Inflatable mascot tunnel

4 Unique Concepts for Your Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnel

Businesses, institutions, and organizations have been using mascots for many years to help build or strengthen their brand's identity by displaying team spirit. 

Inflatable mascot tunnels are creating a lot of buzz as they continually prove to be powerful visuals that attract attention and encourage a strong and unforgettable impression of your brand. 

At MVP Visuals, we bring you the best inflatable mascot tunnels made using popular high-quality materials, like PVC and denier polyester, to ensure you gain the most from your investment. 

We specialize in making custom inflatables personalized with your team colors, mascot, and logos to create a lasting impression.

If you’re looking to make a grand impression at an upcoming fundraiser, concert, trade show, parade, or sporting event, then you need to use a custom inflatable mascot tunnel. 

Below are some unique designs to get you started.

Inflatable Mascot Entryway Tunnels

Entryway or run-through tunnels are a unique way to welcome teams into the stadium. 

Instead of using a plain and boring run-through sign, create a team tunnel with either your team's mascot head or use its whole body to give the illusion that your team is coming out of their spirit animal. 

Inflatable mascot entryway tunnel

We can turn your grand-entrance dreams into reality by creating a run-through mascot tunnel that features any team mascot in whatever size or shape.

The experience of running out of the team tunnel is a definite way of boosting team morale and performance in an upcoming game. Additionally, it will psyche up the fans and have them energized, excited, and hooked to the game all season long.

Take it a notch higher by adding flags, having your logo imprinted, playing your team's anthem, and blowing smoke as they run through the entrance team tunnel. 

At MVP Visuals, we create inflatable mascot tunnels that are easy to set up and take down, leaving you time to focus on what matters–the game. 

These mascot tunnels aren’t reserved for sporting event entrances, as you can also use them to give customers an all-star entry into a trade show, fundraiser, or corporate event. 

It not only excites them but has them preparing their wallets to spend on what they find on the other side.

You can also use these inflatable mascot tunnels as a unique shaded space where you serve your customers. 

Helmet or Head Mascot Tunnel

Mascots tell your brand's story and help fans and customers to build an emotional connection with your brand, keeping you at the top of their minds. 

Inflatable mascot heads or helmets are a visual treat for your fans that pump them up and make them anticipate the game.

You can use inflatable football helmets as entryways that lead your team into the field and set the right atmosphere. They also provide a perfect spot for your team to gather for some inspiration before heading into a big football game.

Inflatable sports helmets are practical and easy to transport, making them usable for home and away games. You'll love that they’re easy to clean, pack up, and store until the next big game at the end of the season. 

They also make excellent collateral for product and event promotions and a fantastic photo opportunity, which translates into lots of free advertising. 

We've done it for the US Army during an Army vs. Navy football game and for an NRG company known as Reliant Energy.

The possibilities are endless with inflatable mascot heads or helmets as you can use them solo or combine them with inflatable tunnels. A helmet and tunnel combo is versatile and convenient. 

You bring it to life by zipping the two separate parts and using a blower to inflate them in a few minutes. You can also use them separately for small events.

MVP Visuals offers unlimited printing options on inflatables, and you can customize the inflatable helmet using your team colors or printing your team's logo or mascot.

Custom Arch and Mascot Tunnel Combo

Inflatable mascot tunnels get your fans off their feet and give them something extra to cheer about. A custom arch and mascot tunnel combo is a unique way to usher in your sports team. 

The combo features two separate inflatables zipped together to create a huge inflatable team tunnel. You can use one or both inflatables at your events.

Setting up the two is easy:

  1. Lay them on the ground
  2. Zip them together
  3. Attach the blower and the ropes
  4. Have someone guide the custom arch upwards as it inflates
  5. Secure your inflatable mascot tunnel and arch using ropes and a weight source

Your custom arch could take a 2D or 3D design of your team's mascot. We’ll customize your inflatable mascot tunnel and arch 100%. 

We’ll incorporate any colors, logos, and mascots that display team spirit–nothing can stop us. If you wish, we can create removable banners that hang on your inflatables to advertise your sports team sponsors.

Fully-customized Inflatable Mascot Tunnels

Custom shapes that speak for your brand on an entryway effectively fill an arena with brand-new energy. These can be small or large animals, people, logos, product representations, slogans, or anything else you choose to represent your brand and what it stands for.

We don’t limit your imagination or creativity when you trust us to create your custom inflatable mascot tunnels. 

MVP Visuals allows you to develop your custom inflatable mascot tunnel layout design and still offers help to perfect this design.

What's more, we won't start working on your project until you approve our digital proof, and you won't have to pay a dime for samples or layouts.

Custom inflatable mascot tunnels are investments that can be used multiple times in various setups and events to build a loyal network and fan base for your brand or sports team. 

You could also purchase a one-time mascot tunnel that matches a specific event theme.

Unlike most other companies who offer stock colors only, we offer an unlimited color selection and an opportunity to meet your custom expectations by printing anywhere on the inflatable.

We use the heat paper transfer printing method to print on your custom inflatable mascot tunnels to ensure we display your brand crisp and clear.

During sweltering summers, impress the fans even more with a custom mascot tunnel with misting devices. A misting team tunnel will provide attendees with a place to relax and blow off some steam and allow your team one-on-one time with the potential customers of your brand products. 

In the past, we partnered with Coca-Cola and Six Flags to bring their vision of an inflatable misting station. The station attracted guests and offered a perfect Instagrammable picture opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Inflatable Mascot Tunnel Design for My Brand?

Inflatable mascot entryway tunnels are a great option that displays your brand image boldly. They create a great impression, grab fans' attention, and make your brand unforgettable. 

Fully customized inflatable mascot tunnels are unique to your brand and meet its specific needs. The best choice comes down to what you prefer and how creative and imaginative you can create a fully custom design layout.

What Do I Look For When Choosing an Inflatable Mascot Tunnel Manufacturer?

The Condition Reason
Made in the USA It's in your best interests to work with a manufacturer in the USA and avoid the temptation of buying from significantly cheaper overseas-based companies. That's because, in addition to waiting for too long to receive your inflatables, you also risk losing your money should anything go wrong and you can't return it.
Design capabilities You need to be sure that your manufacturer of choice can bring your dreams to reality. This involves looking through their portfolio and customer testimonials to confirm they can handle the complexity of your designs.
Open communication. You need your requirements to be understood and have a team that works closely with you to deliver to and beyond your expectations.

Where Do I Buy Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnels?

MVP Visuals is the best company to entrust with creating unique custom event displays that increase brand visibility and promise a positive return on your investment. 

Creating your inflatable mascot tunnels with us gives you a chance to make something unique and completely customized to your branding. 

We give free consultations with real humans during regular working hours, and you can also enjoy free unlimited samples and layouts.

We offer unbeatable prices on all our inflatables, we’re open and honest, and always keep you in the loop. We guarantee to deliver your order on-time, or it’s free.