Ultimate Guide for Custom Inflatables

Ultimate Guide
for Custom inflatables

Making a statement at events is an essential goal for your marketing efforts. That's exactly what custom inflatables do best! They're a creative way to increase your presence and attract more attention to your brand.

But where do you start? What do you have to keep in mind? Read on to learn everything you need to know about custom inflatables for marketing and advertising.

1. What is a custom inflatable?

1. What is a custom inflatable?

When it comes to designing custom inflatables, the only limit is your imagination. These larger-than-life advertising products are a great way to promote your brand. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal display to place outside your storefront, you want to promote a current sale, or you’re looking for an eye-catching display for your next event, investing in a custom inflatable shows that your brand cares about fun and creativity.

The great thing about custom inflatables is that they can replicate any 3D object you can dream of. If you’re looking for an advertisement that captures the essence of what makes your brand unique, this is the way to go. Whether it’s a larger-than-life replica of one of the products you sell or an inflatable costume allowing your mascot to walk around and greet your fans, your custom inflatable has the ability to reach more people than traditional 2D advertising ever could.

Custom inflatables are particularly popular right now because brands are recognizing their limitless potential. Not only can these unique displays replicate any design your brand chooses, but they are, by nature, portable. Some brands use this to bring product-shaped inflatable games to every event they attend. Other brands use it to create unique seasonal decorations that they can keep in front of their store for a few weeks and then pack away for the following year. That’s the great thing about custom inflatables: they’re not one-size-fits-all advertising products. How your brand chooses to design and use your custom shaped inflatables is completely individualized for you.

2. Different types of custom inflatables

2. Different types of custom inflatables

Custom inflatables can come in almost any shape you can think of. Because of this, they’re one of the most versatile marketing products you can purchase. Here are just a few of the many types of custom inflatables brands use:

Inflatable Mascots

Whether you’re placing a larger-than-life inflatable mascot outside a sports stadium for families to take pictures with or you’re placing a team member inside ain inflatable mascot costume, there’s no doubt that inflatable mascots are a crowd pleaser. Kids love lining up to take a picture with an inflatable mascot, and your brand may find itself plastered across social media without paying anything extra for the advertising.

Inflatable Football Tunnels and Helmets

Inflatable football tunnels and helmets are replacing brick and mortar structures in schools across the country. When the Friday Night Lights turn on, your football team will feel like a million bucks as they burst from the football tunnel. At the end of the night or season, these inflatables can be stored away, allowing the field to be used by other teams.

Product Replicas

From soda bottles to cars, custom inflatables can be created to replicate your products at trade shows and other marketing events.

Inflatable Signs

Inflatable cutouts of your brand name and logo allow you to advertise your brand in 3D.


Balloons have been used for years as an eye-catching way to compel people to come by your event table. Custom inflatable balloons are an eco-friendly way to continue this tradition, allowing you to reuse the same event balloons for years to come.

Commercial Bounce Houses

Make your event a day to remember with a durable commercial bounce house. Usable by kids and adults both, commercial bounce houses excite your customers and put them in a good mood.

Obstacle Courses

If your customers like a fun challenge, inflatable obstacle courses may be the way to go. These can be set up and taken down easily, allowing you to bring your obstacle courses with you to different events in different cities.

Interactive Inflatable Games

From football ring toss to inflatable bottle bowling, interactive inflatable games are a great way to increase your interaction time with customers at festivals and other events. Network while you walk them through the game and ensure they remember your brand at the end of the day.

Inflatable Blimps

Advertise an important sale or seasonal event by posting an inflatable blimp outside your storefront. These eye-catching 3D advertisements will help you attract more customers as they come to see what other creative products you have to offer.

3. How long do custom inflatables take to make?

3. How long do custom inflatables take to make?

Making custom 3D inflatables is an involved process. Because each custom inflatable is unique to its brand, it can take a team to bring your design to life. The first step is to create a concept of your 3D design. Not only does the team need to visualize your design, but they also need to think about things like how the air is going to flow through your custom inflatable. To keep your inflatable looking its best, a team needs to design the airflow so that no section of your inflatable gets puffy or saggy when the blower is turned on.

After your inflatable is designed and printed, the team will sew sections together and then test the inflatable by hand to make sure everything looks perfect.

From beginning to end, it takes approximately 15 days to take a concept for a custom inflatable and turn it into a complete project. The care that’s put into production ensures your custom inflatable not only looks amazing, but also that it’s safe for you, your team, and your customers.

4. Why buy personalized inflatables for events?

4. Why buy personalized inflatables for events?

Once upon a time, it was enough to go to a trade show or festival with a plain white tablecloth, a box of t-shirts, and a can-do attitude. Today, more and more brands are networking through events, making it harder than ever to stay competitive. For your brand to succeed at these larger events, it’s critical that you have one of a kind advertising techniques.

Customized inflatables are a way to put your brand over the top. Customers will notice your inflatables from across a fair ground or stadium and will be drawn to your brand as a result.

Not only will your custom shaped inflatables make your brand stand out from your competitors, but inflatable obstacle courses or games can be used to give your customers an experience, not just a sales pitch. Today’s fast-paced, technologically-advanced society makes it easy for customers to forget about your brand the second they glance down at their phones. Experiential marketing works because it draws your customers attention for more than a few seconds. They’ll remember the fun they had playing your game or jumping in your brand’s bounce house, and they’ll associate those positive feelings with your brand.

5. How much do custom inflatables cost?

5. How much do custom inflatables cost?

Custom inflatables are just that--custom. Because each inflatable product is unique, it’s impossible to have one price cover all possibilities. Pricing can vary depending on the complexity of the design, the material of your inflatable, the size of the inflatable, and whether you’re using a constant air or sealed air design. However, most brands can expect to spend upwards of $1,000 for a high-quality custom inflatable.

The good thing about custom inflatables is that they can be used again and again. The sturdy material is safe indoors and outdoors and can last your brand for years. This means that a one-time investment in a custom inflatable can create a lifetime of profitability for your brand.

6. How to set up and care for your custom inflatable

6. How to set up and care for your custom inflatable

Once you have your custom inflatable, it’s a cinch to set it up on the day of an event and to care for it between uses. Setting up your custom inflatable takes just minutes.

    1. First, you unpack your inflatable and lay it flat.

    2. Attach the ropes and blower and guide the inflatable upwards as it inflates.

    3.Once it’s inflated, secure the ropes and weight source.

For dirt or grass surfaces, you can secure your inflatable by tying the ropes to ground stakes and inserting them firmly into the ground

For other surfaces like cement, tie the ropes to weighted bags, water bags, cinder blocks, or nearby buildings

Cleaning your custom shaped inflatables is just as easy. Most custom inflatables are made with a PVC vinyl-based material or oxford nylon cloth. To clean your custom inflatable, spot treat with a damp cloth and gentle cleaner. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals, as these can ruin the beautiful dye sublimation printing that makes your custom display appear so vibrant.

7. Extending the life of your custom inflatable

7. Extending the life of your custom inflatable

When you invest money in a high quality custom inflatable, it’s normal to want to make the most of that investment. Caring for your inflatable and being conscientious about when you use it can help you extend the life of your inflatable. Here are some tips to help you ensure your custom shaped inflatables last your brand for years to come.

Consider the Weather

Before you bring your custom inflatable outside for an event, consider the weather. Extremely high temperatures can cause damage to your blower, while winds over 15 mph are hard on large inflatables. In general, we recommend keeping your inflatable inside in extreme weather conditions like snow, sleet, hail, or high winds.

Set Up Safely

Before setting up your inflatable, check the area and clear out any large rocks or sticks to prevent them from scratching or puncturing the fabric on the lower half of your inflatable. While inflatables can be patched, your inflatable will always look crispest and neatest with its original fabric in place.

Store with Care

Before stowing your custom inflatable, brush off any dirt or debris and ensure the inflatable is completely dry. This will prevent mildew or mold from forming on your inflatable between events or even between seasons.

When storing your custom shaped inflatables between events, choose a cool, dry location. High temperatures and moisture can not only cause damage to your air blower, but they can also cause damage to your print quality. Always keep your ground stakes properly wrapped while stored to prevent them from puncturing your inflatable.

8. Where to buy custom inflatables

8. Where to buy custom inflatables

Custom shaped branded inflatables can be a big investment. It’s important to trust the company you’re going to be working with. Doing a little research into the company can help you make a decision you feel confident about. Here are some characteristics we recommend you look for when choosing a business to create your brand’s custom inflatables:

    Experience: You want to work with a business that specializes in inflatable advertising and has experience working with brands like yours

    Track Record of Success: To see if a business has a track record for success, check to see if they’re established in the industry. Look to see if you’ve heard of any of their previous clients. Check out reviews of their brand both on their website and off their website to see how satisfied customers have been with their work in the past.

    Solid Online Presence: Both their company website and their social media pages should be easy to navigate, preferably with clear images of their work displayed. The company you work with should be proud of their creations and want to show them off!

Straightforward, Affordable Pricing: When you contact a business’s team, they should be able to explain to you how they price their products. Steer clear of businesses with “setup” fees or other seemingly-mysterious costs they can’t clearly explain to you. At a minimum, standard customization should be included: a business shouldn’t charge you extra based on the amount of artwork you want.

Reliable Customer Support: When you contact a business during their operating hours, you should be able to get ahold of a real person. When purchasing a large scale project like a custom inflatable, you want to know that the company has your vision in mind and is as dedicated as you are to bringing that vision to life.

At MVP Visuals, we pride ourselves in upholding each of these values. While we encourage you to shop around, we’re confident that we can give you the highest quality custom inflatables at the lowest price on the market.

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Reach out to us to start a custom inflatable project!

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