4 Most Important Elements Of Inflatable Entrance Tunnels

Whether you want to pump up the excitement at a football game, or draw attention at an event, inflatable tunnels are a creative and exciting way to do so.

Your imagination is the only limit. Combine it with an inflatable building or dome and you get a one of a kind display that’s sure to blow your audience's minds away.

The goal of your marketing campaigns is to stand out, so consider how every element of your inflatable tunnel comes together.

So, let’s go over the four most important elements of an inflatable entrance tunnel.

#1: Their Unlimited Printing and Customization

It's easy to come up with your favorite prints and designs for your inflatable entrance tunnel.

With a customizable inflatable entrance tunnel, you’ll spice up any football match. Get your game off to a winning start with an inflatable entrance tunnel proudly displaying your team's colors.

Additionally, you’ll boost your athletes’ morale significantly by running them through a custom-designed inflatable mascot tunnel with their teammates.

A mascot is also the perfect design when going public with your squad, as shown below.

custom inflatable tunnel
Custom Inflatable Tunnel

Inflatable entrance tunnels with unlimited printing and customization options have many advantages:

  • They allow you to have your inflatables meet your preferences.
  • You can have your best print on the inflatables and develop a unique design to distinguish you from your competitors.
  • It’s easy to include your brand logo on the inflatables.

When it comes to logo customization, ensure it suits the personality and style of your company.

So, why is it essential to customize a logo?

  • It draws your customers’ attention
  • It makes an excellent first impression
  • It sets you apart from the competition

It will be much easier to make design decisions if you clearly understand what your brand is all about.

Make a list of terms that best define your brand and how you want it to be seen. Consider yourself in the shoes of a member of your target audience, and keep in mind what matters to them.

Watch how you can develop the best logo from inflatables to boost your brand recognition in this video.

It’s essential to identify what your target audience likes the most. Some love inflatables with more printings on them, while others love simplicity with few printings.

At MVP Visuals, we use dye-sublimation to create prints on our inflatables. It involves infusing an image onto the desired surface. The artwork is first transferred to paper and then to the target surface using heat.

Dye-sublimation printing has many advantages, including:

  • Images get a sharp and clear look
  • It’s easy to print in bulk
  • The colors don't fade easily
  • It allows printing on rigid surfaces


#2: They're Heavy-Duty

run-through helmet and tunnel
Run-Through Helmet and Tunnel

Ideal inflatable entrance tunnels are made from heavy-duty materials to guarantee durability.

To boost their strength and resilience, inflatable fabrics are generally coated with synthetic compounds—polyvinyl, chloride-coated vinyl, nylon, and oxford woven cloth are most common.

At MVP Visuals, our heavy-duty inflatables are trusted by well-established brands, including NASA, Puma, Pepsi, Red Bull, and many more. Our inflatables offer the following benefits:

  • They’re durable. These inflatables will serve you for the longest time possible if you take good care of them.
  • They’re strong. Our heavy-duty inflatables withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • They are economical. Our Inflatables incur minimum repairs and maintenance costs.

#3: They Come in Different Sizes and Shapes

custom inflatable entrance tunnel
Custom Inflatable Tunnel Entrance

You can build inflatable tunnels of any size and shape. When making a purchase, choose a size that will provide your company with the most exposure while staying cost-effective.

Any form that will blend well with your event is ideal for promoting your brand, no matter how big or small.

Depending on the size and shape, there are small and giant inflatables. See their differences in the table below.

Size of Inflatables Features
Small Inflatables
  • Their sizes range between 12 inches to 2 meters
  • They cover a small area
  • They’re waterproof
  • Easily foldable because of their small size
Giant Inflatables
  • Their sizes range between 2 meters and 30 meters
  • They cover a wide area
  • They are weather-resistant
  • Due to their size, it’s easy to advertise on them

The varying size and shape of inflatable entrance tunnels have many benefits, such as:

  • Different sizes allow you to pick what fits your space
  • You can select any shape to match the event theme
  • They’re foldable and easy to transport

#4: They're Easy to Set Up

Each inflatable is folded and ready for use when it arrives. Take your inflatable out of the bag to begin the setup process and follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Untangle the ropes which you’ll use to secure your inflatable later.
  2. Unroll and unfold your inflatable tunnel so that it’s sprawled out on the floor and ready to be blown up.
  3. Double-check that all zippers have been correctly closed; each tunnel has an average of four to six zippers. It's critical to close all zippers since your tunnel will not inflate if one is left open.
  4. Locate the fan tunnel to connect the fan blower.
  5. Turn the red knob on the fan blower to activate the air.
  6. The inflating process takes roughly two to four minutes.
  7. To prevent tunnel movement, locate the ropes and attach them with stakes.
  8. Your tunnel is now complete and ready for use.

During setup, observe the following safety precautions to avoid accidents:

  • Don’t set up or use your inflatable if the wind speed exceeds 20 miles per hour.
  • Don’t use or set up inflatables when it’s raining.

Why Inflatable Entrance Tunnels from MVP Visuals?

Our main agenda is a joyful relationship with our customers.

As Amanda—one of our customers—found out, our products and customer service are unmatched.


You can request free samples before placing an order to be sure our inflatables meet your quality requirements.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the inflatables be reused multiple times?

Yes. Some of our clients have reused our inflatables for years with no problems; however, longevity is dependent on proper care and maintenance.

Which countries can MVP Visuals inflatables be delivered to?

At this time, we deliver to all U.S. states and territories plus Canada. For international shipment inquiries, please contact us at hello@mvpvisuals.com.

What is the lifespan of inflatables?

Inflatables have a lifespan of 3—10 years, depending on how they are used, maintained, and cared for.

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