durability and portability. Unlike heavier materials like PVC, our polyester fabric is lighter, making it easier to transport and set up without compromising on resilience.