race participants posing under inflatable archway at start line

Blow up Your Brand: 100+ Custom Inflatable Ideas for Attention-Grabbing Events

Looking to simplify your event marketing efforts and make a lasting impact? Look no further than MVP Visuals’ custom inflatables. These innovative structures offer endless possibilities that traditional balloon displays simply can't match.

Imagine this: you have a grand vision of a stunning archway to welcome attendees to your 5K run. If you go the balloon route, you'll be wrangling with hundreds of balloons, along with additional supplies, trying to create a one-time display. It’s quite the task, right?

Now, let's consider the alternative—custom arch inflatables. With these marvelous creations, setting up an eye-catching archway is so much easier and more impactful.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll have a larger-than-life inflatable archway ready to greet your guests and leave a lasting impression. And the best part: you can reuse it for multiple events!

At MVP Visuals, we provide custom inflatables that offer a cost-effective solution, saving you from the hassle of purchasing and inflating countless individual balloons each time.

You'll save money, effort, and storage space, all while ensuring consistent event branding.

The convenience of custom inflatables doesn't end with archways. We can customize these versatile wonders to meet your specific event marketing needs, such as:

  • Showcasing products in trade shows
  • Creating interactive experiences in sporting events
  • Highlighting your brand with custom inflatable designs

When it's time to pack up after your event, deflating and storing the inflatable display is a breeze. The compact size and portability make transportation easy, ready to be set up at the next event in no time.

To inspire your next design, we've compiled a collection of 101 captivating custom inflatable images. Get ready to be amazed by the endless possibilities of inflatable marketing.

Boost Engagement and Excitement With Custom Inflatables for Runs

When it comes to organizing a run or walk event, capturing the attention of participants and creating an engaging atmosphere is key. A custom inflatable arch is a highly effective way to elevate the excitement and boost participant engagement.

It adds a visual spectacle to the event and offers excellent branding opportunities.

You can incorporate your event logo, sponsors' logos, and relevant messaging onto the inflatables, ensuring maximum visibility for your cause or organization.

This not only creates a professional and cohesive look but also helps to generate awareness and recognition for your event. Participants will feel a sense of pride representing your cause as they cross the finish line under a custom-branded inflatable structure.

“We initially bought this arch for our 5K Walk but have since used it at almost every event we have! It takes no more than 15 minutes to assemble and storage is equally as easy. Thank you MVP Visuals! You have taken our marketing and branding to the next level.”

Ruth Wu, Special Events Manager, Ronald McDonald House of Orange County

participants waiting in front of a custom inflatable arch

Set the tone for your 5K run with a custom inflatable archway, creating a memorable experience right from the start.

custom inflatable arch branded with a welcome message

Welcome your guests to your run with a branded inflatable archway, creating a sense of anticipation for your event.

branded inflatable arch on a track field

Make a branded inflatable the focal point of your run, and create an unforgettable experience for your participants.

person crosses finish line marked by inflatable arch

Use an inflatable as a celebratory marker at the finish line, giving participants a sense of achievement.

participant crosses finish line marked by branded arch

A bright and dominant display at the finish line will show off your brand in a positive way.

participants in front of an angled inflatable arch

Showcase sponsors' logos prominently on the inflatable archway, demonstrating appreciation and giving sponsors exposure to a large audience.

inflatable arch with velcro banner

Adapt to every occasion: Cover existing branding effortlessly with wrap-around banners that attach with velcro.

participants posing next to an inflatable archway

Set up an inflatable archway as a meeting point for participants after the run, facilitating easier coordination.

team posing in front of an angled inflatable archway

Use an inflatable archway as the backdrop for team photos, providing a designated space for participants to capture memorable group shots.

branded inflatable at finish line

Unlock the thrill of the finish line with a celebratory inflatable archway combined with custom flag banners.

20 ft wide x 18 ft tall angled inflatable archway

Create a visual spectacle with a larger-than-life, extra tall, bright yellow inflatable.

lady posing in front of an inflatable archway

Deck out your start and finish lines and make it a race to remember! Add a hashtag for branding awareness in photos.

participants posing in front of a colorful inflatable arch

Elevate your event experiences with our stunning colorscape air inflatable archways. Make sure every brand and sponsor is remembered.

participant posing in front of an inflatable arch

An inflatable archway makes a fantastic backdrop for participants to capture memorable photos that can be shared on social media.

squared inflatable arch

Crafted with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), our inflatable archways can last for years. This one has been in use since 2017, six years and still counting!

angled inflatable archways at start line

Bring the 'wow' factor to the start line with an eye-catching iron-arch branded inflatable.

yellow and black branded inflatable archway

Come rain, sunshine, or mud, our inflatable archways remain resilient.

cyclists riding past a squared inflatable archway

Create a dynamic event accent with a squared archway.

angled inflatable archway with removable banners

Versatility at its finest: Our inflatable archway with removable banners lets you switch up your message for every event!

performer wearing an inflatable mascot in front of an archway

Create the perfect shot with an inflatable archway and mascot for your event marketing.

red custom inflatable archway

Transform your ordinary runs into extraordinary moments with inflatable archways.

participants celebrating in front of an inflatable archway

Capture moments of triumph and celebration with our iconic iron-arch inflatables.

blue banded iron-arch inflatable

Take event marketing to new heights with a captivating inflatable archway. Use color themes to create a cohesive look.

man posing in front of colorscape inflatable archway

Create a buzz and generate excitement with the visual allure of inflatables.

halloween-themed circle inflatable archway

Capture the spirit of the season with a festive or seasonal-themed inflatable! Custom shapes are possible.

inflatable archway with hanging banner

Tailor your inflatable arch to your specific marketing event with a hanging banner.

woman running past a blue colorscape inflatable arch

Even in rainy seasons, our inflatable archways remain resilient, providing a reliable focal point.

inflatable archway at entrance of football field

Make a statement and showcase your event's professionalism with a premium-quality inflatable archway.

participants walk past iron-arch inflatable

Attract attention and donations for your cause with impactful branded inflatables for your fundraising events.

players posing next to a iron-arch inflatable with a logo

Brand your sports event with style and impact with a customized archway featuring a 3D version of your logo.

blue colorscape inflatable arch

Stand tall for a great cause with a branded circled inflatable archway.

inflatable archway branded with a quote

Deliver impactful messages with iron-arch inflatables branded and printed with inspirational quotes.

group photo in front of a stunning inflatable archway

Elevate your fundraising event with our photo-worthy inflatable, creating the perfect backdrop for capturing memorable moments.

square inflatable arch with removable banners

Swap out details with ease: Our inflatable arches and entranceways with removable banners let you update sponsors, dates, and event names effortlessly.

inflatable arch with patterns

Looking to grab attention for your run? Enhance the visual appeal of your inflatable archways with captivating textures and patterns for a stunning design.

LED light arch

Illuminate your brand throughout the night with our stunning light-enhanced archway—a captivating sight at any event.

inflatable archways with three striking colors

Create a visually striking impact with a customized inflatable archway featuring contrasting colors that demand attention and leave a lasting impression.

gray iron-arch inflatable set up in snow

Count on the durability of our inflatable archways to make a lasting impact, no matter the weather conditions.

angled inflatable archway

From scorching summers to gusty winters, our weatherproof inflatable archway performs flawlessly in any season.

blue iron-arch inflatable with white text

Make a bold and unmistakable statement with a solid color archway—clear, impactful, and easy to read.

group photo in front of orange iron-arch inflatable

Keep your inflatable on trend using customizable and removable banners on your inflatable archway, featuring event hashtags.

colorscape inflatable arch

Get the most out of your investment with our long-lasting colorscape inflatable arches and entranceways. Even after five years, the colors on this inflatable still pop!

Custom Inflatables for Sport Events, Festivals, and Trade Shows

Custom inflatables are the ultimate unique event ideas for sport events, festivals, and trade shows.

These versatile marketing tools add excitement to games, make booths stand out, and create memorable experiences.

From inflatable tunnels and archways at sport events to vibrant replicas and pavilions at festivals, these eye-catching inflatables leave a lasting impression.

Inflatable advertising boosts brand recognition and recall with its visual impact and shareability. Stand out from the competition, engage your audience, and make a lasting impression with custom inflatables at your next event.

“Working with MVP this year added a whole other aspect to our event. We’ve been very thankful and everything has added so much character. We hope to continue to keep growing this event with their products.”

Madison Evans, Sports Coordinator, AAU Track & Field

“Huge props to MVP Visuals, not only have they been great from the design and ordering perspective, but excellent customer service. Can’t say enough good things!”

Mitch Belisle, VP of Sales & Marketing, Trilogy Lacrosse

group of three festival attendees in front of custom arch

Stand out from the crowd with a custom inflatable circled archway—a vibrant burst of color that sets you apart from the crowd.

college students at an information desk with arch in backdrop

Set the stage for an unforgettable homecoming event with our show-stopping inflatable stage props. Our iron-arch inflatable creates a grand entrance that will leave everyone buzzing with excitement

participants cheering at start line with inflatable arch

Step into the world of street marketing in style with a vibrant inflatable archway to draw in the crowds.

marathoners crossing start line with black inflatable arch

This black minimalist inflatable is the epitome of elegance to usher participants to the finish line in style.

blue and black colorscape iron-arch inflatable with side banners

Command the spotlight at your next trade show event with a captivating colorscape iron-arch inflatable.

red vintage two-seater with blue iron-arch inflatable in foreground

Antique cars and colorscape inflatables go well together! Elevate your brand image with an iron-arch inflatable at your next automotive trade show.

orange custom inflatable archway at adventure race finish line

Place inflatable archways at each mile marker to provide a visual representation of progress, motivating participants to keep pushing forward.

blue and red textured custom inflatable at building entrance

Make a grand entrance with a custom inflatable with textures and patterns that will certainly command the attention of your guests.

two boys in matching clothes walk through custom inflatable

Expand your brand’s reach with an inflatable branded with your name, leaving a mark on your audience. Flank the archways with advertising flags on either side to captivate the audience's attention.

blue and white custom inflatable at trade show entrance

Maximize brand awareness and captivate attendees by strategically positioning a visually striking inflatable at the entrance of the trade show. This guaranteed attention-grabber will draw crowds to your booth, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

custom branded inflatable at building entrance

Now this is an entrance! Whether indoors or outdoors, a branded inflatable is the ultimate attention-grabber that will etch a lasting impression in the minds of your audience.

custom branded inflatable at the top of indoor staircase

Ignite team spirit and push athletes to new heights with an inflatable archway branded with your team’s motto! This 40-inch inflatable is a powerful symbol of the unwavering passion and unstoppable determination of the Rochester Knighthawks.

red and yellow custom inflatable arch tunnel on race track

Beat the heat and elevate the experience with our custom misting inflatables—an innovation that turns a basic need into a refreshing delight!

gray and black inflatable arch at theme park entrance

Maximize your advertising impact by strategically placing your branded circled inflatable at the entrance of a theme park.

blue and white inflatable arch at school entrance

Custom inflatables are the ultimate multi-purpose marvel. They can act as captivating signs, create a grand entrance to your school, and don't forget, they're the perfect backdrop for share-worthy photos.

purple mascot tunnel on football field sidelines

Game day magic brought to life! Bring your mascot to life with a 3D custom mascot inflatable to inspire your team on the sidelines.

custom inflatable tunnel with mascot and cheerleaders in foreground

Get the crowd roaring with a branded inflatable tunnel that provides shade and team spirit.

green and white custom inflatable helmet tunnel

Enter the realms of victory with a custom football helmet tunnel designed exclusively for your high school team.

blue and white custom inflatable backdrop at run

Bring your 5K run logo to life with a custom inflatable shape that provides a share-worthy, Instagrammable backdrop for your participant photos.

green and white custom inflatable mascot tunnel

Inspire your team with a custom inflatable mascot tunnel. A fantastic photo background to capture team photos and celebrate victories.

football players running through gray custom inflatable football helmet

Ramp up the team spirit with a 3D custom football helmet tunnel that creates a sense of pride and unity.

black and yellow custom inflatable helmet tunnel

Create lasting memories with our custom inflatable tunnels that lets high school students step into greatness and make their mark

blue and white custom inflatable football helmet tunnel

Experience the thrill of a game-day entrance with our customizable inflatable football helmet.

branded football helmet with logo on the side

How cool is this custom inflatable football helmet for Reliant Energy? It captures their vibrant brand colors and fuels the team spirit.

green custom inflatable tunnel on football field

Customize your game day experience with an inflatable sports tunnel that amplifies your team’s and fans’ excitement.

black and white inflatable helmet tunnel on drive through

A giant custom inflatable football helmet tunnel signifies the start of an exhilarating game and serves as psychological warfare that propels your team toward victory.

blue and white 18’ x 15’ run through helmet

Make the biggest statement of the football season with a 3D custom football inflatable helmet to distinguish your team from its rivals and enchant the crowd.

blue, red and white inflatable ball and basket on open field

Spice up the games at your sports event with branded inflatable games and activities that offer interactive experiences with your customers.

gray and purple inflatable mascot tunnel

A custom mascot inflatable tunnel creates a dramatic entrance that engages your fans and boosts your player’s morale.

green inflatable soccer field with logo on the sides

Elevate your promotional game with inflatable stage props. This soccer field brings fun, excitement, and unforgettable moments to your event.

blue and white custom inflatable ball and basket

This branded inflatable basketball brings out the fun side of everyone attending your event and is perfect both for indoor and outdoor events.

marathoners running through custom inflatable arch at start line

With larger-than-life inflatable displays, any company's design can transcend the boundaries of creativity and come to life in the most captivating way imaginable.

cyclists going through custom inflatable arch at start line

Bold and vibrant designs will create a permanent impression on your audience’s minds and promote brand awareness.

Uncover the Magic of Inflatable Dome Tents

Unlock the power of visual branding displays with our Custom Shape Inflatable Dome tents.

These captivating structures combine practicality with the ability to leave a permanent impression. Perfect for trade show displays, music festivals, corporate functions, and outdoor gatherings, our inflatable dome tents offer a versatile and visually striking solution.

“The process was as smooth and professional as possible from start to finish. I discovered MVP from an online search, saw the custom products they’d made, proposed my ideas to them and they didn’t hesitate to make it happen. I was surprised at how fast I was able to receive the items…right to my door.”

Jolene Rader, Founder, Pilots and Places

Their spacious interiors provide ample room to showcase your brand's products. Ensure you tie in the branding with custom logo tablecloths.

With quick and easy setup, these inflatable domes are a convenient choice for event organizers. What’s more, you can get an inflatable misting tent to cool you off during the summer exhibitions.

“Working with the MVP Visuals team is always fantastic! For our July 4th Fest with Coca-Cola, they made sure I not only had everything on time, but the entire process was a total breeze. The guests love the misting tent during the hot weather.”

Brit Gillespie, Six Flags

white and pink custom inflatable dome tent mock-up

Unleash your brand's potential with custom inflatable dome tents—dynamic, vividly branded show-stoppers that make potential customers pause and go,” Wait, what?”

red custom inflatable misting tent

Stay cool while attending trade shows during the summer with a branded custom inflatable misting tent.

custom 20 ft x 20 ft red and blue inflatable dome tent

Tired of custom pop-up tents? This custom inflatable dome tent offers limitless customization options.

red custom inflatable misting tent with attendees in foreground

A custom inflatable misting tent is the perfect cool-down during those sweltering summer days.

white, pink and blue custom inflatable dome tent mock-up

This custom inflatable dome tent is a game changer that stops people in their tracks and commands the attention your brand has been yearning for.

red and black custom inflatable igloo dome tent

The inflatable igloo dome tent is perfect for many indoor and outdoor events including festivals, trade shows, and corporate events.

black custom inflatable dome tent on drive through

Show off your company’s creativity with a minimalistic design on a custom inflatable dome tent.

white custom shape inflatable dome tent on football field

Your brand will shine when you host an event in this custom inflatable tent branded with your company logo, slogan, and colors.

green and brown custom inflatable dome tent

Make an unforgettable impact at trade shows with a branded custom tent. Capture attention, leave a lasting impression, and draw attendees to your booth with style.

custom inflatable dome tent at outdoor trade show booth

Stand out at the next exhibit show with a sealed-air design that’s easy to transport and set up.

custom inflatable dome tent mock-up

Don’t settle for the ordinary! Take your brand to new heights with an inflatable dome tent customizable to include an awning banner and fully printed wall sides.

custom inflatable dome tent at indoor trade show booth

Elevate your indoor event with show-stopping inflatable dome tents. Making a statement at your brand events has never been easier!

Bring Your Brand to Life With Custom Shape Inflatables

Elevate your brand presence and captivate audiences with custom shape inflatables that bring your brand to life.

These dynamic and visually striking marketing materials offer endless possibilities for showcasing your unique identity.

From towering inflatable product replicas to stunning inflatable characters and mascots, these promotional products will make a memorable statement at attention-grabbing events, such as trade shows.

“I found the order process with MVP to be easy and everything proceeded along the way it was supposed to be. You delivered our tunnel and time and I always knew what was going on in the build process. Our tunnel looks great, our athletes love it and I would definitely recommend your company to others.”

Chris Coble, Athletic Director, North Moore High School

The vibrant colors, larger-than-life designs, and captivating shapes command attention and leave a lasting impression.

custom inflatable can at indoor trade booth

Inflate your brand’s potential with custom promotional displays that attract curious onlookers and draw them to your booth.

custom inflatable cans at indoor sales pitch

Custom inflatable replicas enhance product understanding by providing a tangible and interactive way for customers to understand its features, size, and functionality.

custom inflatable beanie tent at outdoor pop-up shop

Reinforce brand recognition by showcasing your products in a larger-than-life format.

custom inflatable replicas of Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower

These inflatable replicas showcase the brand in a fun and interactive way and also further market the Pilots and Places brand message.

custom inflatable 10 ft tall x 13 ft wide shoe indoors

The sheer size of this inflatable shoe ignites a sudden want for the product in your customer’s mind, which can help drive sales.

custom giant inflatable balloons outdoors

Blow the minds of your audience with giant inflatable balloons for outdoor festivals and concerts.

custom inflatable at indoor event entrance

A custom inflatable logo of your running event promotes your brand and helps to build community ties that bind.

red custom giant inflatable at event start line

This vibrant, larger-than-life red giant inflatable demands attention, halting people in their tracks and sparking curiosity about your brand and products.

custom inflatable at outdoor event serving as photo backdrop

Steal the show with a custom inflatable winners’ booth that will attract a massive crowd eager to capture unforgettable moments. Witness the power of engagement and watch your event grow beyond expectations!

custom inflatable football helmet on drive through

Promote your current sale in style with a 3D inflatable representation of your product, in this case, a motorcycle helmet.

custom inflatable arch at outdoor event

Capture attention with a proud display! Mark your business location with a custom inflatable shape and experience its captivating effect as curious onlookers are drawn in, eager to explore your store.

custom inflatable replica t-shirt at outdoor event

Grab the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike with a giant stop-in-you-tracks inflatable replica t-shirt.

custom inflatable 10 ft tall x 13 ft wide shoe outdoors

Versatile inflatable product replicas, such as boots, elevate marketing events. Boost sales by placing them strategically outside your storefront during anniversaries, trade exhibitions, and special events.

custom inflatable mascot outdoors

Forge an unbreakable bond with a custom inflatable mascot and watch as your brand forms an emotional connection with the public.

custom inflatable beer arch outdoors

Draw the crowd, and boost your business! A visually stunning inflatable arch, adorned with captivating product replicas, is the ultimate magnet for foot traffic.

custom snowman mascot inflatable outdoors

Ignite the festive spirit with a snow-man inflatable that showcases your brand’s charm and spreads joy throughout the holiday season.

custom polar bear mascot inflatable outdoors

Attract customers while promoting your brand with holiday-themed, eye-catching inflatables displayed outside your storefront, like this polar bear.

custom inflatable bounce house outdoors

Attract families at trade shows with a branded inflatable playhouse. Engage children while parents explore, leaving a lasting impression of fun and excitement associated with your brand.