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Branded Event Structures: Utilizing Custom Tents, Inflatable Arches, and More for Triathlons

In the early 1970s, triathlons were a test of endurance and strength, with athletes participating in a series of running, cycling, and swimming events.

Today, triathlons have become a popular form of physical activity and competition that offers a unique opportunity for athletes to push themselves and brands to promote themselves in a dynamic environment.

To make these events more spectacular, our company, MVP Visuals, offers clients branded event structures designed to increase return on investment for event activations with beautiful, custom displays. They include:

Our custom-branded event structures can offer unique functional and aesthetic branding solutions for triathlons, creating an organized and visually appealing atmosphere.

For example, our inflatable arches provide a starting point for the athletes in an eye-catching way. At the same time, our top-tier selection of custom tents offers an array of possibilities, from food vendor tents to restaurant canopy tents and much more.

Discover the Power of Custom Branded Structures

two people posing for a photo at AAU Cross Country custom inflatable

Customized event structures are an effective way to increase brand recognition and promotion.

With our high-quality branded tents, inflatable arches, flags, and other custom event structures, triathlons can be transformed into an exciting, vibrant, and memorable celebration of athleticism.

But that's not all. Our branded event structures can also help you achieve some of the following goals in your triathlons:

1 - Create a Professional Look

Custom-branded structures can help create a professional look for a triathlon event

Incorporating branding into structures such as start/finish lines, transition areas, and race backdrops can elevate the event's overall look and feel.

Success story example: In 2019, during the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Cross Country National Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee, we delivered dynamic branded event structures, which included our customized finish line arch. We were able to help our client achieve a professional look by:

  • Using high-quality materials
  • Using consistent branding across all event materials
  • Paying attention to details such as color accuracy, font choice, and overall design

Take a look at how MVP Visuals was able to transform AAU’s inflatable finish line arch from a idea to an amazing finished inflatable arch. 

2D proof design for AAU’s inflatable finish line arch finished inflatable finish line arch at the AAU championships

2 - Increase Sponsor Visibility

Custom-branded structures can provide additional visibility for sponsors. By incorporating sponsor logos and branding into structures, sponsors can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Success story example: During the AAU Cross Country National Championships, we delivered a customized inflatable finish line arch with two visible sponsor logos at the top. We also added removable banners on the legs to swap out different annual sponsors.

“Working with MVP this year added a whole other aspect to our event. We’ve been very thankful and everything has added so much character. We hope to continue to keep growing this event with their products!”

Madison Evans, Sports Cordinator, AAU Track & Field

3 - Enhance Safety

Branded structures can also enhance safety at triathlon events. Incorporating reflective and high-visibility branding into structures such as course signage and bike racks can increase visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.

Success story example: During the AAU Cross Country National Championships, we delivered a brightly-colored customized inflatable finish line arch to add a bright spotlight to the finish line that over 1,000 runners would pass through over the day.

By customizing structures such as tents, inflatable arches, and more, you can create a meaningful presence that underscores your unique identity and message. 

As such, branded event structures can be seen as a key strategy in the ever-growing field of experiential marketing.

Transform Your Triathlon Event With Eye-Catching Custom Tents

Trilogy custom tent and banner

Custom tents are an excellent tool for creating brand awareness during triathlons. They offer plenty of space for branding and provide shelter to athletes, volunteers, and sponsors.

Our vast selection of custom tents for triathlons can give your event the look and feel you desire. From professional-looking custom sports team tents to more stylish all star bundle custom tents that can make a statement, our custom tents provide the perfect combination of form and function.

One of the benefits of our custom tents is that they can be designed to match a brand's colors and logos perfectly. This creates brand recognition and helps visitors remember the brand after the event.

Custom tents also provide a beautiful backdrop for promotional photographs and social media sharing, increasing exposure and marketing opportunities.

We understand that triathlons are tough and sometimes hosted in unforgiving environments, which is why our tents are custom designed with durability and quality in mind.

For example, our all star bundle custom tents have a silver aluminum frame with hexagon-shaped legs for extra stability.

To top it all off, a lifetime tent frame warranty.

You may choose to use these custom tents as:

  • Athlete check-in points
  • Awards ceremony tents
  • Retail booths
  • Hospitality tents

Overall, custom tents are a practical and effective way to enhance a brand's presence in triathlons.

The table below shows some of our custom tents. Check our custom tents collection page for more options. 

Flash Custom Tent


Spark Custom Tent


Forever Flash Custom Tent


Unleash the Power of Inflatable Arches for Triathlons

inflatable arch with 3D logo on top tube

Inflatable arches have become an important feature of triathlons, both as a way to mark the start and finish lines and as a branding opportunity for sponsors.

Our inflatable triathlon arches are typically made from PVC Tarpaulin, Polyester 300D, or Polyester 600D, which offers unlimited color and design options.

The fabric is also lightweight, with the Colorscape Air having a shipping weight of 28 lbs, the Colorscape at 31 lbs, and Iron Arch, which is the heaviest, having a shipping weight of 53 lbs.

But the ace in the hole is the durability of our custom inflatable archways for event branding. They are designed to withstand the elements and last for years. For example, if you purchase the Iron Arch, it will come with a lifetime warranty.

One advantage of our inflatable arches is their flexibility. They can be easily transported and set up at different locations, making them ideal for multi-stage events like triathlons.

They have the added benefit of being eye-catching and creating a memorable experience for athletes, spectators, and sponsors. You can achieve this by using the custom-branded inflatable arches for creating:

  • Visually impactful start and finish line to set the mood of the event
  • Excellent backdrops for photo opportunities to create lasting memories
  • Customized branding with sponsorship logos to create a cohesive and professional look

Pro Tip: Ensure you place your branded inflatable arches in the right location. Place it at the start and finish line of the triathlon, creating a striking focal point for the participants and the media, who often document the event.

You can also use it to announce the transition areas between the different events, such as the shift from swimming to cycling or cycling to running.

Inflatable arches are an excellent tool for enhancing the branding and marketing efforts of triathlon events because they:

  • Create a visually striking impact
  • Reinforce brand recognition
  • Support sponsor activation

Make Your Triathlon Unforgettable With Eye-Catching Branded Start and Finish Lines

woman posing at start and finish inflatable arch

In triathlons, the start and finish lines are critical event components. They are where athletes begin and end their races and where their spectators gather to cheer them on.

As an event organizer, branded start and finish lines offer an excellent opportunity for you to showcase event sponsors and promote their brands.

Other than our inflatable arches, there are several visual branding displays that you can use to brand your start and finish lines. They include:

With a vast array of branding material, you can start the journey of making your start and finish lines unforgettable with brand logos to create a memorable experience for athletes and spectators.

At MVP Visuals, we can help you achieve this through the following:

  • Customization options to ensure the start and finish lines align with your event's branding and theme
  • High-quality materials to ensure our products are durable and visually appealing
  • Cutting-edge printing technology where we use dye sublimation to produce vivid and sharp quality designs

Here’s a quick video showing the difference between dye sublimation and screenprinting. 

Branded start and finish lines are essential for triathlons because they offer a unique opportunity to showcase sponsors and promote event branding.

We have a variety of start and finish line arches, banners, advertising flags, and backdrops available to suit different budgets and needs.

You can always contact us at (800) 980-6871 if you want to know which of our products is suitable for branding your start and finish lines.

Wave Your Brand With Pride Using Customized Banners and Flags

Economy Flying Feather Flag

Custom printed banners and advertising banner flags have long been used as a powerful means of communication, and their presence at triathlon events is no exception.

Serving as eye-catching visual markers, they help guide athletes and spectators while promoting the various brands involved in the event.

Benefits of Customized Banners and Flags in Brand Promotion

When it comes to brand promotion, customized banners and flags offer several distinct advantages, including:

  1. Increased visibility: Banners and teardrop flags are eye-catching and can be seen from a distance, making them an effective way to increase brand visibility.
  2. Brand recognition: Customized banners and rectangle flags can be designed with your brand's colors, logo, and message, creating a consistent brand image and increasing brand recognition.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other forms of advertising, banners, and flags are relatively inexpensive to produce and can be reused for multiple events and promotions.
  4. Versatility: Banners and flags can be used indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile option for promoting your brand in various settings.
  5. Professionalism: Customized banners and flags show that your brand is professional and takes pride in its image, which can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.

The strategic placement of banners and flags is important for increasing visibility.

Customized banners and flags, in particular, can be strategically placed throughout the race course, including at the starting line, transition areas, finish line, and other key points along the route.

They ensure that participants and spectators are constantly reminded of the sponsoring brands. As a result, this type of visual branding displays for events can lead to increased brand loyalty, customer engagement, and long-term growth.

Examples of Branded Banners and Flags Used in Triathlons

  1. Light Pole Banner Sunbrella: These high-impact light pole banners will draw focus wherever you hang them. To advertise in style, use them on the streets where the triathlon will take place or in parking lots. Hanging banners with your logo or a promotional message is a great advertising opportunity to increase your brand name recognition and attract new business.
  2. Product Bundle: Banner Stand Large with Custom Printed Banner: This portable banner stand and banner will help you showcase your brand in a big way. Use it as a back wall to display your brand or an advertising banner for your business. Place them at the start and finish lines where spectators and participants can use them as a backdrop for their photos. Your brand visibility will increase as the pictures are shared on various social media platforms.
  3. Economy Flying Feather Flag: These feather flags are available in four unique shapes: angled, concave, convex, and straight. They feature a black nylon pole pocket that provides solid edging for long-term use. This pocket can be dyed in your specific brand color upon request. You can use them along the streets where the triathlon will take place.
  4. Custom Shape Feather Flag: A fully custom outline for this flag makes yours more impactful and noticeable than the standard shapes your competition will have. Use them indoors or outdoors in areas your target audience can easily access, such as parking lots and paths leading to washrooms.

The table below shows a quick overview of the above branded banners and flags.

Light Pole Banner Sunbrella


Product Bundle: Banner Stand Large with Custom Printed Banner


Economy Flying Feather Flag


Custom Shape Feather Flag


By incorporating these eye-catching visuals into the event's design, you can create a lasting impression on participants and spectators, ultimately driving increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

Custom Branded Tents for Athlete Check-In

Rangers 5K custom custom check-in tent

Triathlons are dynamic events that require a significant level of organization to ensure smooth and efficient athlete management.

One crucial component of a well-organized triathlon is the athlete check-in area.

Athletes require an exceptional check-in experience to get into the mood of the big event. That’s why we offer branded tents for athletes so they can easily spot their designated area; our customized tents come in various sizes and designs to stand out and fit the theme of your event.

We also offer dye sublimation printing for your logo, brand name, and slogan to be displayed prominently. This technologically advanced printing process ensures the custom tent is highly visible.

Importance of Athlete Check-In Tents in Triathlons

Check-in tents play a vital role in triathlons by providing athletes with a designated location to register, receive important information, and collect their race materials.

With high-quality branding, these tents help create a positive first impression of the event, setting the stage for a successful race experience. They are also important when it comes to:

  1. Organization: Check-in tents help to keep the event organized by providing a designated location for athletes to check in, pick up their race packets, and receive important information about the event.
  2. Branding: Branded check-in tents help to create a cohesive and professional look for the event, making it more appealing to athletes and spectators.
  3. Efficiency: A designated check-in area helps streamline the process and reduce wait times for athletes, making the event more efficient and enjoyable for those involved.
  4. Communication: Check-in tents allow event organizers to communicate important information to athletes, such as last-minute changes to the course or weather updates.
  5. Safety: Check-in tents can also provide medical or emergency services, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants and spectators.

Customizing Check-In Tents for Branding Purposes

Utilizing custom-branded tents for athlete check-in can enhance the event's visual appeal and create a strong sense of identity.

Our custom tents allow you to create a unique experience for your athletes with eye-catching branding and designs.

To deliver the ultimate athlete check-in tents, we use unique customizing options, which include:

  • Custom tent sizes to accommodate different numbers of athletes
  • Dye sublimation printing on tent fabric for high visibility of your logo and event name
  • Custom shape inflatable tents for quick setup
  • Choosing a range of colors to match your event, theme, and brand colors
  • Adding custom graphics or patterns to make the tent stylish
  • Placing sponsor logos as a way to generate additional revenue and exposure
  • Including event information such as schedules or maps for reference

Our easy customization options and high-quality tents allow athletes to check-in in style. It also allows your brand to receive valuable exposure, promote event sponsors and reinforce the event's overall theme while providing a professional and memorable experience.

Examples of Branded Check-In Tents in Triathlons

Many triathlons have successfully incorporated branded check-in tents to create a cohesive and visually striking event environment.

For instance, we have worked with Trilogy Lacrosse for many years. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality branded pop-up tents, table covers, and flags they use for athletes' check-in.

“Huge props to MVP Visuals. Not only have they been great from the design and ordering perspective but excellent customer service. Can’t say enough good things!”

Mitch Beliste, VP of Sales and Marketing, Trilogy Lacrosse

Another example could be a situation where you want to organize a triathlon sponsored by a sports nutrition company. Our team will ensure the check-in tent is engaging and informative by prominently featuring the company logo and theme colors to create a strong connection between the event and its cause.

Branded tents for athlete check-in offer numerous benefits for triathlon events. They not only provide a functional space for registration and information dissemination but also help to establish a polished and professional atmosphere.

Utilizing the various custom tent options available through MVP Visuals, you can create a visually engaging and memorable experience for athletes, sponsors, and spectators.

Elevate Your Event With Branded Hospitality Tents

One of the key components of a successful triathlon event is providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for athletes, their families, and other spectators. Branded hospitality tents can deliver just that.

These tents are ideal for athletes to rest and recover before and after the event.

They also provide a prime location for sponsors to showcase their brand and engage with participants.

Customizing hospitality tents with branded logos and colors can greatly enhance brand recognition and increase brand visibility.

It also creates a more personalized experience for athletes and spectators, making them feel more connected to the event and the sponsoring brands.

Hospitality tents can have tables and chairs for guests to relax, unwind, refresh, and get promotional materials that align with the sponsor's brand image.

Promotional materials and merchandise can also be handed out to athletes and spectators, increasing brand loyalty and engagement.

Here are some examples of branded hospitality tents used in triathlons include:

  1. VIP Hospitality Tent: This tent is often used for sponsors, special guests, and athletes to relax and enjoy refreshments before and after the race.
  2. Athlete Recovery Tent: This tent is used for athletes to recover after the race. It usually has medical personnel on standby to provide first aid and assist with any injuries or issues that arise during the race.
  3. Food and Beverage Tent: This type of tent is used to provide food and drinks to athletes and spectators. It is usually located near the finish line, a popular spot for spectators to gather and cheer on the athletes as they cross the finish line.
  4. Merchandise Tent: This tent is used to sell event merchandise, such as t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and other branded items.

Branded hospitality tents can greatly contribute to the success and overall experience of a triathlon event.

Providing an inviting and comfortable space for athletes and spectators promotes the sponsoring brand and enhances the event as a whole.

“The arch and the tent were a big hit at our events. Thank you MVP for the help and the quick follow up on our order. Very much appreciated. ”

David Wikette, President, Ferrari Club of America - Ohio Chapter

Why not get a quote for your hospitality tent today?

Navigating the Course: The Vitality of Signage and Wayfinding in Triathlons

In triathlons, clear signage and wayfinding are crucial for athletes and spectators to navigate the course successfully.

Signage and wayfinding are essential for athlete safety and ensuring they stay on the proper course. It is vital for events with large crowds and multiple courses.

Customized signage and wayfinding can be used not only for navigation but also for branding purposes.

Creative and visually appealing branded signage can make a triathlon course more aesthetically pleasing and memorable to spectators.

Branded signage can also improve brand recognition and create a more cohesive brand image throughout the event.

Customized signage options for triathlons include:

  • Directional Signs: They help participants find their way to key locations such as the transition area, restrooms, and water stations
  • Course Maps: They provide an overview of the event course, ensuring athletes stay on track
  • Mile Markers: They indicate how far into the race athletes have progressed

Customizing signage allows you to create a unique experience for athletes and spectators.

We can also help you customize your barrier covers for the rails around the tent's perimeter, where you communicate important messages and display your event logo. These barriers can be used to help in providing directions to spectators and participants.

When we worked with the University of Alabama Alumni Association during the Jaguar Junction, a hospitality event held before every home football game at the university, we delivered top-quality custom vinyl barrier covers with important information, such as Jaguar Junction’s tent policies and logos.

Did You Know? The world's largest inflatable structure was a maze called the Luminarium, made by Architects of Air, which was approximately half the size of a football field!

Help Athletes Stay Ahead of the Game With Customized Water Stations

Water stations are crucial in triathlons due to the intense physical activity involved.

Athletes need hydration throughout the competition to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Customized water stations are a great way to not only provide the necessary hydration that athletes need but also promote branding.

Customized water stations can be designed with brand logos, slogans, and colors. This creates a unique and memorable experience for athletes and spectators.

For example, suppose you are an event organizer for a company that sells running shoes, and you want a unique water station that can attract athletes. In that case, we can deliver a replica of the shoes you sell because we can create any 3D shape in a giant inflatable form.

Your company can also use the opportunity to offer branded giveaways such as branded water bottles, wristbands, or towels. This enhances brand recognition and loyalty.

Expert Tip: Ensure your customized water stations are placed strategically along the triathlon route to maximize brand exposure. This is especially important for sponsors who want to gain maximum exposure for their brand.

A well-branded water station can be a great photo opportunity for athletes and spectators. The photos can be shared on social media, increasing brand exposure and engagement.

Harness the Power of Branded Event Structures With MVP Visuals

At MVP Visuals, we understand that branded event structures are paramount in creating successful triathlons.

Our customized tents, inflatable arches, and other structures provide an excellent opportunity for marketing and branding.

So can take advantage of these branded structures to promote your products or services while creating memorable experiences for participants and spectators.

Through customized start and finish lines, banners and flags, athlete check-in tents, hospitality tents, signage and wayfinding, and water stations, your brand can create an unforgettable experience for participants and the audience.

These branded promotional items for events offer a unique platform for advertising and leave a lasting impression on your audience's minds, thus making them an excellent investment in promoting your brand.

"MVP Visuals did a wonderful job. They provided status updates during the manufacturing process, the arch arrived on-time, and the artwork is perfect. We use the arch at all of our races now and it generates a ton of compliments from our runners and spectators. We are thrilled!"

Scott H. Sutter, Verified Buyer

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