Cost Of: Custom Inflatables and Advertising Inflatables

Are you looking for a unique, versatile, and limitless way to advertise your brand without breaking the bank?

Custom and advertising inflatables are some of the best ways to get your brand name out there and connect with your potential customers.

These inflatable products are not only durable and cost-friendly, but also an eye-catching advertising strategy that makes your brand uniquely stand out from the crowd.

But what does it cost to get yourself a well-customized inflatable? This question bothers many people when they think about inflatable advertising.

The key to understanding the cost of inflatables is to know the different factors that affect their pricing.

We will guide you through:

  • Factors that affect the cost of custom and advertising inflatables
  • What custom inflatables really are
  • An informative comparison between custom and non-custom inflatables
  • Some frequently asked questions about custom inflatables

Our insightful guide will help you make a well-informed decision when buying a customized advertising inflatable that’s unique to your brand.

Factors Affecting Cost of Inflatables

The cost of custom inflatables is affected by several factors related to the customization process.

Ultimately, their prices range from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on your specific requirements.

The main factors that determine the cost of custom and advertising inflatables include the size, shape, type of material, complexity of design, and whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use.

Let’s look at how each of these factors affects the cost:

#1: Size of Inflatable

The cost of custom and advertising inflatables varies with the size specifications.

Our commitment to customization means that we do not produce one-size-fits-all inflatables. Every customer is free to specify the size they want.

The larger the unit, the more material is required to construct it, which increases the cost. For instance, a 1-meter-wide inflatable is likely to cost considerably lower than a 5-meter-wide inflatable, even if both designs are relatively similar.

Size also affects logistics, as it is more costly to store and transport larger inflatables than smaller ones.


#2: Desired Shape

The second factor that affects the cost of inflatables is the customer’s desired shape.

Inflatable figures come in many different shapes and forms.

Some are simple designs with arched, square, or round shapes that do not require any complex skills, while others are shaped like animals or people with details that need more skilled labor.

Inflatables with complex shapes like inflatable obstacle courses will also require more time to construct than simple-shaped ones. This makes them more costly in the long run. Additionally, your custom inflatable will cost more if it requires internal baffles to maintain its shape.

Conversely, simple-shaped inflatables like custom inflatable tunnels will be less demanding and, consequently, cost you less than one with a more complex and detailed shape.

#3: Type of Construction Material

The cost of custom and advertising inflatables is also affected by the material used to construct them.

Your inflatable can be made using different materials according to your taste and preference.

At MVP Visuals, our inflatables are customized using either PVC or denier nylon polyester.

The type of material used affects the overall cost since some materials are cheaper than others. Materials that cost more are also of better quality and are more durable.

custom inflatable designed for a running event
Custom Inflatable Designed for a Running Event

Generally, PVC is a more costly material than nylon polyester since it consists of multi-layer, tear-and-scratch resistant fabrics, and typically have a longer lifespan. Consequently, inflatables made from PVC will cost you more than those made from nylon polyester.

#4: Type of Inflatable (Indoor or Outdoor)

The type of custom inflatable you order—whether it’s an indoor or outdoor inflatable—will also affect its cost.

Outdoor inflatables are more costly than indoor ones because they include anchor points and tie-downs to keep them secure. These extensions also ensure that the inflatable is safe from strong winds or other harsh weather conditions.

Custom outdoor inflatables may also require interior lighting to illuminate the structure during nighttime use. This leads to a higher cost of construction, which raises their overall costs.

Indoor inflatables, on the other hand, have simpler structures that are easy to move and do not require any tie-downs, which reduces the cost.

#5: Complexity of Design

Finally, the cost of your custom inflatable will be affected by the complexity of your preferred design.

The customization aspect of MVP Visual's inflatables makes them unique, since they are made according to your specific preferences and will meet your wildest design ideas.

However, the more complex the design of your inflatable, the more it will cost you.

custom inflatable bounce house
Custom Inflatable Bounce House

The complexity of inflatable designs varies in terms of:

  • Internal fittings needed (e.g. the type of blower and lighting)
  • The logo design
  • The number of colors
  • The amount of bends and curves

For instance, a custom inflatable with a basic-angled arch will cost around $1,500, compared to a 3-D replica of your company logo, which may cost you at least $5,000.

A commercial bounce house will cost you more than an inflatable tunnel due to its complex design and many internal and external fittings.

Expert Tip: Choose a design that reflects your brand identity, matches your brand vision, and upholds its uniqueness. MVP Visuals will fulfill your dreams regardless of the complexity!

What are Custom and Advertising Inflatables?

We have talked a lot about the cost of custom and advertising inflatables. But do you understand what they really are and how beneficial they can be to your business?

Custom inflatables are inflatable products personalized to fit your tastes, preferences, and the goals of your business. They provide limitless and versatile ways to display the uniqueness of your brand before the public.

Examples of custom inflatables include the inflatable soccer field, the inflatable football helmet, and the inflatable basketball court. These products are commonly used by organizations during sports events.

custom inflatable basketball court
Custom Inflatable Basketball Court

Advertising inflatables are also inflatable products that many businesses use to advertise their products and promote their brands to potential clients.

Examples of advertising inflatables include 3-D product replicas, inflatable bottles and cans, custom mascot inflatables, and custom inflatable shoes.

You can put a custom mascot inflatable outside your storefront to attract customers, or use inflatable bottles and cans as promotional materials during a product promotional event.

Custom Vs. Non-Custom Inflatables

Now you might be wondering, what’s the difference between custom and non-custom inflatables?

Custom inflatables are inflatables that are personalized and designed according to your desired specifications (e.g. your specified size, shape, material, and color).

Non-custom inflatables, on the other hand, are not personalized. They are made in a one-size-fits-all design that anyone can buy for their use.

The table below will help you understand the pros and cons of custom inflatables and help you decide whether to go with custom or non-custom.

Pros Cons
Makes your brand stand out from the crowd Costs more than non-custom inflatables
Personalized to suit your preferences and imagination May take longer time to construct
Gives your customers a memorable experience Unique to one business or event (can’t be shared)
High return on investment

Many businesses choose custom inflatables due to their uniqueness and the ability to make their brands stand out.

With custom inflatables, you not only give your customers a service, but also a fun, lasting, and memorable experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look for when buying custom and advertising inflatables?

Some important things to look out for when buying custom and advertising inflatables include:

  • Whether it suits your intended purpose (indoor or outdoor)
  • Whether it sends your intended message to the public
  • Whether it matches the theme color of your brand
  • Whether it’s a constant-air or sealed-air inflatable
  • Whether it’s a free-standing or tied down inflatable

2. Will I pay extra fees for the delivery and set-up?

When you buy custom inflatables from MVP Visuals, you only pay for the product plus a small delivery fee. However, the set-up will be done for you absolutely free.

3. Do products from MVP Visuals come with a warranty?

Products from MVP Visuals have a standard warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

The warranty provides coverage for failure of the product to uphold the expected standards or to perform the normal expected uses. However, it does not cater to damages caused by harsh weather conditions like strong wind, rain, or floods.

Find out how to make your warranty claim from our warranty policy.

Request a sample of your dream inflatable at MVP Visuals today and receive a well-customized product that takes your branding to a whole new level.

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