3 Amazing Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Inflatable Arches

Whether your business has been operational for years or you’ve just launched it, there’s one constant: you’ll always face intense competition.

Ever-growing customer expectations and rising innovations mean that the business world can only become more competitive.

So, how can you get ahead? How can you get customers to pay attention to your products and services amidst all the marketing noise?

One answer stands out: Become unique in the way you run your promotions and marketing strategies. That means employing tactics that a customer, despite however distracted, can’t simply ignore.

One such tactic is the use of inflatable arches.

You’ve probably seen inflatable arches on e-commerce websites, erected on buildings, or along highways. Those aren’t the ones we’re talking about.

Your business needs something more exclusive and exceptional—such as customized inflatable arches—these sell your services and products like no one else.

Here are some tactics you can apply to get the most out of your inflatable arches.

1 - Choose an Inflatable Arch That Resonates With Your Business

General appearance makes your inflatable arches easily noticeable. That’s why they’re first in mind for any marketer who wants to capture customers’ attention.

Getting potential customers to look at your arch isn’t enough. You also need them to act by supporting or buying products or services.

For this, you need an inflatable arch that’s tailored to your products and services.

There are several arch shapes you can choose from:

  • Angled
  • Squared
  • Rounded
  • Custom

Your choice should be guided by what you’re publicizing.

A rounded arch may serve you best if you’re using it to mark the beginning and finishing points in a race.

Meanwhile, if you’re publicizing your team, settle for a custom arch that looks like your team’s mascot—such as the one below.

inflatable arch tent by MVP Visuals
Inflatable Arch Tent

Custom arches allow your brand to impeccably capture customer attention. They represent your brand in a way that makes it easy for the customer to memorize what your brand represents.

With your brand lingering in their minds, customers will turn to you instead of the competition.

Paying attention to the size of the arch also enables you to make the best use of your arch.

If you're unsure of the size, you can always consult the experts as Koutsakis did.

“...Having a dedicated Customer Service Representative to guide the production, assist in the creation, make suggestions is unique in this business...”

George Koutsakis, a verified MVP Visuals customer.

2 - Ensure the Features of Your Arch Resonate With Its Purpose

To get the most out of your inflatable arch, it must be designed with your business’ needs in mind.

These include size, inflation features, and quality. Each must be appropriate for your publicity or advertising needs.

The Size of Your Inflatable Arch

Custom-made arches come in all sizes.

When placing your order, always settle for a size that allows your business to achieve maximum exposure while remaining economical.

Although a large arch is easily visible, it’s not always suitable for every promotion occasion.

Similarly, selecting an arch that’s too small may not help much. It will barely be visible to customers who are a short distance away.

The size of the arch you choose depends on how you want to use it and where you want to place it.

If you want to use your arch during festivals or areas where rivals have erected theirs, you need one that’s big enough to stand out.

On the other hand, if you're advertising your brand inside a shopping mall, a smaller arch that fits the size of your shop's door is more appropriate.


The Inflation Features of Your Arch

The way you inflate your arch will determine both its efficiency and convenience.

Your choice of inflation generally depends on how long you need to use your arch for. Continuous air and sealed air are the most common ways to inflate your arch.

  • Continuous air arches. They typically take less than a minute to inflate, but you’ll have to run the pump the entire time you want the arch erect. If you’re going to use the arch during an event that will only last a day, this is the more efficient and convenient option because it’s quicker to inflate and deflate.
  • Sealed air arches. These arches take longer to fill but can stay inflated for several hours to several days without needing more air. When you need your arch in position for several days, go for the sealed air arch so you won’t have to inflate it every time you want to use it.

Additionally, examine the type of blower your inflatable arch has. Blowers can either be external or internal.

internal and external blower
Internal and External Blower

Internal blowers look elegant. However, they can be cumbersome to replace if they get spoiled during or before an event.

An external blower is a cheaper and easily replaceable option. However, ensure you purchase the right external blower.

A weak external blower will take longer to fill your arch and may never fill it as you desire. Meanwhile, one that’s too powerful may damage the seams and the arch.

For these reasons, MVP Visuals’ inflatable arches come with internal blowers for the 600 polyester denier types 25ft and smaller, whereas arches with removable banners and all PVC arches get an external blower.

Expert Tip: Always have a backup power source to keep your arch inflated even during power failures.

The Material Quality of Your Arch

The material quality of your arch dictates its appearance and durability. Since you’re using your arch to attract attention, having low-quality material may cause issues.

You don’t want an inflatable arch that will suddenly deflate and remain flat throughout an event.

To get the best from your arch, ensure it’s made from a weatherproof material that ensures it can withstand the rain, snow, and hot sun.

The table below discusses some of the common materials used to make inflatable arches.

Material Features
Denier Polyester
  • Known for its flexural rigidity and abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for producing durable arches
PVC Tarpaulin
  • More durable than other materials used to make inflatable arches
  • Can contain polyester in one of its three layers but is not solely made from polyester.  The polyester enables it to resist various chemicals and harsh weather
Poly Fabric Coated Vinyl
  • Made from lightweight vinyl covered with fabric
  • Branding is done on the fabric
  • Light and cheap
  • The best type to get if you aren’t keen on durability

Since MVP Visuals is keen on durability, its inflatable arches are made from denier polyester and PVC tarpaulin.

The arches come in different grades and thicknesses (from 0.25 to 0.45 millimeters) to suit your varying advertising needs.

If you’re planning to use your inflatable arches for a few events per year, then the thinner materials will serve you well. However, if you want to use them multiple times, go for the thicker ones since they’re more durable.

3 – Your Inflatable Arches Should Be Versatile

A versatile arch allows you to use the same inflatable burner for different brands without your customers realizing it.

One way to tell if your arch is versatile is to check whether it comes with multiple accessories. For instance, MVP Visuals’ arches come with:

  • D rings
  • Carry bag ropes
  • Stakes
  • Blower
  • Velcro finishing

Velcro finishing is particularly important because it allows you to use removable banners. This way, you can promote one brand today and promote a different one tomorrow.

Other accessories allow you to securely mount your arch on concrete, grass, or any other surface at no extra cost.

MVP Visuals makes it easy to get your custom arches by providing you with free samples and layouts.

The video below summarizes the convenience we offer.

Moreover, you won’t have to pay any setup fees. You’ll have a coordinator assigned to help you throughout your shopping experience.

Smith describes the reliable customer support he received.


Get a quick quote now for an inflatable arch that will satisfy your business’ versatile branding needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of inflatable arch is best for long-term use?

Denier polyester and PVC tarpaulin inflatable arches are the best for long-term use. That’s because they’re manufactured using materials designed to give them durability.

What inflatable arch will help me advertise my brand continuously for three days?

The sealed air arches.

Once you fill the sealed air arches, they remain inflated for several days before requiring additional air. Nevertheless, ensure the arch is made from good quality materials to withstand weather changes.

Are inflatable arches always circular?


Inflatable arches come in different shapes. You can get squared, angled, or custom-shaped, depending on your branding needs.

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