3 Features of Inflatable Entrance Tunnels Guaranteed to Impress

3 Features of Inflatable Entrance Tunnels Guaranteed to Impress

Inflatable entrance tunnels offer a fun and positive image of your business to your existing and potential customers.

They elevate the experience of hosting an event for your customers and make your brand more memorable through exciting customization features.  

What makes this possible? 

  • Inflatable entrance tunnels can be made into any shape to fit your business and theme allowing for ultimate control over your event.
  • You can have entrance tunnels customized with your brand’s colors and a marketing message to make them more unique and memorable for customers.
  • Inflatable tunnels are easy to reuse in future events, you can set up quickly and therefore focus on the customers.

Below, we explore the three features that make inflatable tunnels a must for your brand to make it stand out above the rest.

#1: Ease of Customization

Inflatable entrance tunnels are completely customizable, and it’s easy to do.  

It only takes around 30 business days to design and deliver a stunning and safe custom inflatable project for your event.

This 30-day process involves us:

  1. Receiving your quote (1 day).
  2. Designing a 2D mockup and 3D model of your custom inflatable. This ensures the logo placement and colors are as you requested. It also helps with the planning of the custom inflatable’s airflow to ensure it maintains its shape (2 days).
  3. Creating the inflatable entrance tunnel and testing its quality (20 days).
  4. Shipping the custom inflatable entrance tunnel (8 days).

When it comes to design, there’s also plenty of flexibility with an inflatable entrance tunnel.

Choose Any Color 

The inflatable entrance tunnel will be among the first marketing material your attendees see when they arrive. Use its color to your advantage. 

A brand’s colors have been shown to shape consumers’ perceptions about the business. For example, having orange colors gives consumers the perception of a friendly and approachable personality (which is be great for bringing in new customers).

Using your business’s colors in the inflatable entrance tunnel will strengthen this perception and maintain brand consistency.

Use color to influence your attendees’ mood as they arrive at the event. Red, for instance, evokes excitement.

    “The MVP Visuals team is so attentive and responsive, and always works with me to get the perfect product for my needs…


    You can include an engaging or inspiring message, or combine the tunnel with other inflatables to create a completely bespoke piece, and a lot more.

    Print a Logo on the Inflatable

    A custom inflatable entrance tunnel provides an opportunity to promote your brand’s visibility by allowing you to print your company’s name and logo on its surface.

    Brand visibility refers to the rate at which people see your business and the extent to which they’re familiar with certain aspects of your brand, such as the shape and color of your logo. 

    Higher brand visibility means you’ll be at the forefront of your target customers’ minds whenever they think of your product category. 

    The best logos are simple, but use bright colors and large fonts to make them stand-out and retain maximum memorability. 

    When faced with a decision to buy from you or a competitor, they’ll be more likely to buy from the familiar brand, which is you. This increases sales.

    At MVP Visuals, we use dye sublimation to print high-quality logos and text on your inflatable.


    Dye sublimation creates sharp, high-quality images and words that make your brand credible. It also imprints your brand in your attendees’ minds. 

    Here’s an example of our print-work on a custom inflatable tunnel.

    printed custom inflatable tunnel
    Custom Inflatable Tunnel

    Have Your Inflatable in Any Size and Shape

    Inflatable entrance tunnels can accommodate different sizes and very detailed designs. 

    Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity. Instead of printing your logo on the surface of the tunnel, customize its shape to mimic the logo’s form. This is a much more memorable approach that customers love. Just look at the below example. How much more memorable is it than just having a plain East Lake tunnel?

    Custom Inflatable Football Helmet

    The inflatable entrance tunnel will also be anchored to the ground. This means it can be an assembly of different parts to accommodate even the most intricate designs (such as the one you see above).    

    For customers engaging with your brand for the first time, the customized inflatable will create a memorable point of identification that a brand name alone might not.  

    See the complex details in this second custom inflatable entrance tunnel. The tunnel’s design incorporates the shape of a Trojan soldier’s head.

    custom inflatable entrance tunnel with Trojan head
    Custom Inflatable Tunnel

    As said, if your company is sponsoring a football event you can combine a tunnel with a football helmet.

    custom inflatable tunnel with a football tunnel
    Custom Inflatable Football Helmet

    This design captures the facemask in a football helmet perfectly—and we’re proud to say MVP Visuals created this epic piece.

    You can also have the name of your brand and football team printed on both sides of the tunnel (like with Panthers above).

    #2: Adaptability to Changes in Temperature

    Most people worry about getting the pressure of an inflatable right. Too much and your inflatable will rupture; too little and it’ll make it unattractive.

    The bad news about an inflatable’s air pressure is that it changes in response to the temperature.

    Hot temperatures expand it, which could overstretch the material beyond its elastic limit. Whereas cold temperatures shrink it and reduce the inflatable’s tautness.  

    But this isn’t a problem you’ll face when using an inflatable entrance tunnel.

    To understand why, you need to know that inflatables can fall under two categories:

    • Sealed air inflatables
    • Constant air inflatables

    Sealed air inflatables are used mainly for inflatables that you carry around—like a beach ball. In this case, once you fill the inflatable with air, you disconnect it from the pump and seal it.

    Constant air inflatables have a continuous-airflow fanning system. A blower connected to a power source provides a constant flow of air to the inflatable for the duration it’s in use. This is common with large static inflatables like a custom inflatable entrance tunnel.

    Why is this best?

    Once you blow up the inflatable, the air pressure in a continuous-airflow fanning system self-regulates in response to environmental factors.

    When it’s too hot, and the tunnel gets too inflated, it releases some air. When it gets cold, it allows more air in, keeping the tunnel taut.

    This means your tunnel will look as good at the end of the event as it did at the start.

    Instead of continuously monitoring the inflatable’s pressure, you can spend more time interacting with your customers and leads, building long-lasting relationships and promoting positive brand attitudes.

    #3: Unmatched Effectiveness in Advertising  

    Traditional advertising methods in events, such as signs, billboards, and flyers, are great advertisement tools—but not as effective as using a branded inflatable entrance tunnel.

    Ease of Storage

    Once you get your custom inflatable entrance tunnel, you can use it for as many events as you need, saving you time and money. When you rent, you don’t enjoy this benefit.

    So, deflate your tunnel, fold it properly, and store it right, and it’ll be as good as new for your next event.

    Ideal storage of an inflatable involves:

    • Ensuring there are no items, dirt, or debris on or inside the tunnel before folding or rolling it for storage. It’ll prevent tearing or puncturing the fabric. 
    • Making sure the inflatable entrance tunnel is dry before putting it away. It prevents mildew and mold from damaging the inflatable in between usage.
    • Storing the inflatable in a cool, dry place. High temperatures and moisture can damage the air blower and the print on the inflatable.
    • Wrapping the ground stakes properly to prevent damaging the inflatable tunnel.

    This means you can take your inflatable tunnel to anywhere you decide to hold an event.

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    However, for billboards, storing them for use in future events can get a bit awkward due to the inflexibility of the frame.

    It Has More Visual Impact

    Let’s talk about flyers. After an event, how many end up in the trash?

    What’s worse, most people throw them away without reading the content.  

    For an inflatable entrance tunnel, it’s different.

    With the option to customize the inflatable to the eye-grabbing shape of your liking and print a marketing message, you spur your audience’s curiosity.

    The shape of the tunnel draws attention, and they’ll see your message as well.   

    That’s not all. 

    We live in a social media-centric world. 

    According to Statista, the number of photos shared per minute by Facebook users in 2021 was 240,000, and 65,000 photos were shared per minute by Instagram users.

    You can be sure your audience will take pictures with your inflatable tunnel and share them on social media—this is free advertising. In fact, on Instagram there are 380,000 posts for the #inflatable.

    Of course, to attract this kind of attention, the quality of your custom inflatable tunnel needs to be high, which is why you should talk to MVP Visuals when coming up with a design.

    “Working with MVP was such a positive experience. The process is seamless; they listened and delivered a great, quality product.” 


    Still not convinced inflatable entrance tunnels are the superior form of advertising in events? Here’s a comparison.

    Feature Advertising in Inflatable Entrance Tunnel Traditional Forms of Print Advertising
    Re-use Easy, as long as you store the inflatable properly Storage of banners and signs for future events can be complicated
    Marketing tool effectiveness The uniqueness of a customized inflatable entrance tunnel attracts attention to your message Nothing stands out about banners, signs, and flyers. They’re easy to ignore
    Marketing message reach People will share pictures of your customized inflatable entrance tunnel on social media. This increases the reach of your message You only reach the people in the event who read your message

    Ready to Request a Quotation

    You can’t go wrong with using an inflatable entrance tunnel in your next event, especially when it’s customized.  

    By customizing the entrance tunnel, a wide range of options await you in terms of the color, shape, print, and size.

    You can have the name of your company and partners on the tunnel and write a promotional message on it. The best part is that you can fold and store the tunnel for future events.

    Which design would you want on your inflatable entrance tunnel? Let us know today and get a free quote on your custom model.

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