How our Custom Inflatable Arches are Made

How our Custom Inflatable Arches are Made


In this video, our owner Ben gives a run-through of how our custom inflatable arches are both designed and produced for hundreds of brands across the USA.

If you're considering an inflatable arch for your event, the first question you need to ask yourself is: what type of inflatable arch do you want? 

Yes, there's multiple types! And there are a handful of things to keep in mind when we talk about the types of inflatable arches.

What You Need To Know About Types of Inflatable Arches

The first is the size of your arch. Generally speaking, our standard sizes range anywhere from 15ft wide all the way to 50ft wide. This is measured from outer edge to outer edge, and the inner width and height are pre-determined for the best structural integrity.

Inflatable Arch

But, if you have a particular need that our standard sizes won't work for - don't worry! Our production staff can create custom sized arches to your exact dimensions.

Touratech Inflatable Arch

The second thing to consider is the shape of your arch. Standard shapes include angled, square, and rounded. Angled inflatable arches are by far the most popular style, and this is probably what you think of when you imagine a start or finish line at a race.

Inflatable Arch Shapes

Angled Inflatable Arch


Just like with sizing, though, we can virtually any custom shaped arch that you want.  This can be a mix of custom shapes for the "legs," or including a 3D cutout of your logo at the top of the arch. 

Custom Inflatable Arch


That's what's so awesome about custom inflatables - the possibilities to represent your brand vision are virtually endless.

Your third consideration is going to be the material of your arch. This may vary slightly with custom inflatable arch vendors across the board, but it's usually going to be a variation of denier polyester or PVC material, like bouncy houses. Here at MVP Visuals, we offer 420 Denier, 600 Denier, or 0.6mm PVC Tarpaulin options for your customized arch.

420 Denier Inflatable Arch
PVC Inflatable Arch


These options steadily increase in thickness and durability. 420D is the thinnest and most economical option available; 600D is a little more sturdy and the most popular pick for a mix of high quality and affordability; PVC is ultra-sturdy and best for long-term heavy use, like if you were holding events every weekend in different kinds of weather.

So, What's Next After I Pick The Arch I Want?

Here comes the fun part - designing your inflatable arch! We have flexible options when it comes to this process. If you're design savvy of if you have a graphic designer on staff, we provide the exact templates we use to create the print artwork so you can lay it out exactly how you want it, and simply send it back when you're ready to place your order.


Custom Inflatable Arch Design


More regularly (and at no extra charge), we do the design setup for you. Give us your logo and any design direction you may have in terms of color and logo placement - our Art & Display Coordinators will do the rest. Any arch we offer includes unlimited print space and color, allowing you to print logos and images anywhere you want. Unlike some signage companies, we don't charge extra for more print or colors. You can get as intricate or as simple as you'd like, all for the same great price.

Custom Inflatable Arch Design


No matter if you set up the artwork yourself or our team does it for you, we always send a digital proof for approval before anything is made. Once you approve your proof, your custom inflatable arch is off to production! Keep in mind, this process takes a bit longer, but we ship these out in just 7-10 business days - which, for our industry, is really fast.

The Production Process of Your Inflatable Arch

So, how do we turn a 2D digital file into a massive 20ft inflatable arch? It starts with a very interesting process known as heat transfer printing. Essentially, the individual fabric pieces of your inflatable arch all start out white. Your custom arch design is printed onto a special type of transfer paper, which is then used with a heat press to transfer the design onto the fabric of your arch. Once the fabric has been imprinted, our production staff hand-sews each piece of your inflatable arch together.

The final step is our quality assurance process, where we blow up each individual arch to test that everything is working properly and that your design came out exactly the way it's supposed to be printed. We check to make sure your logos and custom brand colors are perfect.

Coors Light Inflatable Arch

Finally, when we're confident that everything looks and works perfectly, we send it to you via priority shipping services to ensure that it arrives to your door in just a couple of days - alongside our "On-Time Or It's Free" Guarantee to promise it's there for event day.

Coors Light Inflatable Arch

Visit our custom inflatable arch collection and request a quote today to see why we're the top pick for the best value on customization, quality, and customer satisfaction when it comes to arches.

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