Advertising Inflatables: 4 Popular Ideas for Your Next Event

Advertising Inflatables: 4 Popular Ideas for Your Next Event

Using advertising inflatables is an effortless way to get people talking about your business and attract prospective clients.

Whether it’s a larger-than-life inflatable tunnel or a 6-ft inflatable can, these impressive and attention-grabbing products will certainly represent your brand in a fun and exciting way.

Using advertising inflatables at your trade shows, conferences, fundraisers, and other special events has multiple benefits. They’re: 

  • More cost-effective over time than a billboard, radio, TV, and print advertising, yet outperform them in return on investment (ROI)
  • Customizable to any shape, color, size, and design, depending on your brand and products
  • Extremely versatile, hence can be used for different events throughout the year
  • Highly mobile, allowing you to set them up in various locations, from the rooftop to the yard outside

When it comes to custom advertising inflatables, the only limit is your imagination. Anything from a giant shoe, balloon, or beanie, to product replicas can become an inflatable.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and increase your brand awareness at an upcoming event, use these popular advertising inflatable ideas for inspiration.

custom inflatable sign

Idea #1: Custom Inflatable Product Replicas

At MVP Visuals, we believe in creating durable products that will stand the test of time, and are customized to showcase your unique brand and products.

And nothing catches the eye like a super-sized version of your product, visible from across a conference hall or the other side of the sports field.

The best inflatable product replica must mimic your product accurately

That’s why we diligently ensure that everything, from the inflatable’s size, proportions, and colors, to even the tiniest details like stitching, matches your actual product perfectly.

Check out some examples of custom inflatable product replicas we’ve made below:

custom inflatable beanie

Brand: Shit That I Knit | Inflatable replica of their flagship product, hand knit beanies

Custom inflatable sign

Brand: Rangers 5K presented by Northwell Health | Inflatable replica of the race logo - perfect for photo-ops!



Brand: Amazon | Inflatable shoe for their ABE3 Fulfillment Center

inflatable product replicas

Brand: Pilots and Places | Inflatable replica of Big Ben for their interactive event supporting their children's books

Idea #2: Inflatable Arches

Custom inflatable arches are excellent advertising inflatables because they: 

  • Offer a grand opportunity for your sponsors to be recognized if you’re holding a special marathon or fundraiser
  • Make an outstanding centerpiece for a group photograph, further promoting your brand when the photos are posted online
  • Are a dramatic and memorable way to mark an entrance or exit point for your special event or race

Marathons need a quality custom inflatable arch. They’re used at the starting line, the halfway mark, and the finish line. But for circuit races where the finish and starting line are the same, just one arch is enough.

Add your brand’s colors or logo to your inflatable arch, and your brand will instantly become a focal point at any special event.

Even better, inflatable arches come in different shapes: angled, circle, squared, or custom-made according to your specific needs. You’ll never run out of options.

For a lifetime of service from your inflatable arches, invest in removable customized banners. They allow you to change the branding of your arch and use it at different events throughout the year.

banners for inflatable arch

MVP Visuals offer three major types of arch banners to choose from, as shown in the table below.

Type Of Arch Banner



Velcro Strip

removable banner for arch

  • Available for only arches that come with removable banners
  • Are sewn to the arch itself, so the removable banner attaches to it

Wraparound Banner

wraparound banner for inflatable arch

  • Banner is wrapped around the arch’s leg or top tube
  • Gives a more discreet look

Hanging Banner

hanging banner for inflatable arch

  • Fixed into the arch using special hooks placed during production
  • Gives a more subtle look


All MVP Visuals’ inflatable arches are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They’re made with durable polyester or PVC Tarpaulin fabrics to withstand regular use and harsh weather.

Check out a few options for inspiration below:

custom shape inflatable arch

Brand: Trilogy Lacrosse | Custom shape inflatable arch with their logo mark

inflatable arch for nonprofit

Brand: Czar's Promise | Angled inflatable arch for non-profit organization with removable custom sponsor banners

inflatable entryway

Brand: University of South Alabama National Alumni Association | Inflatable arch used for an entryway into an alumni event

round shape inflatable arch

Brand: National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) | Rounded inflatable arch used for their nationwide awareness walks

light up inflatable arches

Brand: Battlebay Extreme | Inflatable arch with LED lighting for nighttime events


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Idea #3: Custom Inflatable Tunnels

When most people think of inflatable tunnels, what comes to mind is a football tunnel that teams pass through before entering the sports field.

But there are endless variations. From mascot tunnels to inflatable helmet tunnels, these giant products provide an excellent way to advertise your brand at exhibits, festivals, and sports events.

To make your entryway look even flashier while increasing your brand’s visibility, attach your brand’s inflatable mascot to the tunnel. 

The inflatable mascot and entry tunnel combination will work together to create a captivating display that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Check out some of our custom inflatable entry tunnels below:

inflatable mascot tunnel

Brand: North Moore High School | Inflatable mascot tunnel for their varsity football team

inflatable tunnel with door flap

Brand: Old Dominion University | Inflatable tunnel with printed door flap for their women's volleyball team

light up inflatable tunnel

Brand: Ibuumerang | Light-up inflatable tunnel for a conference event

Expert tip: Enhance your inflatable tunnels with custom add-ons like printed door flaps or LED lighting.

Idea #4: Inflatable Bottles and Cans

Okay, okay - this is technically also an inflatable product replica, but we thought it deserved a section of its own! If you’re in the beverage industry, inflatable bottles and cans are the perfect advertising tools for all your promotions and events. They’re excellent crowd-pullers that will easily win your audience’s attention.

A quality inflatable bottle or can is a worthwhile investment because it’s:

  • Lightweight: Some inflatable cans and bottles weigh as low as 10 pounds, making them the lightest inflatables.
  • Easy to set up: It will be up and ready for use within a few minutes.
  • Versatile: It works in every season, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Customizable: It’s available in any shape, color, or design.
  • Portable: Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry to different event locations.

MVP Visuals’ inflatable bottles and cans are made with sturdy 300 denier polyester or heavy-duty PVC, which makes them durable and long-lasting even with regular use.

Below are a few ideas for inflatable cans and bottles to consider:




Brand: Wild Roots Spirits | Inflatable cans that replicate their craft canned cocktails

custom inflatable bottle

Brand: Suerox | Inflatable bottle that replicates their electrolyte beverage

custom 4 foot inflatable cans

Brand: Moment | Inflatable cans that replicate their focus-enhancing beverage. Featured on ABC's Shark Tank!

Brand: Twin Oast Brewing Company | Inflatable cans that replicate their limited edition pale ale to support a local nonprofit initiative

Stand Out from the Crowd at Events with the Best Advertising Inflatables

There’s no better way to steal the show than with quality, custom advertising inflatables

At MVP Visuals, we’re here to bring all your marketing dreams to life. 

With over 15 years of experience, we’ve worked with thousands of businesses like yours. We’ve consistently proven that we’re reliable and can be trusted for all your advertising inflatable needs.

"Working with MVP visuals is always a sure bet! They are clear communicators, and their products are great!"

Mary Minnock, Verified Buyer

Our consistent quality work, solid online presence, and exceptional customer service have made us a top choice for advertising inflatables. 

And not forgetting our straightforward, affordable pricing, when you request a quick quote from us, we’ll issue a personalized estimate for your product within 24 hours.

So, browse our website for the entire collection of our advertising inflatables. From mascots to balloons, there’s a suitable product for your next event.

For further inquiries, call us at (800) 980-6871 or email, and our team of experts will get back to you.

"... Nothing but Great, I mean Great. From the customer service to the quality of the order, nobody better!!!"

Jim Motter, Verified Buyer

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