4 Inflatable Can Examples from Beverage Brands

4 Inflatable Can Examples from Beverage Brands

You need all the marketing help you can get for customers to pay attention to your beverages, buy them, and come back for more.

And MVP Visuals will help you do so using advertising inflatables. Our inflatables come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also have as many details as you want to suit your brand specifications. 

When you let MVP Visuals customize your inflatable cans they’ll be:

  • Lightweight for easy storage and transport
  • Durable and will last for many more events 
  • Dominant size visible to customers from far

Today, we’ve brought to you great inflatable can ideas from several beverage brands that you can apply to your own inflatable cans.

MVP Visuals is responsible for bringing to life all the inflatables mentioned here. Using our expert skills, we replicated every single detail with these larger-than-life cans.

#1: Moment's "Drink Your Meditation" Inflatable Cans


Moment inflatable beverage cans came into being when Aisha and her husband Faheem were searching for a reputable vendor. They wanted customized inflatables for their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank.

So, they reached out to us, and we got busy with the project.

We worked on producing a sealed-air design that needed to be inflated once per use to avoid the loud blower noise on set during their presentation.

We also used the actual design files for the cans’ labels to replicate every detail, then printed it on the inflatables using dye sublimation.

We made sure the cans were:

  • Eye-catching to captivate the audience and judges
  • Durable to avoid sagging or popping on set
  • Lightweight for easier storage while traveling

Our service representative communicated with the Moment duo every step of the way from start to finish, and because MVP Visuals is strict about deadlines, 28 days later we delivered the inflatables to Aisha and Faheem.

We always make great effort to deliver products on time to all customers and to help them at all times.

“The purchased products were delivered on time and the salesperson was exceptionally helpful. I’ll order again.”

Don, verified reviewer


The inflatables stood at 4 ft tall and were made from PVC, a sturdy material that would last for many more events after the Shark Tank event.

The vibrant colors added a happy energy to these inflatable cans and gave them an inviting look from all angles, as seen below.



The couple didn’t get an investor’s deal for their beverages, but the inflatable cans certainly boosted their sales!

We enjoyed the outcome, they enjoyed it, and you too can be the proud owner of customized inflatable beverage cans for your commercial events.

Learn more on how MVP Visuals handled the Moment project.

#2: Twin Oast Brewing's "Eriesponsible" Inflatable Cans

Twin Oast is a farm-to-fermenter Ohio brewing company that brews American pale ales (APAs). Interestingly, they named their pale ale Eriesponsible after the shores of Lake Erie, where it’s brewed.

Their beer cans have a slender build and are incredibly tall. In fact, they’re the tallest of all the examples here.

For the Eriesponsible inflatable cans:

  • We made them to a height of 10 ft.
  • The cans stay inflated for up to 72 hours.
  • They have an interchangeable graphic wrap that attaches with velcro.

The interchangeable graphic wrap allows you to reorder different wraps with new artwork for certain events such as new beer launches.

The coolest part? We used their real-life label artwork file to produce the Eriesponsible inflatable beer cans:

#3: Wild Roots Spirits' Vodka-Soda Inflatable Cans

wild roots spirits inflatable cans

Wild Roots Spirits is an all-natural spirits distiller in the Pacific Northwest. 

Wild Roots packages their vodka sodas in fruity-looking cans, similar to the real fruits they use from the Oregon Willamette valley.

The fruit imagery on their cans is hand-drawn to reinforce the brand's commitment to using only natural ingredients in their drinks.

Thanks to the magic of dye sublimation printing, we were able to replicate their actual drinks' label artwork to the smallest fruit detail, as evident in the inflatable cans below.

inflatable cans for outdoor events

We also made the inflatables to a height of 7 ft to ensure they stood out proud and tall from their competitors at commercial events.

The result was well worth the effort to bring out the eye-catching fruity details on the cans.

If your brand’s beverage cans have minute details like Wild Roots, we can replicate them with as much or as little detail as you want.

#4: Tonik's THC and Cannabis Inflatable Beverage Cans

Tonik is a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)-infused seltzer brand that manufactures body and mind-soothing beverages. They do this by blending terpenes from different cannabis strains with their drinks.

We had the pleasure of customizing Tonik’s inflatable cans. They stood at 9 ft tall and, like the other examples here, included the actual artwork from the original cans.

Dye sublimation allows for crisp, high-quality printing of text, images, and logos to replicate a real-life product. We prefer it over screen printing which doesn’t match the quality of dye sublimation.

The table below shows the differences between screen printing and dye sublimation.

Screen Printing

Dye Sublimation

A squeegee, stencil, and mesh screen are used

A special printer and heat press are used

Number of colors used is limited

Any number of colors can be used

Colors produced are less vibrant

Graphics have bright, vibrant colors

Takes a lot of time to complete

Takes less time to complete

Works only on flat items like clothes

Can be used on flat and rounded shapes such as mugs 


Tonik went for contrasting colors on individual cans to create this amazing look.

The pink, green, and gray colors stand out well against the dark background on the black inflatable, while the pink inflatable gives off a much softer look with only white and gray details.

Notice the top of the can: We replicated the actual beverage can, which doesn’t have the typical hollowed look of beer cans but rather a resealable cap. The extra two gray lines at the top give the cans an even more elegant look.

While designing these inflatable cans, we used the actual color tone and shape of the original cans. The result was inflatable cans so real you’d want to touch them for confirmation.

If you’re looking to add elegance using contrasting colors, this is a great look on an inflatable beverage can.

Get the Best Inflatable Replicas for Your Beverage Cans

At MVP Visuals, we pride ourselves in customizing inflatable cans that match the exact design of your original products.

Inflatable cans are beneficial for your business. They'll excite customers at trade shows and product demonstrations with their big size.

You can also be sure that your inflatable cans will last for many years because we use sturdy PVC and high-quality polyester denier fabric to make our inflatables.

All our inflatables have a sleek finish, thanks to the dye sublimation process that brings out more vibrant colors than screen printing.

When you work with us, we’ll treat you as the MVP that you are and assign you a representative who will stay in touch with you from start to finish.

Did you like our examples? Request a quote here for eye-catching inflatable cans to advertise your beverage brand.