What Can I Use to Secure My Inflatable to the Ground?

A well-anchored custom inflatable is an excellent way to market your business to a larger audience and attract potential clients.

Imagine how stressful it can be having your inflatable constantly falling at a critical corporate event. Prospective clients may interpret this as a lack of seriousness and order, which could cost you huge sponsorships or purchases.

It’s even worse if a giant inflatable like a commercial bounce house flies away with children inside because it wasn't tied down properly. This is not only life-threatening, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your business.

Therefore, always ensure your inflatables are appropriately secured to the ground. You can do this by simply using stakes, sandbags, twines, or water barrels.

Option #1: Secure Your Inflatable With Ground Stakes

Stakes are multi-purpose posts effective at keeping items anchored to the ground. Most inflatables come with stakes, but since they are easily lost, it’s crucial to have a few replacements in place.

They come in different variations, and not all are suited for securing inflatables. For instance, a light plastic stake won’t prevent a giant inflatable from blowing away, while an angled or flat-cut aluminum stake will hold down the inflatable on any terrain (apart from sand and snow).

If aluminum stakes are unavailable, steel stakes are an excellent alternative for their strength and durability. 

To secure your inflatable to the ground using stakes, you’ll need:

  • A hammer or mallet
  • Anchor stakes
  • A rope

Use the hammer or mallet to pound the anchor stake into the ground (next to your inflatable) as deep as possible, ten tie a heavy rope from the stakes to the wide holes in the inflatable.

ground stake securing an outdoor inflatable
Ground Stake Securing an Outdoor Inflatable

Most inflatables have wide bases with holes for stakes, or d-rings at certain points to tie ropes between the rings and stakes. Don’t tie the rope too stiffly and when stretching it to the ground, ensure it doesn't pull the inflatable backwards.

Other points to keep in mind when securing your inflatable with stakes:

  • Ensure the stakes are long enough to hold your inflatables in place. An ideal length would be 18–24 inches for land sets and longer stakes for sand.
  • For larger custom inflatables, a single stake is not enough. You will need 3 or more depending on the size and stability of your inflatable.
  • It’s crucial to ensure your stakes are set up in a balanced manner. If one stake fails to hold a certain position appropriately, your inflatable can still be blown away.


Option #2: Secure Your Inflatable Using Sandbags

If you must secure your inflatable on concrete, pavement, or driveway where stakes are impractical, use heavy bags filled with sand or gravel.

Sandbags are preferred to stakes in some instances because:

  • They can still be used on rocky soils and during winter when digging stakes into the ground is harder.
  • You won’t lose important anchorage materials like threaded rods inside the concrete when using sandbags.
  • Sandbags are convenient as they are easy to carry from one place to another and require no digging into the soil.

There are many sandbags today, but heavy-duty vinyl sandbags are the most durable and sturdy for small or giant inflatables.

Ensure you choose a sandbag with straps on its sides as this makes it easy to pick it up and carry. There should also be a strap in the center to close the flap and avoid sand from spilling over.

To properly secure your inflatable, we recommend using 2 or 3 sandbags for every corner, depending on the inflatable’s size.

In addition, fill the bags with gravel instead of sand. If your sandbag opens up, sand will create a huge mess as it can easily spill everywhere. Gravel, meanwhile, is just as heavy as sand but is less messy when it spills. 

Option #3: Anchor Your Inflatable Using Water Barrels

Plastic water barrels are excellent anchors not just for inflatables but also for custom tents on any surface–soft or hard.

When choosing water barrels, opt for ones made from a strong material like PVC for maximum durability. This allows you to use them over and over at events.

water barrel securing a Coca-Cola Inflatable
Water Barrel Securing a Coca-Cola Inflatable

Use at least one water barrel for every side of your inflatable for maximum anchorage.

Also, choose barrels that can hold up to 60 liters of water with a weight of over 60 kg. and above. Most barrels need at least 50 kg of weight to stand firm on the ground and withstand heavy winds.

If the need arises, the water barrels can also provide extra sitting capacity. You can also cover the barrels with customized printed covers for additional marketing of your brand.

Option #4: Tie Your Inflatable to a Nearby Tree With With Ropes or Straps

Using ropes or straps is another simple and effective way to secure your inflatable to something solid. All you need is to wrap the rope around the inflatable's metal d-ring, then tie it to a nearby tree or fence post.

inflatable tied to a nearby tree
Inflatable Tied to a Nearby Tree

Expert Tip: Do not use sharp objects or materials like rough ropes and nails as they are unsafe. Also, we don’t recommend tying the twine around a vehicle or truck since one can drive off with people inside the inflatable.

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Stand Out From the Crowd With Our Custom Inflatables

Securing an inflatable to the ground is one of the crucial steps in setting up for events and occasions. But even before anchoring it, it’s essential to invest in one that’s unique and high-quality.

Since 2006, MVP Visuals has helped multiple brands increase their return of investment for events activations with beautiful, custom-made inflatables.

We use full-color dye sublimation printing to ensure your custom inflatable is produced with a sharp and sleek design. We value your experience and want you to get the best quality inflatable for your needs, so you can request a sample of your desired inflatable before ordering. Call us at (800) 980-6871 or email us at hello@mvpvisuals.com for inquiries.


Below are a few of our custom inflatables for past clients: 

custom inflatable shoeCustom Inflatable Shoe custom inflatable shoeCustom Inflatable Arch custom inflatable shoeCustom Inflatable Football Helmet
Get a sleek and stylish inflatable shoe or other product replica customized to the shape, size, and color that best represents your brand.

Our inflatable arches come in angled, square, circle, and custom shapes. All arches have unlimited colors and design space for a fixed price - no extra cost!

Amp up the excitement surrounding your team with a fully customized giant inflatable helmet. Our dye sublimation printing method ensures your preferred design is printed cleanly and sleekly.

Whether you're looking for a small inflatable like a mascot or a giant custom inflatable arch, we’ve got you covered. Request a quick quote for your inflatable today, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy commercial custom inflatables?

You can purchase your custom inflatables at MVP Visuals. We offer a range of custom-made inflatables of the highest quality at affordable prices, such as: 

  • Inflatable football tunnels and helmets
  • Inflatable mascots
  • Product replicas
  • Inflatable signs
  • Interactive inflatable games, and many others

Can I leave my inflatable in the rain?

Our outdoor inflatables are made using durable, waterproof materials that can withstand rain. However, storing your inflatable indoors during stormy weather is crucial to avoid severe damage. If it’s left outside in the rain and deflates, let it dry completely before inflating again.

What are the holes or pouches in the inside bottom of my inflatable used for?

These zippered compartments are typically to hold the inflatable's inner "bladder" that contains the air. In the event of a rupture or tear that can be patched, you'll need to take this bladder out for repairs.

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