What is a Custom Inflatable? 3 Unique Qualities

What is a Custom Inflatable? 3 Unique Qualities

Did you know that visual imagery is the most effective way to break through the clutter while marketing?

The human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than it does text, which means we're able to retain the visuals we see better than the text we read.

Visual imagery is also an effective marketing tool since it:

  • Grabs the attention of potential buyers
  • Establishes your brand's identity in the minds of your target audience
  • Makes your products more relatable, helping to convert sales

Custom inflatables are among the most powerful forms of advertising using visual imagery. Discover what a custom inflatable is and what makes it unique and effective for marketing and advertising.

Custom Inflatables: Bring Your Products and Services to Life

A custom inflatable is a large, made-to-order, air-supported structure used for marketing and advertising purposes. It can be made in any shape and size, depending on your company’s preferences.

Any design can also be printed on a custom inflatable to communicate your company’s brand and services using a combination of text and pictures.

There are no height restrictions, so you can even get a giant inflatable that’s taller than a one-story building. An enormous custom inflatable draws your potential buyers' attention and informs them about your products and services.

Custom inflatables work well for businesses that want to create a buzz about their products and services. They can help boost your sales by drawing potential customers to your company’s booth at trade shows and business events, like product launches or special offer events.

Some examples of custom inflatables are:

Unlike other massive advertising signs like billboards that only remain in one place, custom inflatables are portable. They take up a small amount of space when rolled up, which makes it easy to transport them to all your business events at different locations.

At MVP Visuals, we custom make inflatables to help companies promote their brand and products.

Here are three qualities that make our custom inflatables more effective at advertising than other visual marketing forms.

custom inflatable football helmet

Quality #1: Strong and Sturdy Material

Most of our custom inflatables are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

PVC is a strong, durable material that’s also malleable and easy to mold, making it possible to make 3D exact replicas of your products or logos. Exact product replicas will make your products relatable as potential customers can envision using them, which will win you more sales.

PVC is the perfect material for long-lasting, outdoor products like custom inflatables since it’s resistant to:

  • Ultra-violet rays from the sun
  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion

It’s also lightweight and when folded and put in its storage bag, it can be easily transported.

Since it requires little maintenance and is very easy to clean, you’ll be able to keep your custom inflatable sparkling clean. A clean custom inflatable gives a good first impression and ensures your brand is clearly visible to potential customers.

These combined properties of PVC make our custom inflatables durable and reusable for different promotional events. You’ll get value for your money with custom inflatables from MVP Visuals as you can use them for 3–10 years, depending on the usage and maintenance.

Quality #2: Long-Lasting Print Techniques

custom inflatable logo

A 3D replica of your company design or products will grab your potential customers' attention. But it’s the details like the text, color, and images printed on the custom inflatable that’ll make it memorable and easily identifiable.

The printing technique used on the custom inflatable should, therefore, be superior and long-lasting.

We use a heat transfer printing technique, known as dye sublimation, to transfer images and text onto custom inflatables. This printing technology ensures the ink is embedded into the PVC material, making the finished design look and feel like part of the material.

Dye sublimation can be used to print multi-color designs, which means we can print any conceivable graphics on a custom inflatable.

Unlike screen printing techniques that flake off or fade with time, dye sublimation is permanent and long-lasting. Since the ink is part of the material, it’s impossible for it to crack or break off even with sun exposure and frequent usage.

Dye sublimation print designs are also anti-reflective, meaning they absorb light instead of reflecting it. This ensures your potential clients can clearly see your company’s brand message as they drive or pass by your custom inflatable.

Quality #3: Larger-than-Life Images

custom inflatable mascot tunnel

So, how do you ensure your business stands out in a commercial area where other businesses are clamoring for attention? Try a giant custom inflatable.

The ideal height of a custom inflatable is between 10 and 30 ft. Such an inflatable hulks over everything surrounding it and draws attention to your business. 

Since there are virtually no limitations on the size of an inflatable, you can order as large of a design as you desire.

You can ensure your inflatable stands out even more by placing it on top of your office premises. Motorists driving by will certainly notice the inflatable from as far as 2 miles away if there’s no horizon obstruction. They’ll be curious to learn more about your company and products and might even pay you a visit and buy from you.

A gigantic custom inflatable will also help inform your customers about your products. Product replicas, for instance, are effective in illustrating product features and promoting your products further to potential buyers.

The larger-than-life images will additionally help increase your brand exposure and customer engagement by:

  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Increasing sales
  • Improving customer loyalty

Inflate Your Marketing Campaigns With Custom Inflatables from MVP Visuals

At MVP Visuals, we’re committed to helping companies increase their brand exposure with beautiful custom displays.

We have a team of art and display coordinators to help you create a unique inflatable with your company's colors and logo. Our production staff will bring the approved design to life and ensure its structural integrity so that it doesn't look puffy or saggy.

Your custom inflatable purchase will also come with a suitable free blower, which will make it easy for you to set it up.

What’s more, our custom inflatables come with a bag to help you easily transport the archways, mascots, and tents to all your events.

“Second time ordering archways from MVP Visuals. They always take care of me and respond to all questions, proofs, and orders quickly. They make this process so easy. The quality of the material is above standard and had no issues with the motor or any of the wiring. Colors always pop and people recognize us from a mile away.” - Samuel

Contact us today by calling us on (800) 980-6871 or sending us an email to hello@mvpvisuals.com, and tell us about your custom inflatable idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about custom inflatables from this guide and the following frequently asked questions.

How much do custom inflatables cost?

Depending on the size, design, and material, the price range for custom inflatables can be anywhere from $1,000-$20,000.

A 15ft wide by 10ft high custom angled inflatable costs about $1,500, while a 3D product replica or logo goes for at least $5,000.

How long does it take to make my custom inflatable order?

Once you reach out to us, it can take up to approximately 30 business days to design, produce, and deliver your custom inflatable.

Our team will keep you in the loop during the design and production process to ensure you’re satisfied with your custom inflatable.

Do your custom inflatables come with a warranty?

Our custom inflatables have a standard warranty to cover any manufacturing defects, as shown in the table below.

Custom Inflatable

Warranty Period

600 Denier Inflatable Arch

5 years

PVC Inflatable Arch


Custom shape inflatables

1 year

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