Custom Fitted Table Covers: 4 Common Questions Answered

Custom Fitted Table Covers: 4 Common Questions Answered

Ask any strategic marketer and they’ll tell you an unbranded booth with undressed display tables is a major faux pas at marketing events. It’s even worse if the tablecloth is too small or too big for your table.

A good rule of thumb is to use a custom tablecloth that is:

  • Well-fitting and drapes over your display table gracefully
  • Branded with your company logo to make you recognizable
  • Attractive and sets you apart from your competitors

If you’re looking for an option that will perfectly fit your table’s size and shape, then you can never go wrong with a fitted tablecloth. The style is made to match the exact dimensions of your tabletop, with the sides falling straight down, giving the table a neat, professional look.

So, how do custom fitted tablecloths compare to other popular styles on the market, such as table throws and stretch table covers? And are custom-fitted covers the right fit for you?

We’ll explore these and other frequently asked questions regarding custom-fit tablecloths to help you choose a suitable fabric, size, and design that will turn heads at your upcoming events.

Question #1: Should I Choose a Custom Fitted Tablecloth, Table Throw, or Stretch Cover?

The custom table cover style you settle for largely depends on your marketing needs.

If you have different table sizes and want a one-size-fits-all cover or you’re attending an event where you don’t know the table size you’ll be given, go for a flexible table throw.

custom table throw

Stretch tablecloths, meanwhile, are ideal for luxurious events where you want to maintain an upscale image. The material fits snugly around your table, taking its contours and giving your table a sleek, modern appearance. However, they’re also pricier than throws or fitted covers.

stretch table cover

Custom fitted tablecloths give you the best of both worlds. A flawless look that borrows from the sophisticated fit of stretch covers and the traditional elegant drape of table throws; neither too tight nor too loose.

In addition, with custom-fit table covers, you’ll never have to worry about:

  • Your tablecloth shifting out of place, especially if your table is in a high-traffic area, or you’re performing product demos
  • People tripping or chairs becoming entangled in the excess folds of the material that pool around the table, which is common with oversized throws
  • Strong unexpected winds blowing your tablecloth away and ruining your setup during outdoor events

You can get a fitted style in our standard Polyester covers or with the heavy-duty Outdoor table covers.

custom fitted table cover

Question #2: What size table cover do I need?

Your custom-fitted table cover should match the size and shape of your display table.

If you’re organizing internal events and will be using your own tables, measure the length, width, and height for the exact fit. 

For external events, contact the organizers in advance to establish the table size you’ll be given. Most expos use standard 6 or 8 feet rectangular tables. 

The table below shows the measurements of standard table sizes and tablecloths. 


Table Dimensions and Shapes

Custom Fitted Table Cover Size

Rectangular 4 ft table

48” long X 24” wide X 29” high

Rectangular 6 ft table

72” long X 30” wide X 29” high

Rectangular 8 ft table

96” long X 30” wide X 29” high

Circular cocktail table

30” round X 42” high


If you’d like more flexibility, go for a convertible custom table cover that can be adjusted with hidden Velcro hooks to fit both 6 and 8 feet rectangular tables. 

Question #3: Which Is the Best Fabric for Fitted Tablecloths?

polyester fitted custom table cover

Polyester is hands-down the best and most common fabric used to make custom-fit tablecloths. It comes with surreal features that have earned it the title of miracle fabric not only for tablecloths but also for general clothing.

Here are some irresistible properties of polyester fitted table covers:

  • Lightweight: This material is made from synthetic polymers (plastics) that are processed to produce thin polyester fibers that are then woven into a smooth, light fabric. 

This makes your polyester custom-fit tablecloths easy to fold, pack, and transport to the trade show venue.

  • Strong and long-lasting: Polyester's plastic fibers give it incredible resiliency, allowing it to retain its shape and quality even after repeated uses.
  • Water-resistant: We offer an alternate Polyester fitted tablecloth with an extra liquid repellent coating, which is perfect for food & beverage brands or those who simply want a little more protection.
  • Flame-retardant: Custom-fitted polyester tablecloths are treated with a special flame-retardant chemical that prevents them from catching fire easily, reducing the risk of fire hazards. 

In case the event organizers require your display fabrics to be flame-retardant, MVP Visuals polyester table covers come with an FR Certificate from an independent testing lab to ascertain their authenticity.

  • Easy to clean and maintain: Polyester fitted tablecloths are machine-washable and can withstand several washes without fading. 

The light material also dries faster and stays smooth without wrinkles, meaning you can quickly clean it between events without a dryer or ironing.

The video below explains how to clean your custom polyester tablecloths:

Apart from the popular polyester fitted tablecloths, you can also go for canvas table covers if you need a(n):

  • Sturdy, heavy-duty, and weather-resistant option that can withstand repeated outdoor use without wearing out
  • Easy-to-clean cover that can be used on the go—canvas fabrics only require sponge-cleaning or wiping off stains

outdoor canvas fitted table cover

Treating your custom-fitted tablecloth with care will ensure it stays crisp for your events. After use, clean and dry your tablecloth before folding it to avoid creases and dampness; don’t expose it to direct sunlight and water when in storage.

MVP Visuals offers a free, spacious storage bag that has a zipper to protect your table cover.

"Thank you for the super high-quality trade show table covers. We were looking for something extremely durable for our biggest trade show of the year, and these ended up being perfect." Verified Buyer

Question #4: How Do I Design My Custom Fitted Table Cover?

Your table cover design should be colorful enough to attract customers to your trade show booth, comfortable, and not get in the way of the staff manning the booth and your visitors.

Luckily, the versatility of custom-fit table covers allows you to blend beauty and functionality to achieve a design that’s both eye-catching and practical.

Here are some design tips for fitted tablecloths:

Go for Inverted Pleats for a Traditional Look

custom fitted tablecloth with inverted corner pleats

Inverted pleats enable you to maximize the classical feel of table throws but without bulky corners. Once the tabletop is secured, the corners are folded inwards and sewn at the top to achieve a gentle flow to the floor. 

Opt for No Pleats for a more Formal Appearance

custom fitted tablecloth with no pleats

A no-pleat fitted tablecloth is designed to slip over the table with a flat top and straight edges. Its tight fit gives off a no-nonsense vibe and is perfect for conveying a professional image at events.

Make a Bold Colorful Statement with All-Over Printing

custom fitted table cover with full printing

All-over prints allow you to turn every inch of your tablecloth into a spectacular advertising space. You can feature your company logo, brand name, tagline, contacts, and services you offer on every side of your fitted tablecloth.

Or, Attain a Minimalist Look with Front Panel Prints

custom fitted tablecloth with print on front

If you have a tight budget but still want to stand out with a professional tablecloth, go for simple front-panel prints. This style features limited information, such as your company logo printed on just the face of the tablecloth. We also offer these table covers at a slightly lower price point to help you save some money.

The design can either be a vibrant full-color print with your color choices or a bold monochrome color.

Design Tip: Whichever printing style you choose, ensure that all the design colors are visible and don’t blend into the background. 

At MVP Visuals, we use Pantone Color Matching and dye-sublimation printing to ensure your table cover design looks pristine with vibrant colors.

Create an Accessible Storage Space with an Open-Back Style

stretch fitted cover with open back

While a closed-back fitted tablecloth makes your display table presentable from all angles, an open-back gives you extra storage space underneath your table. In addition, the open back provides extra legroom, ensuring you’ll sit comfortably during the event.

If you prefer the finished look of closed tablecloths but still want to easily access your stored merchandise, go for a closed-back table cover with zippers - this is offered in our Outdoor Table Cover and Stretch Mural Table Cover models.

Get Quality Custom Fitted Table Covers from MVP Visuals

At MVP Visuals, we understand the importance of having the right custom promotional displays at marketing events. Our commitment to providing quality products has gained us numerous success stories from satisfied customers.

Here’s what one of our clients, Perfect Bar, had to say after our custom tablecloths helped them raise brand awareness, attract potential customers, increase their revenue, and even gain new business partners during their brand activation.

"The table covers… are across the country and they look great. Our team is thrilled as our new Perfect Bar brand visual identity comes to life at these in-store demonstrations." Lisa Parady, Brand Manager, Perfect Snacks

Our ordering process is quite simple: Just visit our website, choose the tablecloth measurements and options, upload artwork, and check out.

If you don’t have a design in mind, our experienced staff will work with you to come up with custom prints that represent your brand image. We’ll also send you free digital proofs before printing the final product to ensure you’re satisfied with the quality and color matching. We’ll produce your order within one business day after you approve the artwork.

You can shop our full table cover collection here.