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4 Insider Tips to Consider When Customizing an Inflatable Arch

Inflatable arches are a powerful marketing tool for your brand. Often used for races, they represent the courage to start the race and the determination to finish it.

How can others connect these strong emotions with your brand?

Customize your inflatable to make it one of a kind. Bend an arch into any shape, inflate it to any size, and color it in recognizable shades of your brand.

How can you make all the right decisions when designing your arch?

Consider the space of the event when choosing the size, prints, and arch style. Aim for a contemporary design that can represent your brand across different events.

Tip 1 - Consider Where You’ll Use Your Inflatable Arch

gray inflatable arch for Coors Light

Depending on the event for which you’re customizing an inflatable arch, you’ll have to choose:

  • Suitable dimensions of the inflatable arch
  • Easy-to-use inflation system
  • Free-standing or tied down arch style

The Size of Inflatable Arches

The standard width of inflatable arches is 10–50 ft, but we can create them in any dimension that suits your needs. Most customers order 20–30 ft wide arches as this size fits on the average road used for a race.

Small-sized arches (15 ft or less) are your best choice for indoor events, entryways, or outside the store. They draw the attention of potential customers without taking up a lot of space.

Arches that are 20–30 ft wide or more are safe for outdoor events that host many people (e.g., city marathons). A minimum size of 20 ft decreases the chance of runners bumping into and knocking over the arch.

Businesses use 30–50 ft arches to promote their company during major outdoor events, such as sporting events on a national or global scale that host thousands of people. The larger they are, the more visible they are from any distance from which others watch the event.

Sealed-Air vs. Constant-Air Arch

When filled with air, a sealed-air arch remains inflated for up to 72 hours. 

A constant-air arch (AKA non-sealed arch) requires a continuous power source. It keeps your arch inflated for as long as the external blower is hooked up to power.

A sealed-air arch is convenient for short events that last up to three days. You inflate it once and leave it in the same place without worrying about access to a power source.

An arch with a constant air supply is a safe choice for events that last over four days. External blowers continually fill the arch with air and ensure it doesn’t deflate and sink onto the crowd or participants during long events.

Free Standing vs. Tied Down Arch

Freestanding arches are suitable for indoor events during which you’d normally use smaller arches. Untied arches over 15ft lean forward if they’re not tied down. Most of the arches we design are tied down for extra security and stability.

Outdoor events usually host more people compared to indoor events. Tying down the arch for major events decreases the chance of knocking over the inflatable.

A tied-down arch is also preferable outdoors because of possible weather changes, such as an increased chance of wind.

Pro tip: On grass surfaces, secure the rope by tying it around ground stakes. For extra stability, use sandbags or trees when tying the arch.

Tip 2 - Choose a Standard Shape or Get Creative

blue angled inflatable arch

Three standard inflatable arch shapes are angled, squared, and circle. The fourth option is to design a unique custom shape.

Which shape is best for your needs? The table below compares different designs and their advantages.

Inflatable Arch Shape Features and Benefits
Angled Multiple corners of the arch separate the arch visually into more parts compared to other arch styles. Stable and sturdy construction enables extra large arches to carry more weight without sinking
Squared Commonly used for smaller arches because it effortlessly holds their weight. Requires the least amount of fabric, making it the most cost-efficient shape
Half circle Since it doesn’t have angles, customers perceive the circular shape as friendly and inviting the most — and connect this to your brand. Ideal for permanent design choices, as a curved arch makes it more difficult to keep the replaceable velcro banners in place
Custom shape Endless shapes depending on your brand’s needs, visual style, and occasion

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong shape for the inflatable arch. It's a matter of design preference.

With custom arch shapes, you get an opportunity to be creative with the design. Popular shapes are classic and they’ve performed well for our customers in the past.

Tip 3 - Design in the Unique Colors of Your Brand

orange circle inflatable arch
Iron Arch

Choose the signage and colors that can represent your brand during versatile events. Reusable arches with consistent colors that you regularly use for marketing get you the most out of your purchase.

At MVP Visuals, there’s no color customization limit. We create a specific shade you use for branding. Color consistency makes your brand marketing cohesive. Others can recognize your business based on the color alone—even before reading the logo.

We start with the white canvas, on which we print the pre-arranged design. A special printing technique, dye sublimation, ensures the color of your arch stays vivid, even after extended use of your arch.

Watch this video to find out more:

After the color, decide which prints you’d like to incorporate into the arch. Possible prints for your arch include:

  • Your organization’s logo
  • Graphic images that represent your business
  • Start/finish sign for the race
  • The event’s name
  • Sponsor logos and their messages

Most arches have the main message or brand logo at the top of the arch. This is the most important information, written in the largest font. As it stands out the most, customers read this part first. Use this space for your logo or the name of the event. 

Below or next to the key message are graphic images and sponsors. They make the arch look symmetrical. Each leg of the inflatable feature sponsor logos or messages. 

Pro tip: Order velcro finishing for the arch. You can easily place banners that can be attached and detached with velcro.

If you permanently print the exact year of the event, unique event names, or sponsors, the arch is usable only for that one specific occasion. With replaceable banners, you can use your arch as many times as you need.

Tip 4 - Add Mist or Glow to Stand Out

misting and illuminated inflatable arches
Inflatable Arches

For companies that want to go the extra mile, consider two arch upgrades—misted and illuminated features.

Misted arches freshen up runners after a long race. They feature a system that turns water into mist at the top of your arch. We provide all the tools you need to use the mist upgrade, including the hose you connect to the water source.

Arches illuminated with LED lights inside the construction make a splash during night events.

While designing an illuminated arch, focus on the lightest colored part of the arch. For example, the white part of the illuminated arch is visible the most. Reserve the white parts for the most important messages that you want to remain visible in the dark.

Let’s Design Your Custom Inflatable Arch

Everything starts with your idea. You can work with your design team or let our experienced staff take over the design.

We’ll suggest the best inflatable design options for your needs. This includes the shape of an arch, prints, materials, colors, and unique features.

The Art & Display Coordinators at MVP Visuals can help you with free layout design, limitless edits, and samples. We start making the arch when you’re 100% happy with your custom design, and you can show it off in 7–10 business days.

Have an idea for a custom inflatable arch? Request a quote for an inflatable arch and we’ll connect you with your contact person.

Here is what one of our clients said after using our services:

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