Commercial Inflatables: 4 Safety Tips to Keep Your Events Hazard-Free

Commercial Inflatables: 4 Safety Tips to Keep Your Events Hazard-Free

From mascots to arches and tunnels, inflatable products are effective crowd pullers used at trade shows, workshops, and other events to increase brand visibility and build a great reputation.

With custom inflatables, you must put safety precautions in place to ensure that no one is harmed during your events because they harbor quite a number of hazards.

Some of the most common hazards associated with the use of inflatables are: 

  • Electrical hazards like shocks and burns
  • Instability of the inflatables, which may lead to them being blown away by strong winds
  • Blockage of the air intake and vents by litter
  • Overcrowding in the inflatables and failure to separate older users from younger ones
  • Access to dangerous parts of the inflatables like blower units

It’s our goal at MVP Visuals to help you take the necessary steps to ensure your event is safe and the likelihood of injuries is minimized. 

By following these four simple inflatable safety tips, you’ll enjoy a successful, incident-free event, whether indoors or in the field.

Tip #1: Set Up Your Inflatable on a Flat Surface

Site selection is essential to your inflatable’s safety. Keep them away from areas with low-hanging branches, power lines, and bushes that could poke holes or get in the way of your setup. 

The best set-up location for your inflatable products is a flat, level ground free from debris, snow, leaves, and sharp objects like tree roots and sticks. 

Grass or dirt surfaces work best to drive the metal stakes into the ground for tie-down support. But a driveway, rooftop, or a parking lot could work too, provided there are solid tie-down points such as water barrels, cinderblocks, or other stable heavy objects.

inflatable arch on roadway

If the inflatable has open sides, like our Custom Inflatable Obstacle Course, ensure there’s enough room around it to prevent injuries and allow for an easy and safe exit. 

Expert Tip: If you’re setting your inflatable on a rocky area, use an old carpet to cover all the sharp edges. It offers enough cushioning to prevent damage or puncturing of the inflatable.

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Tip #2: Ensure the Inflatable is Constantly Supervised by a Trained Adult

Constant and reliable supervision of the inflatable is a key recipe for a safe event.

Events with inflatable games like bounce houses and soccer fields are filled with children who always devise ways to make plays more interesting, sometimes at the expense of their safety.

To prevent accidents and injuries, always have at least one adult supervising the inflatable at all times so nothing gets out of hand. 

It’s more beneficial if the supervising adult has first aid training and can administer immediate help in case of an injury, like bandaging wounds and stopping bleeding.

Regarding inflatable games safety, the Child Injury Prevention Alliance (CIPA) provides the following safety guidelines

  • The inflatable can only be used when a trained adult is on board.
  • The safest way to use an inflatable is one child at a time. If there are more children, they must be of the same age and weight.
  • No one should enter the inflatable with sharp objects, jewelry, and eyeglasses.
  • If the inflatable begins to lose air, children must stop playing and carefully vacate it.
  • When set up indoors, the inflatables must be placed away from walls to avoid injuries.

Likewise, inflatable advertising products and sports inflatables must have one or two supervisors, depending on the inflatable’s size, to constantly monitor them.

inflatable mascot tunnel

The supervisor must read and understand the manufacturer’s manual and know how to operate the inflatable.

In general, ensure that your supervisor enforces these safety guidelines when on site:

  • They must prohibit climbing or hanging on the inflatable.
  • Only permitted adults can operate the air blower.
  • The maximum number of people entering or leaving an inflatable tunnel or arch must be adhered to, depending on the instructor’s manual.
  • Entrance and exit points must be clear from onlookers.
  • No one should be inside or close to the inflatable during deflation or inflation.

Tip #3: Carefully Inspect the Inflatable Before Use

custom shape inflatables

Even after blowing up your custom inflatable, you must ensure it’s safe for use or display.

Ensure that it’s in line with the following safety precautions:

  • The blower and the connection tube are firmly attached to one another.
  • The inflatable doesn’t look saggy or over-inflated.
  • The anchor points are intact after inflation.
  • There are no rips or holes in the seams or fabric.
  • The inflatable’s deflating rate must allow enough time for people to safely evacuate while it still retains its rigidity and shape so users don’t trip or fall.
  • The inflatable is in perfect shape. If it looks deformed, there are likely internal problems, and using it will be risky. Call a licensed professional to inspect it.
  • The appropriate blower is being used. A commercial-sized blower demands a professional, industrial air blower. A small-scale blower won’t do much.

Note: With MVP Visuals’ custom inflatable products, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a suitable air blower for the job. Every inflatable comes with the exact blower you’ll need at no extra cost. We also provide a storage bag, a rope, and a stake kit, all for free.

Tip #4: Adhere to Setup Safety Rules

First, secure your inflatable with stakes in the ground, or tied to sturdy weights like water barrels, to ensure it stays in place in case of strong winds. 

Second, do not operate your inflatable if the winds are above 24 mph. If people are in the inflatable, ensure they all safely exit, then turn off the blower until it’s calm.

However, some inflatables have a lower maximum wind speed for operation, like 15 mph or 10 mph. So check your inflatable’s operating manual to ensure it’s operating within the right wind speed.

Also, refrain from using your inflatable if its internal inflation pressure exceeds the maximum specified in the manual. Overfilling your inflatable will stretch its fabric beyond its elastic limit and cause it to rupture. With constant-air inflatables, this is a bit less of a concern, but with sealed-air inflatables it's much more possible to overinflate and damage the product.

Popped or leaking inflatables put a big damper on event day, and may be costly to repair.

So, always ensure to inflate your custom inflatable with the right pressure level to prevent any ruptures or deflation.

Below are other set-up safety tips to consider:

  • Regularly inspect your blower to ensure its blades are free from debris.
  • All your inflatable’s anchors must be used if you’re setting it outside. Use metal ground stakes that are 380 mm long and 16 mm wide or thereabouts. Luckily, all MVP Visuals inflatables come with a stake kit, so you won’t have to buy your own.
  • For indoor inflatables, follow the setup instructions provided in the manufacturer’s manual to maintain their shape and prevent overturning.
  • Ropes used to secure your inflatable to the ground must be in good condition, not stretched or frayed.
  • For surfaces like driveways and parking lots where it’s impossible to use ground stakes, use 2–3 sandbags or a water barrel for every side to secure your inflatable. Alternatively, tie the inflatable to a nearby tree with ropes or straps.

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inflatable arch

Stay Safe at Events With Your Custom Inflatable Products

Safety is crucial when using your custom inflatable products. While it’s humanly impossible to prevent an unfortunate incident, these safety measures will help minimize the chances of injuries and warrant the safety of inflatable users.

Another critical factor to consider when thinking of safety is the credibility of your inflatable’s manufacturer. Only purchase your inflatables from an experienced and reliable vendor with a track record of success in the inflatables field.

With over 15 years of experience and having handled thousands of custom inflatables, MVP Visuals has proven time and again to be a trusted vendor for all your inflatable needs.

"We’ve done business with MVP for several years. They produce quality products with outstanding customer service and quick production time."

Stephanie Powell 

Our excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and constant online availability have led people like you to trust us with their creative ideas and projects.

We haven’t been disappointed either because all their imaginations have come true, some even in more unexpected ways, as you will see from our multiple success stories and positive reviews.

So, if you’re looking to ace your events with a one-of-a-kind custom inflatable, request a quick quote, and you’ll receive a personalized estimate within 24 hours.

For more information, call us at (800) 980-6871 or email, and we’ll get back to you in no time!

"There's service, then there is SERVICE! These folks are on top of it... and I mean at the top…"

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