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How to Properly Set up Custom Inflatables for Events and Occasions

Inflatables are some of the most popular modes of decoration for various events and meets, along with occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. Because they can be custom made and ordered in a variety of choices and sizes, there is an inflatable for every occasion. From smaller inflatables such as Halloween pumpkins and balloons to larger ones such as inflatable football tunnels and blow-up inflatables, advertising inflatables and parade balloons.

Setting up inflatables require utmost care and attention so as to not blow them up before they can even be put to meaningful use. Here are some tips on how to properly set them up.


Ask for Relevant Permissions

The first thing to do is to check for permission from the relevant authorities or communities before setting them up. While personal inflatables on one’s own property is solely the wish of the property owner, inflatables used in public spaces require relevant permissions before they can be set up to avoid any potential clashes or issues.


Cleaning the Site

Before setting up any inflatable, especially the larger ones such as inflatable football tunnels, the site should be inspected and cleaned thoroughly. The area should be free from any debris or sharp edged objects such as wooden sticks, tree roots, metal parts or sharp edged stones and pebbles. After the area is properly checked and debris removed, one can proceed with the installation.

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Using Proper Air Pressure

Using proper air pressure to inflate the structure is essential. If using custom inflatables such as football blow up tunnels and inflatable arches, it is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly set the air pressure and which filling material to use. If the inflatable is intended to be on the ground, then air can be used, whereas for flying or hanging inflatables, helium is generally used.

Anchoring the Inflatables

After the structure is all inflated and set up, it has to be tied down and secured to the ground or pole (in case of hanging inflatables) wherever necessary. 

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This is done to prevent the inflatables from moving around under pressure or motion from external factors, such as someone pushing it away accidentally, or a strong gust of wind blowing the inflatable away. It is necessary to avoid using sharp or tight binding materials such as rough ropes or nails for safety reasons.