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Important Safety Guidelines on Use of Custom Inflatables and Inflatable Arches

Inflatables are used for many purposes, such as advertising, pop-up playgrounds, custom inflatables designed for special occasions, parades, and many more. While using them proper safety standards are to be maintained for safe usage of applications. While there isn’t a concrete, government-approved set of safety precautions for inflatables, here are some you should follow:

  • Keep Sharp Objects Away: Make sure to keep away sharp objects from inflatables. They are usually filled with pressurized air or with helium, and any puncture can be a serious health hazard for those in the vicinity of the inflatables. 
  • Avoid Excess Pressure on Inflatables: Applying excess pressure or extra load on inflatables can burst the inflatable structure open. As such, it’s very important to make sure not to put too much stress on them. Check to see if there are any manufacturer-suggested weight limits.
  • Keep an Eye on Children: In case of custom inflatables such as inflatable parks, pools and slides, which are generally used by children to play and hop around, keep a close eye on them so that you can readily carry them to safety in case the inflatable gets punctured, deflates unexpectedly, or bursts under pressure.
  • Get Relevant Advertising Permissions: If you are planning to use inflatables for advertising, make sure to have permission from relevant authorities for the same. Any accidents resulting from unauthorized use of inflatables can result in heavy fines and lawsuits.
  • Pump in Air Steadily: It is important to keep an eye on the pressure of air when filling inflatables, in order to prevent overfilling of air and accidental bursting.  Most quality inflatables, like the ones offered at MVP Visuals, include an accompanying air pump.

custom inflatables & inflatable arches

Another important thing to look for is the weather condition. On the day the inflatables are to be used or spread out, make a note of weather conditions. You might want to avoid windy or rainy weather, because the winds may blow the inflatables away and heavy rains can damage the inflatables beyond recover. You might also want to avoid extra hot days with strong sun rays, for excess heat can damage the PVC or soft rubber exteriors of inflatables. 

Finally, keep off chemicals, fire hazards, and animals off the inflatables.