Custom Inflatables: 4 Proven Benefits for Any Business

Custom Inflatables: 4 Proven Benefits for Any Business

Custom inflatables are a creative way to spice things up at events and increase brand recognition. 

There are a wide variety of custom inflatables from product replicas, inflatable arches, and sports helmets, to tunnels and entryways. 

You can leverage their attention-grabbing power by bringing them out for business events, trade shows, local festivals, or as an eye-catching display outside your store front.

When you partner with MVP Visuals, we can replicate any 3D object you can dream of.

Custom inflatables boast creativity and make you appear more personable and fun to potential customers. The benefits for businesses of any size go beyond increasing brand visibility and recognition by:

  • Attaching a memorable experience to your brand
  • Capturing the elements that make your brand unique
  • Complementing your other marketing efforts

Learn the major benefits your business will enjoy when you invest in these captivating advertising products.

Benefit #1: They Have a Wide Reach

The 3D dimension of custom inflatables ensures they reach more potential customers than any form of 2D advertising. 

With 3D inflatable product replicas, clients can identify your product from a distance and are lured to come in closer.

For example, setting up a custom inflatable entryway or arch for guests at an event ensures that potential clients interact with your brand from the outset. 

Additionally, 3D inflatables make the most of advertisement real estate, and make your brand seen and identifiable from all angles. At MVP Visuals, we use full-color dye sublimation printing to ensure we print on every nook and cranny of your inflatables. 

You can truly impress the crowd and have more people make their way to your stand, with some innovative additions. These include:


light up inflatable

Lighting inside your custom inflatables adds a pop of color, giving them a more festive appeal. It also makes an Instagrammable backdrop that can be used at any time day or night.

Here’s what to consider when selecting lighting for your inflatables:

  • Light fixtures need to complement your inflatable's color scheme
  • Lighting needs to be in tune with the theme of your event to help set the mood
  • The color effects and transitions should be appropriate for the event and target audience



You can also consider adding misting to your custom inflatable tents, tunnels, arches, and entryways, especially on hot event days. Misting stations will lure anyone who needs to refresh and reenergize to your stand.

Benefit #2: Their Diversity Offers Limitless Marketing Potential

custom inflatable bounce house and games

As a small business, nonprofit organization, school, or a Fortune 500 company, you must recognize and leverage your limitless potential. Custom inflatables allow you to tap into this potential thanks to their diverse design options. 

Some popular inflatable designs you may want to consider include:

With custom inflatables, you have absolute freedom to replicate any design to accurately represent your brand. You can also have them in various sizes, from a 6-inch inflatable beer can to a massive 24-foot tall mascot inflatable. Nothing can stop you but your imagination!

Furthermore, custom inflatables are portable and durable, meaning you can use them for multiple events for many years.

“I absolutely love my inflatables. But more importantly, people who see them love them as everybody thinks that they are not only well-made replicas, but unique in their objective to bring education and play together.” - Jolene, founder Pilots and Places

Benefit #3: Generates a Fair Return On Investment

STIK inflatable beanie

At MVP Visuals, large, intricate custom inflatables cost between $1,000 and $20,000, depending on your specifications.

Large brands have the budget and resources to invest in these massive inflatables. But budgets might be a little tighter for small businesses. Even so, don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain the same level of brand exposure and recognition as your biggest competitors.

We know it may sound like a hefty investment, but we promise it'll be worth every dime. 

The impact of custom inflatables on customers translates to a high return on investment because they:

  • Draw your customers' attention for more than just a few seconds. For instance, your customers are more likely to remember and make a buying decision based on a one-on-one interaction with your brand mascot than they are after scrolling past a TikTok ad.
  • Help you make a lasting impression - such that long after the event, people remember your brand and look forward to purchasing from you.
  • Are made from durable materials like denier polyester or PVC, allowing you to use them event after event without being worn out.
  • season without being worn out

We also offer competitive pricing and a price-matching guarantee to make sure you're getting the best value for your money. 

The durable materials we use to create the inflatables ensures you'll keep generating leads and driving sales many years after your initial investment.

Guarantee: You can take your custom inflatables to every event you attend, knowing that they’ll end the season just as sturdy as the day we sent them to you.

“Nearly every attendee will pass through the plaza multiple times a day throughout the convention, garnering numerous impressions from worldwide representatives." - Visit California 

Benefit #4: Boosts Customer Engagement

Rangers 5k inflatable sign

Most custom inflatable designs boost the level of engagement with your brand at events. For instance, a giant custom bounce house will create an unforgettable experience for clients. 

Remember earlier when we talked about adding a misting system to your inflatable? We helped Coca-Cola do just that for their sponsored 4th of July Fest at Six Flags parks across the U.S., where attendees were drawn to the inflatable misting tent to cool off during a hot summer day - and participate with the Coca-Cola brand and its products in return.

Larger-than-life custom inflatables have a way of drawing in customers from across an event by sparking curiosity and the need to find out what's happening on your end. 

And let’s not forget that giant custom inflatables make perfect photo ops. Customers can’t resist the urge to move close and take photos next to them and post on social media; which will further boost your engagement.

Additionally, it's easier for clients to identify and pick your products at the store after they've encountered your gigantic product replicas.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Track & Field division can attest to how custom inflatables increase engagement at events. After years of working together to produce branded displays like tents and banners, they finally came to us for 3D inflatables in 2019.

They ordered a custom inflatable arch to add extra excitement (and sponsor branding!) to the finish line during the 2019 Cross Country National Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

We also created a giant custom inflatable in the shape of the AAU Track & Field Logo, which was an instant hit. The logo inflatable offered an irresistible photo op that attracted a consistent line of event attendees throughout the day.

AAU giant custom inflatable

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