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4 Interesting Ideas for Customized Advertising Inflatables

Customized inflatables are a big deal in advertising.

They’re a creative way to attract attention, build excitement for your brand, and can be used  anywhere.

You can find customized inflatables used in sporting events and corporate events, plus they're getting bigger and better, like this one by MVP Visuals.

There’s a huge range, from inflatable arches to product replicas to mascots.

We’ll be looking at some of these inflatables and focusing on the most interesting customization options for them.

Idea 1 - Take First Place With Inflatable Arches

rounded inflatable arch by MVP Visuals
Ultimate Guide for Inflatable Arches

Inflatable arches capture your brand’s personality and bring it to the center stage of any event, from charity races to trade shows to parades.

Their enormous size creates an unignorable presence while giving plenty of room for creative exploration. 

There are different shapes to try, exciting blends of colors to incorporate, and interesting themes to use. Here are a few design possibilities.

Inflatable Angled Arches

angled inflatable arch by MVP Visuals
Ultimate Guide for Inflatable Arches

You can choose an angled arch shape with a fascinating blend of colors, text, and your brand logo.

This shape is ideal for large 20-foot builds and perfect for printing text such as your event name or mission statement.

The 45° angles don’t distort text or images, which can sometimes be a challenge with rounded arches.

You could also opt for a monochromatic theme symbolic of simplicity and togetherness. It’s an excellent option for charity events and fundraisers, such as this one below used by Make-A-Wish.

monochromatic angled inflatable arch
Ultimate Guide for Inflatable Arches

Rounded Inflatable Arches

Rounded Inflatable Arch

Rounded inflatable arches are more visually appealing than angled or squared shapes.

The curved shape has a rounded visual impact that’s easier on the eyes and more captivating as our eyes are naturally drawn to curves. They take less cognitive effort to process visually and are thus more likely to hold your attention.

This is a popular design concept called rounded corners.

rounded inflatable arch by MVP

Therefore, a rounded arch design makes branding easier and provides plenty of space for customization.

Removable Banners for Inflatable Arches

Removable banners allow you to use the same inflatable arch for different events, partnerships, or sponsors. 

They are a cost-effective way of swapping designs and are available in various designs, including:

  • Velcro banners: require velcro strips for attachment
  • Wraparound banners: wrap around the leg or top tube of the arch
  • Hanging banners: hang on the top tube of the arch

Learn more about removable banners here.

Idea 2 - Custom Inflatable Misting Tents

inflatable misting tent by MVP Visuals
Custom Misting Tents

Summer days come with thermometer-topping heat. Whether your customers have to put up with it is entirely up to you.

With our custom MVP misting tent, you can provide shade and keep your guests cool as they learn more about your brand.

The tent has a misting system that keeps it and the surrounding area cool. It also comes with an adjustable misting feature that lets you direct the cool zone when the wind shifts.

MVP misting tents are made of UV fade-resistant PVC Tarpaulin and are available in all shapes and sizes—like this 30-foot, angular-roofed tent designed for Coca-Cola.

custom inflatable misting tent
Custom Misting Tents

At this July 4th Fest, Coca-Cola treated their attendees to a break from the heat with a cool inflatable misting tent and some Coca-Cola samples.

The event lasted four days, with MVP on standby to respond to any setup questions.

In the end, the misting tent (or the "Cool Zone") was a big hit. It gave Coca-Cola’s representatives plenty of lengthy face-to-face interactions with comfortable customers who, in turn, learned more about the company.

Idea 3 - Larger-Than-Life Product Replicas

two giant-sized beverage can replicas
Inflatable Bottles and Cans

Giant product replicas instantly grab your prospects’ attention whether they’re wandering through a trade show or driving past their local store.

Their ornate nature invokes a sense of wonder, while their size makes them noticeable from afar. As a result, giant product replicas are perfect for:

  • Product launches
  • Grand openings
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Publicity events

Here’s a company that recognized this potential.

The Shit That I Knit Pop-up Strategy

When Christina Fagan approached MVP Visuals, her knitwear brand, Shit That I Knit (or STIK), was an online success, with the company’s social pages featuring celebrities like Kristin Cavallari and Katie Couric in STIK wear.

Fagan needed to extend this e-commerce success to her physical stores. The solution? A functional, giant inflatable beanie.

The inflatable needed to serve as both a display piece and a pop-up shop.

giant inflatable beanie by MVP Visuals

In just under three weeks, the project went from 2D concept sketches to a fully functional 16-foot inflatable beanie, then shipped out.

The design employed full-color dye-sublimation print for the company logo and background pattern to dazzling effect.

The process infused the digital prints into the fabric such that there was no material that would chip away, peel, or scratch when washing.

The dye-sublimation prints then remained unfaded and vibrant after testing since the colors are embedded into the fabric and not just on the surface.

"The final product blew the sketches out of the water."
Christina Fagan, STIK 

Idea 4 - Loveable Custom Mascots

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man mascot
Custom Mascot Inflatables

Mascots add a friendly face to your brand and make it easier to establish a physical and emotional bond with your audience.

It’s one thing to see a commercial featuring the funniest mascot character ever. It’s another to meet them in person. Mascots evoke a genuine sense of fascination in adults and children alike.

Expect lots of selfies

Expect lots of selfies, smiles, social shares, and big hugs at your next event with a custom inflatable mascot from MVP Visuals. We design inflatable mascots in several shapes and sizes to keep your creativity flowing. 

custom inflatable mascot
Custom Mascot Inflatables

MVP Visuals can design a giant inflatable mascot that draws crowds and centers attention on your brand—precisely what you need for a trade show.

Or, try out an inflatable mascot suit that keeps your mascot cool while taking selfies with the crowd. Bank on greater engagement with this option!

The following table highlights some customization differences between custom and stock inflatable mascots.

Features Custom Mascots Stock Mascots
Size Their size is adjusted according to your specifications and needs They come in pre-determined sizes for you to choose from
Design They have a distinct look that’s specific to your brand and artwork They have a standard look based on popular themes
Shape Their shapes are guided by your specifications and can be modified Their shapes are pre-determined and can’t be changed

Based on the table above, custom mascots offer a greater level of personalization than stock mascots and are therefore the better option for brands that truly want to make a memorable impact.

testimonial from Ben Ferguson

Where to Buy Customized Advertising Inflatables

In the years spent working with brands across various industries, we at MVP Visuals have come to understand the value of peace of mind to our customers.

We appreciate the importance of meeting deadlines, constant availability, 360 services, and guarantee:

  • If your order is not on time, it’s free.
  • If you call during business hours and don’t get a live response, you get $100 off your order.
  • You get free layouts, samples, and no set-up fees with your order. 

Contact us today and get a quick quote for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors can I use on my inflatable design?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) makes it possible to print in any color. The system standardizes various colors by name and number for identification and matching.

Even so, some manufacturers limit the range of colors available based on their equipment. For maximum color customization, partner with brands that offer unlimited colors.

Can I upgrade my custom inflatable after purchase?

Yes, you can.

Upgrades can be retrofitted to your inflatable design. For example, some manufacturers offer misting and lighting modifications for their inflatable arches.

What is the best way to create my brand logo?

There are three dimensions in customizing your logo: color, image, and text. Ensure that each choice is visually appealing to your target audience and captures your brand’s personality.

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