Modern and Minimalist: Building a Sleeker Trade Show Booth

Modern and Minimalist: Building a Sleeker Trade Show Booth

Trade show booths come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. We’re a fan of all types, particularly because the style and look that suits one business might not be right for the business next door. The overall appearance of your booth sets a tone for your brand, and affects how trade show visitors and event-goers perceive your company.

If you want to make a professional, sophisticated first impression at your next trade show, one of the most popular styles right now is a modern, minimalist approach. We’re talking sleek, streamlined visuals with a lot of inherent style, clean, attractive lines, and just a few (NOT ten) bold colors that speak louder than a cluttered mix of elements would. Of course, this look won’t work for everyone or every situation, but if you think it’s a good fit for your next event, we’d love to help you get what you need. Our suggestions?

Fitted, Smooth Table Covers

Spandex table coverIf you’re going for sleek and modern, custom printed trade show stretch table covers are an absolute must. We offer three options: our stretch mural (the most economical and popular of the three), our printed spandex table cover, and our flame retardant spandex table cover. Because they stretch over the table top, and cling to the legs and feet of your table (both cocktail and banquet), stretch table covers give your table an unusually stylish appearance, with a different shape that stands out. And because the fit is snug, you won’t need to worry about bunching, wrinkling or slipping, so your table will always look smooth and professional.

Stretch Fabric Displays

Expand MediaWallYou’ve probably found yourself admiring these at others’ trade show booths – they are stylish, eye-catching and uber-professional. You have a lot of options if you want to achieve the same look! We offer the Expand MediaWall, media backdrops and  which curves attractively, and the Triga Wall, which uses patented technology to create uniform tension throughout your graphic for a sharp, exact look. If you want the look of a smooth fabric back drop, but need to watch your budget, our Fabric Pop Up is an economical and fully customizable choice.

Modern, Lighted Visuals

LightboxesOur favorite way to make your logo or image stand out in a display is to draw attention to it with light – and our light displays are the perfect modern solution. Lightboxes illuminate your image from behind, so whatever you choose to highlight will be an unmissable part of your display. Our two lightbox options – one that lies mostly flat to the wall, and one that stands out in a 3D box – are made of sleek, silver aluminum for a professional, minimal look. These clean lines will draw attention to your logo with understated style.

These are just a few ideas for a modern-looking trade show booth or event display – we have tons of options to help you achieve your desired look! Just get in touch with questions and ideas, or request a quote if you know what you’re looking for.