How Much Do Custom Inflatables Cost?

There’s a good reason why you can’t find price information for custom inflatables here on our website. Unlike the cheap uninspiring inflatables available on Amazon or eBay, custom inflatables from MVP Visuals are just that—custom.

Most custom inflatables have a price between $1,000–$20,000, with the cost depending on several factors such as:

  • The size of the inflatable
  • The shape and complexity of the project
  • The amount of artwork and customization needed
  • Quantity and quality of the materials used

If you want us to give you a more helpful and accurate quote, we need to hear from you and understand your needs. Let’s explore the reasoning behind the pricing of custom inflatables.


What Is a Custom Inflatable?

A custom inflatable is made to order according to the customer’s specific needs. Unlike off-the-rack models, custom inflatables reflect your branding and advertising both in design and printing.

In one of our most successful projects for Pilots and Places, we built inflatables that looked like the Eiffel Tower, London’s Big Ben, and the Taj Mahal. This goes to show the limitless creative power of custom inflatables.

Think of custom inflatables as 3D banners. There’s virtually no limit to what you can turn into a custom design. The inflatable cans below are another example of how you can use these inflatables in marketing and advertising during trade shows and events.

custom inflatables in the shape of cans
Custom Inflatables in the Shape of Cans

Custom inflatables aren’t custom in shape only. To ‌capture the branding and spirit of your organization, every color and logo has to be a perfect match.

That’s why the team here at MVP Visuals builds every custom inflatable from scratch. From the initial design to the 3D rendering and production of the actual inflatable, we customize every step of this exciting process to bring you the best results.

Ben Camerota, the owner of MVP Visuals, explains why you should consider using custom inflatables for your event in the video below.

The goal of custom models is to give you maximum returns on your investment. Let’s compare the prices of some of our most common inflatables to find one that suits your upcoming event.

Prices of Different Types of Custom Inflatables

#1: Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches are usually simple in design, making them a cost-effective solution for outdoor events and marketing. They range in price from $900 to over $5,000, depending on their size and shape.

The most common shapes available include circles, square arches, angled arches, and custom arches. The angled arch inflatable shown below is one of our most popular designs.

angled inflatable arch designed for Coors Light
Angled Inflatable Arch Designed for Coors Light

Thanks to their simple design, you can get your inflatable arch designed, built, and shipped in as little as 10 days. They come in sizes ranging from 15–50 ft wide and a variety of materials such as 600D or 420D Polyester. Customizing inflatable arches is easy with limitless color and design options.

#2: Sports Inflatables: Football Tunnels, Helmets, and Mascots

Nothing says “lionheart” better than a giant inflatable football tunnel, team mascot, or helmet. Considering how often you use sports inflatables, flawless quality and durability are imperative.

MVP Visuals Inflatable Football Helmet

We’ve worked with some of the nation’s most illustrious college football teams to create unforgettable football tunnels and mascots. You can even mix up your brand with seasonal inflatables for holidays like Christmas, as shown below with a Santa mascot for the University of Alabama:

Inflatable holiday mascot

You can expect to spend upwards of $3,000-$5,000 for a large run-through helmet or mascot like this one. Again, the complexity of the design materials you choose will influence the price.

#3: Inflatable Product Replicas

Stretching the imagination in advertising is how brands get ahead. An inflatable product replica should be over-the-top and edgy to make it memorable, and an inflatable product replica does just that.

This inflatable shoe replica is one you’re not likely to overlook, even in a large event.

inflatable shoe replica used in product advertising
Inflatable Shoe Replica

You can have inflatable product replicas in small and oversized options. They can also be sealed or require constant pumping of air. For custom replicas modeled after your product, logo, and branding, like this inflatable shoe, expect to pay from $900 to $3,000 or more per inflatable.

#4: Inflatable Games, Bouncing Castles, and Obstacle Courses

If you give customers a way to interact with your brand, chances are they’ll never forget the experience. Enter inflatable games, obstacle courses, and bouncing castles.

Whether you want a design for children or adults, inflatable gaming structures are some of the largest and most complex available. Imagine showing up at trade festivals with this obstacle course.

custom inflatable obstacle course
Custom Inflatable Obstacle Course

Being among the largest and most complex structures in our selection, inflatable bouncing castles and obstacle courses can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $25,000.

Comparing the Prices and Benefits of Custom Inflatables

Small details like bad stitching can bring down an inflatable structure in minutes. At the same time, large details such as structural support and choice of material also make a huge difference.

There’s a reason why all the big brands choose to work with custom inflatable producers like MVP Visuals instead of buying off-the-shelf inflatables.

The table below compares the prices and benefits of custom and ordinary mass-produced inflatables:

Type of Inflatables Main Benefits Average Prices
Custom inflatables from MVP Visuals
  • Made with high-quality materials such as PVC used, usually multi-layered for added strength
  • Inner baffles added for structural strength
  • Heavy nylon thread and double or quadruple stitching techniques to reinforce stress points
  • We only use sublimation dye printing, which bakes pigment into the PVC fabric rather than coating it on top
  • Custom designed and branded with your brand’s unique artwork and messaging
  • One-on-one customer support from purchase to set-up and maintenance
  • Starts at $500 for small objects such as product replica cans
  • $20,000 or more for larger and more complex objects such as obstacle courses
Ordinary inflatables
  • Quality of materials not assured
  • Quality assurance during manufacturing and testing not assured
  • Possible safety issues such as poor anchoring and uncontrolled deflation
  • Custom branding only possible using stick-on flaps
  • Minimal to no personalized customer support
  • Starts at $100-$200 for small inflatables
  • Large structures such as inflatable tents can exceed $30,000


Get Value for Your Money With MVP Custom Inflatables

Custom inflatables aren’t single-use items. They should last for years, surviving the harsh outdoors and hard usage without losing their vibrant presence.

One of the reasons you can trust MVP Visuals is we offer you a comprehensive warranty with each purchase, along with exceptional customer service. This stress-free experience is what our customers love most about us.

“Dealing with MVP Visuals is always such a pleasure. Their professionalism, quality and customer service are exceptional.”

George Koutsakis, Event Coordinator

Whether you’re looking for inflatables to use in advertising, sports, or games, the team here at MVP Visuals is ready to bring your dream to life.

custom rock climb inflatable
Custom Rock Climb Inflatable
custom football helmet inflatable
Custom Football Helmet Inflatable

inflatable bottles and cans for product advertising
Inflatable Bottles and Cans

Tell us what kind of obstacle course you need and get a custom quote.

Our fully customizable football helmets, mascots, and tunnels are completely bespoke. Request your quote.

Inflatable product replicas are one of our specialties. Work with us for a custom design and get your custom quote now.

At MVP Visuals, we’re here to bring your marketing dream to life in technicolor with our custom inflatables. Learn more about custom inflatables and what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom inflatables cost?

The price of custom inflatables starts from below $1,000 and goes as high as $50,000. Here at MVP Visuals, our prices range from $500 to $20,000 depending on project features such as:

  • Size, which determines the amount of material and effort required.
  • Engineering complexity, considering factors like structural integrity and airflow.
  • The artwork and branding required.
  • Functionality; structures such as bouncing castles and obstacle courses are more expensive.

Are branded custom inflatables worth the investment?

Custom inflatables are certainly an investment, but one that pays off with time. Since they last for years with proper care, custom inflatables help you set up many events that will exceed the cost of investment through brand exposure and extra revenue.

Can you make your own inflatables?

Yes, through makers of custom inflatables like us here at MVP Visuals. You can supply the artwork and initial design or work with our team to create one based on your needs, and we’ll handle the rest. From 3D rendering to cutting and stitching, we have the technology and experience to produce the best custom inflatables.

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