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How to Make Your Custom Canopy Tents Work for You

In outdoor market events and trade shows, taking your brand to new heights goes beyond offering top quality products. It involves capturing the public’s attention by standing out in a crowd of competitors and other brands. 

People’s attention is limited, so you want to grab it and make the most out of it with the first chance you get. If used correctly, your custom canopy tent can be an effective mind tool in this game.  

There are three little-known things that you can do to your custom canopy tents to turn them into people magnets. 

We’re going to reveal these secrets to you to help you rise to the top of your marketing game. 

#1 Display Attention Grabbing Designs on Your Custom Canopy Tent

As a marketing tool, your tent should have stunning custom canopy artwork that leaves a psychological stamp on onlookers. 

To ensure a lasting impression, invest time in creating a killer design that’ll convince your customers they need a custom canopy.

Here are some tips for your printed canopy design:

  • Make your logos conspicuous by picking a background color that helps them to stand out clearly
  • Characters on your logo should be visible from a distance of 10 feet to enable people to recognize you from that far away 
  • Add a legible mission statement that clearly communicates what the brand does
  • Avoid copyrighted artwork unless you have permission 

Custom printed tents with unique designs will communicate reliability and professionalism, getting attendees to stick around. They also create awareness for potential customers, giving them an impression that you do a great job.

How do you get high-resolution logos on your custom canopy tents?

Most organizations use screenshots of their artwork; this ends up producing low-resolution images after printing. Always ask for editable files from your graphic designer. These will create logos as sharp as the ones you see on your computer.

Additionally, go for custom tent dealers who apply full color dye-sublimation printing techniques on the canopy. This new printing technique ensures ink transfer to the core of the tent fabric producing highly visible artwork with dramatic colors resistant to fading.

Watch this video for amazing tips on how to make your logo pop.

Now that you know how to stand out, here’s how to make the most out of your tent space.  

Capitalize on Your Custom Pop up Tent Space

Make use of all the available space on your custom tent, that way it’ll be impossible for people to ignore.

In a crowded area, people will be able to see you from all angles and tell you apart from your competitors—increasing your chances of converting onlookers into customers. 

Here’s how to effectively convert some of the custom canopy tent parts into brand awareness platforms.

Utilize the Peaks

Ultimate Guide for Custom Tents
Ultimate Guide for Custom Tents

Peaks are the highest points of all custom pop up tents, usually made from a heavy duty fabric.

Take advantage of their height by placing your logo and brand on them since they’re ideal for drawing attention from far distances.

In our favorite peak-related client success story—involving the Six Flags festival—we capitalized on the custom tent peaks to make the festival logo pop and notify guests that they were approaching the event’s location. 

Using uniform color peaks for different vendors also maintained visual consistency across the field and helped with recall for this event. 

Six Flags festival’s yellow peaks ensured that the organizer’s brand and messaging was not overwhelmed by the participating vendors
Six Flags Food & Brew Festival | Client Success Story

Make Proper Use of the Valances

Valances are the rectangular flaps on the tent canopy just below the peaks.

Key Features to Consider For a Custom Canopy Tent
Key Features to Consider For a Custom Canopy Tent

It’s the first thing people see when they approach your pop up canopies, therefore; seize these golden pieces of your tent real estate by placing pertinent information on them, for example your contact details. 

See the table below for some of the suggested uses for valances and the positive results they can have on your business.

Valance Use Suggestions Outcome
Company Website Implies that you have more to offer and your business is transparent
Contact You’re reachable and ready to assist
Social media account Shows you’re sociable and up to date
A tag line Says what you’re representing and makes you memorable

For maximum visibility, you should print all the sides of your valances. 

However, if your tent is positioned in such a way that traffic is approaching you from only one direction, print the exposed side.

The Walls of Custom Canopy Tents

If your organization promotes products that appeal to kids and people of shorter stature, never underestimate the power of customized walls for your canopy tents. 

It’s sometimes hard for people of a certain height to recognize your tent from a distance. Half walls will make you noticeable to anyone who couldn’t immediately spot you from afar.

Custom Tents All Star Bundle Flash Custom Tents

Notice how the rail skirts and the fully customized back wall shouts more than the bare tent frame.

Where there’s no traffic approaching from behind, customized back walls are ideal because they help retain your client’s attention.

To make them work for you, display interesting and informative visual interests.

For instance, you could use this space to feature your secondary company logo and messaging. But be careful not to go overboard.

Pick a Strategic Spot to Set Up Your Custom Pop up Canopy Tents

Visit California | Client Success Story
Visit California | Client Success Story

Your goal is to be in the sight line of as many people as possible. Cleverly choosing a location will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors without much effort.

Here are some tips to help you do this.

Avoid Setting up Your Canopy Tent at the Entrance

Having your canopy tent at the entrance will certainly get you noticed, just as they walk right past you. 

Most event entrances are commonly characterized by high traffic flow, making it harder for consumers to stop at your canopy tent for inquiries. People want to find a less chaotic position to browse. 

The best location for your canopy tent is a reasonable distance from the entrance. Far enough from the chaos at the event entrance, but near enough to make it one of the first tents people spot when they settle in.

Don’t set up a spot that’s too far away from the entrance. The attendees will have lost concentration and become less engaged by the time they reach you.

Position Your Canopy Tents at Intersections 

Your promotional tent will also work best if you position yourself on corners and junctions. These locations expose your tent to traffic flows from multiple directions, enhancing customer interaction.

For the best client-interaction, you need a canopy tent that allows access from all angles. Custom printed illuminated tents are ideal in this case as they offer the space to engage with customers from all directions.

Custom Printed Illuminated Tents
Custom Printed Illuminated Tents

Mind Your Custom Tent’s Proximity to Your Competitors

How close you are to your competitor can work both ways.

In cases where your custom canopy tents look flashy and sophisticated, set it up next to them. As a result, your brand will strike people as superior, winning their trust.

On the other hand, if you think your competitors are a few steps ahead of you when it comes to being fancy, keep some distance.

Researching your competitors prior to the event is a savvy move. That way, you’ll know where to locate yourself in terms of strength.

Position Yourself Adjacent to Big Brands

Popular brands have invested a lot in brand awareness prior to the event and are likely to get more attention. 

On their way to the big brand’s tents, attendees are likely to stop by yours if they’re interested in what you have to offer.

Capitalizing on big names to do the marketing for you is a smart move only when you’re not a competitor.

Other places where you can leverage on traffic are near:

  • Seminar and workshop areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Restrooms 

Accessorize Your Custom Canopy Tents

Accessories enhance the visual elements on pop up tents to make them look fancy, directing traffic your way.

Adding them also helps your tents to endure unpredictable weather conditions in outdoor events.

Some useful tent accessories include:

Accessories that help your tent stay put in bad weather include anchoring options such as weights. They’re quick to fix and are essential for your outdoor event.

Make Your Investment Count

Acquiring promotional custom canopy tents for your marketing strategy is a worthwhile investment if you expect to get returns.

For excellent results, it’s important to partner with suppliers who not only offer the best quality tents and accessories but also understand the depths of marketing. MVP Visuals come in handy by offering you a one-stop shop for all your tent requirements. 

Hit us up for a quick quote today.