11 Insider Tips to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Arch

11 Insider Tips to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Arch

Are you organizing a charity run or attending an event? There’s nothing that would excite you more than standing out among your competition. You’ll attract customers and raise brand awareness.

Inflatable arches are versatile and easy to use. You can buy one customized with your brand color and design for use on different occasions. Just inflate it and it’ll be ready to use.

The value of the arch you buy is built into your initial investment. A good arch should meet your needs and gain ROI.

Plus, ROI is not your only concern. You don’t want your equipment breaking on the morning of the big race. There’s nothing as humiliating as a cheap bundle of deflated vinyl at your finish line.

So, next time, when you go buying a finish line arch, consider these insider tips.

#1. Don’t Compromise on the Material

How our Custom Inflatable Arches are Made
How our Custom Inflatable Arches are Made

Your arch’s material can determine if you’ll have a deflated archway on the morning of your event, or if you’ll impress your existing and potential clients with a quality archway.

At MVP Visuals, we’re the epitome of quality arches. We usePVC and denier polyester. The polyester grades range from 210D to 600D. The higher the grade, the heavier the material and the more durability. Denier polyester is affordable and lasts for about 2-5 years.

PVC, on the other hand, is the most durable material. Although it’s a bit more expensive than polyester, you can expect it to last for more than five years.

For frequent activities or harsh conditions, 600D polyester or PVC is the ideal choice.

However, if you’re aiming at one or two activities annually, a 210D polyester arch is sufficient.

Quality fabric will save you the money you’d have spent on replacing the inflatable archway or repairing punctures.

#2. Does the Arch Match Your Needs?


Angled arch production used as a finish line for cross country. Change the graphics to suit your brand or event

The most common shapes include;

  • Square 
  • Rounded
  • Angled

How our Custom Inflatable Arches are Made

We can also customize the shape to match your custom needs.

Freestanding or Tied Down

If you expect a lot of people who might knock down the arch or if you intend to let it remain set up for a couple of days, go for a tied-down inflatable arch.

Otherwise, for a short one-off event, a freestanding inflatable arch can do.

#3. The Blower is Equally Important

Air production options
Inflatable Arches

Some arches have an internal blower built into one leg. The look is clean and elegant, but if the equipment fails on the morning of your activity, replacing it will take some time.

An external blower, on the other hand, is easily replaceable with a cheaper temporary option. We also have replacements or you can get them at most home improvement stores. However, ensure you have access to a continuous power source in the instance of a constant-air arch. It’s also wise to keep backup equipment.

Additionally, use the right blower for your arch. A too powerful one may cause leaky seams, while a less powerful one may not keep the arch firm.

#4. Ensure It Comes With the Necessary Accessories

Arch setup with accessories
Inflatable Arches

Does your arch come with accessories or do you have to purchase them separately?

A tie-down arch requires D-rings and webbed loops attached to the seam. A zippered seam on the bottom outside part of the vertices allows quicker deflation.

At MVP Visuals, our arches come with the necessary accessories. You get a blower, carry bag, ropes, stakes, D-rings, and optional Velcro finishing for removable banners.

Whether you’re mounting your arch on a grass surface or cement, rest assured it comes with all the accessories needed to keep it firm on the ground, at no extra cost.

#5. Choose Replaceable Banners

Inflatable Arches

An inflatable arch with replaceable signage is versatile as you can use it during different events.

Unlike one with permanent signage, it’s possible to change/customize branding or message on either side of your inflatable arch.

Want to revise logos, sponsor-change-outs, or event changes? Pick an MVP Visuals arch with Velcro finishing for replaceable banners

#6. Holding an Event for More Than a Day? Pick a Sealed-Air Arch

If you plan on running your activity for several days, consider an arch that you don’t have to inflate every morning.

A sealed-air arch can remain inflated for up to 72 hours without the need for a refill. For this reason, it’s ideal for events running for a few days.

Unlike a constant-air arch, it doesn’t require a constant blower or a reliable power source. You don’t have to worry about a blackout or generator failure in the middle of the occasion. 

#7. Your Arch Should Be Easy to Operate

Go for an arch that’s easy to inflate, deflate, and transport.

Whether you’re positioning it on uneven terrain or cemented start/finish lines, ensure it has the needed accessories to keep it firm.

Additionally, unexpected wears and tears happen. Pick an arch that you can easily patch with duct tape, the go-to temporary solution.

#8. You Get What You Pay For

How much are you willing to spend?

Is it a long-term investment or a one-off event?

Arches have different pricing depending on factors like material, size, and customization.

For instance, a PVC arch costs more than a nylon-based one. Similarly, the larger the size and more customization, the higher the price.

If you intend to use the arch for a couple of years, a high-quality arch, though more expensive, is the ideal option.

On the other hand, if you’ll only be using it on a single occasion, spending money on a high-end arch you’ll never use again beats the logic.

Above all, your budget will determine what type of arch and the customizations you can afford.

At MVP Visuals, you’ll get your desired arch at the lowest price on the market. Find a lower price than ours, and we’ll offer you the arch at that price. 

#9. Keep Branding Consistent With a Custom Inflatable Arch 

Iron Arch
Inflatable Arches

You want to stand out and gain brand recognition. So a solid-color arch is not a wise idea.

Consistency in branding is crucial.

Your existing and potential customers should recognize you and have the same experience whenever and wherever they are.

As such, a custom arch inflatable is a powerful marketing tool. It will feature your brand’s colors, logo, and even a custom message on a banner.

Furthermore, the costs of renting will add up over time. That, plus the customers you risk losing from inconsistent branding, makes customizable inflatables more cost-effective.

#10. Size is Relative. If It’s Bigger, They Can See It Easier

It’s essential to pick an arch that will give maximum exposure for your business.

A small arch outside your business is ideal. However, you’ll need a larger one for start and finish lines.

Additionally, when visibility is your goal, a small arch that’s not visible from a distance won’t fulfill your needs.

At MVP Visuals, our arches range from 15ft to 50ft wide, outer edge to outer edge. However, if you need a particular size to cater to your needs, we can always customize it to your preferred dimensions.

#11. Ensure You Can Get Your Preferred Printing Customizations

Have something in mind that you’d like printed on your arch?

Whether it’s your logo, custom colors, or design, make sure the company you’re considering ordering from can provide your preferred customizations.

Some companies only offer stock colors and may even limit your design and print location.

MVP Visuals not only offers you an unlimited color selection but also design and the choice to print anywhere on the arch.

If you’re buying a custom branded inflatable arch, it should meet your custom expectations.

Get Your Custom Inflatable Archway for Your Next Event

Are you looking for a custom inflatable arch for your next occasion?

Let us help.

MVP Visuals specializes in inflatable advertising. Why buy from MVP Visuals?

  • Best quality arches
  • Customization to your liking
  • Free layouts, digital proofs, and samples
  • Affordable pricing with warranty. No hidden charges
  • “On time, or it’s free guarantee.”
  • Reliable customer support

Need a quote? Request a quick quote. We’d love to help you tell your story through effective custom inflatable arches and make your brand stand out.

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