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Ideal Custom Canopies for Small Exhibitions

No matter how business in the online sphere grows, a human connection still goes a long way in building lasting relations.

An event like a small exhibition offers the perfect opportunity to go one on one with customers.

But with the sea of other competitors, why should customers choose to approach your booth?

The best way to draw in more customers is to make a great first impression, much like how Cinderella caught the eye of the prince once she was all dolled up.

That means everything about your exhibition must be perfect, especially what your customers see first— your tent.

Let’s get to choosing the ideal custom canopy tent to attract prospects to your exhibition.

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Ideal Features for a Custom Canopy Tent For A Small Exhibition

Because your event tent has to be perfect, there’s a lot you have to think about before you choose a pop-up custom canopy tent. Here are some of the main considerations.

Suitable Custom Tent Size

Your tent should be small enough to fit your allocated space but big enough to suit your needs.

Since not all small exhibitions are the same, pick a tent size that goes with the event. However, to avoid buying a new one with each new expo, it’s advisable to get a standard size.

For most small exhibitions, a standard 10’ X 10’ will be sufficient. You can also opt for a 10’ X 15’ or 10’ X 20’ canopy tent sizes depending on the exact size of the floor space.

You will also have to consider how much usable space you will need. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do you plan on displaying your products?
  • How big is the display going to be?
  • Will you need a table inside the custom tent?
  • Are you going to talk to customers across the table, or will they get inside the tent?

The answers to these questions will give you a better guide on the right pop-up tent size for the occasion.

As a general rule of thumb, you will need a space of 10 square feet per customer to stand at arm’s length from each other.

If you are going for a more tightly packed crowd setting where customers stand packed as they would in a concert, you need 4.5 square feet per person.

Also, take into account the extra space you will need inside the canopy tent if you are doing product demonstrations.

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Top Custom Canopy Tents for Farmers Markets

Suits The Purpose of the Event

Each exhibition will usually have different goals. For example:

  • Introducing a new product
  • Showing how a product works
  • Generating new business leads
  • Direct selling
  • Networking with other businesses
  • Networking with customers
  • Your customers interacting with your influencers

The target audience you want to reach with the exhibition will usually influence the type of canopy cover you need.

For instance, if you are selling your products, you don't need space for customers inside the tent. In this case, a small 10’ X 10’ or 10’ X 15’ pop-up tent will work perfectly.

On the other hand, if the exhibition is meant for interaction between yourself and customers or to allow your customers to hear from an influencer, you would need a slightly bigger tent that caters to your customer's comfort.

Good Printing Techniques

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Top Custom Canopy Tents for Farmers Markets

To make your pop-up canopy tent more appealing, it will need to be printed with your logo and other canopy graphics to create an attractive display.

That’s why one of the most important considerations for an ideal tent is the canopy design and how well the print and graphics look.

A well-designed and perfectly printed canopy on a suitable tent fabric like PVC polyester will make a more lasting impression on your customers.

That’s why it’s important to get your custom canopy tents designed and printed only by professionals.

Get a printing company that uses Pantone colors for the best outcome. Using Pantone color ensures uniformity with the rest of the marketing materials.

Sticking to the same color is extremely important because your brand color helps customers remember you.

Remember Cinderella? She would have lost out on a perfectly good happy-ever-after had it not been for her one-of-a-kind glass slipper. That's why your brand color matters.

If your color is all over the place, you lose out on an opportunity to build a solid brand that your customers will remember and seek out long after the exhibition.

Best Custom Canopy Tents To Use At a Small Exhibition

Canopy topper on white frame  with wall for bad weather conditions

Canopy pop-ups and dome shaped tents are the best for small exhibitions.

Pop-Up Canopy Top Tents

Custom pop-up tents are square or rectangular canopy structures made up of a fabric draped over a metal canopy tent frame.

Pop-up tents are available in small sizes suitable for a small exhibition. You will typically get custom tents that cover an area of 100 to 200 square feet (10’ X 10’, 10’ X 15’, or 10’ X 20’).

The tent fabric is fully customized to allow customers to spot you from afar. The canopy forms a triangular peak where you can print your logo or company name.

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Printing And Customization

The rectangular lower part of the canopy fabric (the valence) is easily visible to anyone who comes near your vendor booth, allowing you to display your slogan or contact details so customers can easily see them and reach out to you.

Plus, you have the chance to enhance your visibility by adding canopy tent custom accessories to your display.

For instance, you can add side or back tent walls. The walls will give you extra space to display your brand image and hook customers from a distance.

You can also get a tent package with a lot more customized accessories like side railings, table covers, and printed flags to make your display stand out.

Custom Tents MVP Bundle
Custom Tents MVP Bundle

Custom Dome-Shaped Inflatable Pop-Up Tents

Inflatable Dome Accessories And Add-Ons
Inflatable Dome Accessories And Add-Ons

Dome-shaped pop-up tents are fully inflatable tents that don't need a metal tent frame. Instead, they have inflatable beams that stand upright once inflated.

You can get dome-shaped tents from sizes as small as 10’ X 10’ suitable for small exhibitions.

Inflatable pop-up tents display your company logo and brand information on every part of the tent canopy. Plus, their unique shape will help set you apart in a sea of canopies to help you pull in a bigger crowd.

Just like canopy pop-ups, dome-shaped tents give you the option of accessorizing to give your display an extra edge.

If your exhibition goes into the night, you’ll look cool with an illuminated dome-shaped tent to really wow your customers.

Custom Printed Illuminated Tents
Custom Printed Illuminated Tents

Getting The Right Tent For Your Exhibition

Buying a custom pop-up tent is not a decision to be taken lightly — it can make or break the success of your exhibition.

Whether you decide to settle for a custom canopy tent or a dome-shaped inflatable, the quality of your tent counts.

If you don't make a great first impression, you will be lost in a sea of exhibitors, and you're not going to catch your prospects’ eye.

Turn to MVP Visuals for quality customized tents and supplies to make your brand stand out in crowded trade shows.

Our tents are PVC-coated, water and UV resistant, durable and lightweight, plus they are easy to set up and pack away. They come with a canopy tent travel bag to make hauling your tent around the country easy for you.

The dome-shaped inflatable tents come with an air blower, all you have to do is pump, and you’re ready to showcase your business to the world.

Moreover, we use pantone prints to ensure you stay on brand; your customers will be able to recognize you anywhere.

We'll help you with design services, color tests, and produce a premium tent to position you as the best show exhibitor. We will also take care of personalizing your pop-up tent accessories like side railings, table covers, and printed flags.

Custom Tents MVP Bundle
Custom Tents MVP Bundle

Contact MVP Visuals today for your custom canopy tents to make your small exhibition a resounding success.