Six Flags Food & Brew Festival | Client Success Story

Six Flags Food & Brew Festival | Client Success Story

Sips, snacks & signs with Six Flags New England


Brewing a plan.

Craft beer, cuisine, and coasters: the perfect summer trifecta. That's the formula for Six Flags New England's annual week-long Food & Brew Festival, comprised of over 70 food and drink vendors ranging from local favorites to national giants. The festival draws thousands of attendees each year, and that's in addition to the masses of everyday thrill-seekers visiting the theme park.

MVP Visuals Custom Tablecloth

Having worked with us for several years to purchase other custom displays, Six Flags turned to us to tackle a particular challenge around ensuring the event would be a success.

The Food & Brew Fest is settled in the middle of the sprawling park grounds, so making the spot easy to find and drawing in passing guests remained crucial for the marketing strategy surrounding the event. Once attendees arrived at the festival spot, having displays to explicitly mark different vendor spots would be an essential for streamlining foot traffic and aiding efforts to give guests the best possible experience.

Going sunny side up.

MVP Visuals Custom Pop Up Tents

Six Flags made a classic, but standout choice: custom pop-up concession tents with bright yellow peaks to utilize the event logo's coloring. They needed something bold and bright to be seen from hundreds of feet away to let guests know they were approaching the festival location.

With so many different vendors involved in the festival, it was also crucial for Six Flags to keep visual consistency under their branding and help with the recall for the event, too.

MVP Visuals Custom Printed Pop Up Tent

The desired effect was certainly achieved. The sea of branded canopy tents helped to pull guests into the festival all week long, and the cohesive displays guided interaction along the many vendor booths.

MVP Visuals Custom Pop Up Tent

Coming back for seconds.

After ordering 7 initial Food & Brew Fest tents in 2018, Six Flags New England returned the next season to order 8 more custom pop up tents, plus 21 custom printed table covers, to add even more branded coverage to the event.

MVP Visuals Custom Printed Event Displays

The printed table covers were simply adorned with the park's logo, so they could be used at other events year-round. With a jam-packed schedule during the regular season, plus special holiday events, stocking up on evergreen displays was a must for the park's Events team.

 MVP Visuals Custom Pop Up Tent

Fun, attractive visuals aided in turning the Food & Brew Fest from a fun summertime event to an immersive annual experience guests would recognize and look forward to.

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