Custom Inflatables for Drive-In and Drive-Thru Events in 2021

Custom Inflatables for Drive-In and Drive-Thru Events in 2021


In this video, our owner Ben reviews the use of custom branded inflatables to accent the new styles of events that have popped up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public health guidelines are constantly changing. They vary based on where we live, and they really have changed the way that we throw events and get together. But, a few things haven't changed.

The emergence of new, socially distant events

One is that brands are always still looking for ways to engage with their customers and their participants. And customers, people like you and I, are still looking for fun and entertaining things to do outdoors. As a result - not as a surprise! - drive-in and drive-through events are booming. They're really a great way for families to get together and do something safe.

Ferrari Club of America
Shown above: a drive-in meetup for the Ferrari Club of America.

Other than inflatable arches, custom shaped inflatables are another great way to add an accent to your event. They can be everything from 3D versions of your logo, giant product replicas, and even inflatable tunnels large enough for you to drive through!

Custom Shape Inflatable

Experienced Custom Inflatable Experts You Can Trust

Some examples of things we've done at MVP Visuals: let's say you're a company throwing a socially distant event outdoors and you want a giant inflatable replica of your logo? We can do that!

If you're a brewery having a drive-through event for can or bottle sales, we can do a giant inflatable replica of your craft beer can that may be 10, 20, or 30ft tall.

Or, if you're a sports team having an outdoor event, we can create a giant inflatable mascot for your team, or even an inflatable football helmet.

Custom Inflatable Football Helmet

The best part is, with any custom inflatable order, the process really is worry-free. That's everything from our amazing customer service staff, to the fact that each inflatable only takes a few minutes to set up, all the way to our "On-Time or It's Free Guarantee."

If you're looking for any type of custom inflatable for your drive-thru or drive-in events as these times are changing, reach out to us at MVP Visuals and let us help you out!

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